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  1. In Vietnam, he buys a lot of used things for very cheap.
  2. Also, I'm wondering what the difference is between Office supplies (Übrige ubeschränkt abziehbare Betriebsausgaben) and Tools used to make his products (geringwertige Wirtschaftsgüter)? For example, is a computer used to run his machines that manufacture things as well as to write emails a tool or an office supply?   Also, do things he buys for his factory like lightbulbs, insulation, air conditioning, etc. go under "Sonstige Aufwendungen für betrieblich genützte Grundstücke"?   Does the cost of someone building a website for him also go under "Übrige ubeschränkt abziehbare Betriebsausgaben"?   Did I already ask where Zoll goes? 
  3. Do you know if it's ok to print the many receipts sent by email as well as bank statements and paypal statements in draft mode to save ink? It's really a lot printing that needs to be done. As long as the digits can be made out is it fine? Receipts from Deutsche Post also naturally fade to the point of being not exactly easy to read.
  4. Ok, thank you. But the loan does not count as income, right?
  5. Ok, good to know.   By the way, I found out he has a loan here... not sure when it was taken or the exact amount... He has lost the papers, but I'm going to try to get him to call about it. Does this count as Einnahmen? And if so where does it go on his EÜR?
  6. Also, I've done a preliminary EÜR and without even having added all the Ausgaben, he's already in the negative numbers. (I think he would have also been in the previous years had he been more diligent about keeping all of his receipts.) Anyway, I'm wondering if there are any official consequences to this other than us being dirt poor?   VAT stays 20% even when you have negative profit right?
  7. I'm wondering, are invoices all that I need to keep in his binder as proof of his income and expenses, or do I also need to print bank statements and paypal account statements to show when the transactions were booked in his bank account?   And if he has paid some shipping expenses in Vietnam with no record of the date of payment (because I guess they do it by cell phone and there is no receipt) which date do I use for the historical exchange rate, the invoice date?
  8. Also, I'm curious, when listing transactions to add up the yearly profit, which date are you supposed to use in your basic excel bookkeeping: The Rechnungsdatum, Fälligkeitsdatum, Date actually paid, etc...?
  9. Hello again,   Could you tell me where Zoll paid goes on the EÜR?   Thanks a bunch.
  10. Residence and Taxes for Self-employed

     Unfortunately he isn't trying to have his cake and eat it too, but rather earn enough money to get by and put a little away. The high taxes make it so that he would have to a turnover of 10,000 euros only to save 170 euros every month. At the moment he's just in the negative numbers.
  11. Residence and Taxes for Self-employed

      It's not his passport, but a card, that says:    "Art des Titels: DAUERAUFENTHALT-EU Anmerkungen: 9A ERWERBSTÄTIGKEIT GESTATTET"
  12. Residence and Taxes for Self-employed

      Ok, so then if it is legally possible for someone with permanent residency to not have unlimited tax liability in Germany and to retain permanent residency, what would that scenario look like? 
  13. Residence and Taxes for Self-employed

      Hmm... but would it then be Ausland-income which merely rises the tax rate on his Inland-income (=0)? Or would it be all counted as Inland-income?   If his name was not on my rental contract and would it no longer be considered his apartment or by default of us being married would he still be considered to have access here? And what if we furthermore considered ourselves separated?   Or is it by default of his permanent residence card that he would always have unlimited tax liability here even if he was spending much of the year in Vietnam?
  14. Hello,   My husband has a permanent German visa, the Daueraufenthalt kind that permits you to leave the EU for up to but not equal to 12 months at a time without losing it. He's been manufacturing machine parts in Vietnam and selling them on eBay in Germany, but because of the taxes, costs and living expenses he's only making negative numbers.  He wants to spend more time in Vietnam working on the manufacturing and is considering de-registering from Germany for a period of time each year when he goes to Vietnam to save on the various taxes but continue selling online. Is he allowed to do this and if so is there a rule on the number of months he's allowed to do this for? Is de-registering alone enough to exempt him from paying VAT and income tax for those months or does he need to be gone for a minimum number of months? He would continue to pay for our apartment in Germany, and I will probably be here for a good portion of the year but am still undecided.   Thank you.