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  1. How to separate and maybe divorce

    I'm confused too. I do have permission from him to leave the country as long as I want with our daughter. Written on the notarized letter is "immer".    I think I understand now from everyone's posts that it doesn't matter whether my husband and I are married, separated, or divorced... the state of our relationship doesn't matter... I cannot leave the country with my daughter without his permission. It's permission that's critical, not the state of the relationship. Am I correct? Unless I have sole custody and I guess you can only get that if you get divorced, not separated, right?    But my main question is: Is separation something just that two people decide together (they decide that one person goes to live somewhere else)? Or can it also be a legal process, where we apply for a separation and he has to move out then? Because I'm very tired of his pseudo-business (gambling in disguise) and all the stresses it brings on the family, and he says he will move out, but then doesn't because he's used to be me being the all-forgiving all-giving who solves all of his problems.
  2. How to separate and maybe divorce

    No, I don't know the answer. But I'm guessing that you're saying I must stay in Germany until my daughter is 18 no matter what? That seems absurd to me.
  3. How to separate and maybe divorce

    He has already signed a letter that we had officially notarized saying I can leave the country as long as I want to with our child ("immer"). Actually I'm responding to a post where you suggested that I take my child and leave, so I'm confused.   I just want to know if there is a legal separation process, versus simply a divorce process, which could also make him follow through with his word to move out. He doesn't pay the rent, isn't responsible with taxes, lies, makes lots of debts, etc etc etc. My daughter and I need peace before her childhood passes us by, and he needs a chance to learn how to be financially responsible for himself.
  4. How to separate and maybe divorce

    I just reread this comment and I'm wondering if the same applies to "separation". Recently a friend advised me that if I want him to move out of the apartment I can hire a lawyer to do a separation, and force him to move out, versus a divorce. Is this correct? And if so, does it also mean I must stay in Germany as long as my daughter is 18?   So the only way I wouldn't have to stay in Germany until she's 18 would be if I stayed with him but got his permission to leave the country and not come back?
  5. Divorce with 0 Streitwert

    Since my husband has borrowed more than 20000 euros from me, does this go into the Streitwert amount or what kind of paperwork do we need to do to make it official that he will need to repay me?
  6. Divorce with 0 Streitwert

    Ok, so I understand the minimum cost is 4000€. Is this per person or to be split between both of us?
  7. Divorce abroad valid in Germany?

    No, in the Czech Republic.
  8. Divorce abroad valid in Germany?

    If my husband and I get a divorce abroad, is this allowed and valid everywhere?   I'm from the US. He's from Vietnam.   So for example if we got a divorce in Vietnam, would it be valid here and in the US?   Thanks
  9. My husband is considering applying for German citizenship.   Because we are both non-German citizens, our daughter, who was born here, got conditional German citizenship at birth... Which means that in order to retain German citizenship at the age of 21 she must either live here 8 years prior to that, go to school here for six years, or do an Ausbildung here.   Now I'm wondering, if my husband becomes a German citizen, it seems there is a box to check you'd like your children and or spouse to become citizens with you. I'm wondering, is there an option for removing the conditionality of her German citizenship without forfeiting her other citizenships or would the only two options be: 1. Giving up her US citizenship to get non conditional German citizenship or 2. keeping conditional dual citizenship?   Thanks!
  10. Two or more jobs allowed?

    Is it allowed in Germany to work more than one job?   Two full-time jobs? One full-time job and one part-time job? One full-time job and one mini job? One full-time job, one part-time job and one mini job?   Which combinations are allowed?   Thanks!
  11. Divorce with 0 Streitwert

    I was just reading this page   and I was wondering...   IfI just want to get a fast, cheap divorce and we agree on a Streitwert of "0" because we don't really have anything of value to argue about, then the fee calculates out to be 45€x 3,5= 157,50€...   Do you think I'll run into issues with finding a lawyer willing to divorce us since the price is so cheap?   Thanks
  12. How to end subletting an apartment

    Yes, the subletter says it's the law to give a three month notice. Is this really the case? They are not on good terms.
  13. My friend is legally subletting the child's room of the apartment that she rents. However they never made a written contract and now she wants the person subletting the child's room to move out. What steps does she need to take and how much notice does she need to give?
  14. Hello,   I'm wondering what the processing time is for applying for German citizenship in Munich through naturalization after 8 years, if all requirements are met.   I know there is an initial appointment where they give you a list of required documents. Then I guess you make a second appointment to submit these documents. Is there a certain number of months you must wait between the first and second appointment or can you just make an appointment online like you did the first? Then how long does it usually take after the appointment where you submit the documents until you actually receive the citizenship?   Thank you.