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    Women grow up slower than men. They may reach puberty first and be ahead physically until about 18, but they then get stuck and will remain in High School mode until about the time they lose the ability to have children. This is also the time that they finally decide to have sex for fun and not for some hidden meaning. The whole thing is bass-ackwards.

    That is so you - eurovol...

    Women are so - men are so ... What BS!!!



    See there's your problem right there - male-female power struggle ??? who invented that crap ?? someones psychobabble that sells books on women being from mars and men from venus or vice-versa. In real-life people are more complicated - sure their are some people who try to dominate things - but thats because they're fucked up and unwilling to deal with their issues - don't go projecting it on the rest of us

    your two outcomes:

    1 - he will cheat - what makes you think she won't ??? And he/she will only cheat if they have lost either respect for themselves and/or respect for their partner.

    2 - divorce. yeah maybe. but maybe that's not such a bad thing. I mean if staying with someone means trading in your self-respect, then maybe divorce is a better option - after all we all make mistakes. This happily ever after crap we all have our heads filled with is what comes from the movies. Yes it takes work and sacrifice - but if you work and sacrifice yourself into the ground for someone who just doens't respect you to begin with then it ain't gonna work anyway - is it ??? What is comes down to is this - some people change and grow with time - others dont' and are quite content to remain stuck in their rut. - if you change and grow and the other preson doesn't - well then you're gonna have problems.


    er - hope I'm not putting anyone on a downer!!

    applause - true words!



    Secondly, that Jennfier is fecking terrible. I have no idea how she even made it into a snippet on the TV let alone to the final 4.. absolutely incredible.. in the beginning I thought she was a man in drag, and frankly I think she still could be.. with any luck, we'll see tonight on the body painting episode Could shake things up a bit!

    absolutely right ... That's what I thought.

    She is really not that beautiful. I don't watch that show often but

    I have never seen any true feelings in her face. Does she ever really smile?

    Her face is so stiff and her voice is makes me think she used to be a man.


  3. Thanks for my free big ass TV and new bar refrigerator, thanks for my nearly free surround sound system, waterbed and oak table with chairs, and my son says thanks for his elephant and giraffe. B)



    This generation experienced hardships and war..could this be an influence? I really wonder. And I am not the only foreigner to notice this. I have had British and French friends say the same..

    might be that. Most of them had a really hard childhood, and probably lost there

    love of live through that and never got it back.


  5. You are Tweety.


    You are cute, and everyone loves you. You are a best friend that

    no one takes the chance of losing. You never hurt feelings and

    seldom have your own feelings hurt. Life is a breeze. You are

    witty, and calm most of the time. Just keep clear of back stabbers,

    and you are worry-free.