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  1. Should I stay or should I go?

    It's a feeling that most of expats kind of battle with. Even more so the feeling is prominent in cases of expats coming from a well-knit societies like in Asia, however same can also be said about Italians and Spanish (atleast to the people I've interacted with) and even to some Germans. Admittently, i cannot paint everybody with one color. The feeling of being lost or being aloof has been excaberated especially in gloomy winters. The feeling of being in a society is never there. Due to the influx of immigrants, lot of people whom i knew (or have thought build relationships) have started acting strange; like previously if you'd say Hi, they'll respond and have small talks or meet-up after work/weekends. Everything changed since last 2 years, a simple "Hello" often illuciates no response even after an eye-contact! This is true not just a handful but to a majority (95%) of them the rest 5% would just acknowledge your "hello" and move away hurriedly. It seems the society is actively isolating you/your family. Lately, I've given up and stuck to ourselves enjoying life but every now and then the feeling comes up especially is gut wrenching when your own kids feel it. But recently i've discovered people from my country who've moved in with their spouses and they seems to well integrate amongst themselves as the husband & wife come from the same community. This gets tricky for people from intercultural relationships and what gets you through is that you and your partner share the same vision for the long term. Aging parents too comes a concern and there's good advice on TT on how people deal with. Same here, life back home is not perfect and i too had my reasons to leave, but every now and then when i visit, home has changed so much that I can't relate myself to. The thing which keeps us going is meeting other expats in same boat and share life's experiences.