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  1. Brexit: The fallout

    It gets worse....
  2. Johnson & Co have also been pasted by the press from other countries...
  3. Brexit: The fallout

    Interesting that they couldn't find enough unemployed in the UK willing  to work on fruit and vegetable picking assignments and had to fly in loads of Romanians to do the work instead, the middle of a pandemic. Then there are all these European and overseas doctors and nurses working in the NHS saving lives, and they still have to pay a hefty supplement to the NHS for their own treatment.   It's a waste of taxpayer's money keeping Shitti Patel alive.
  5. As Sean Connery might have put it:  "Ah, Mish Moneypenny, you're a shite... ........ .....for shore eyesh...  
  6. It is indeed, and, according to legend, it's where Germany discovered the secrets of late-picked wine.   The monks at Kloster Eberbach apparently had to wait for permission from the Abbott of Fulda before picking the grapes. One year, the messenger from Fulda was seriously delayed (the legend does not say why). By the time he arrived, the grapes were dried out and rotten.   "OK, brothers, the Abbott says you can pick 'em."   "Is the Very Reverend Father out of his tiny mind? Look at this for a crop...seems that Satan has already burnt the things to smithereens!"   But the dutiful monks duly picked the grapes and made the wine, and to their surprise it turned out to be and honey-flavoured.   Anyway, that's the legend....but actually what happens is that the late-picked grapes can be subject to "Edelfaul"/"Noble rot"...the fungal infection (botrytis) makes small holes in the skin of the grape and some of the juice evaporates, leaving a very sweet honey-flavoured raisin behind.    
  7. Was there 10 years before you (in DDR times) and travelled both to Kurort Oybin and Kurort Jonsdorf.   Started off (after a breakfast which included rhubarb juice rather than orange or grapefruit juice) from an "Interhotel" in Görlitz - and travelled on a branch line which criss-crossed the DDR/Poland border several times along the valley of the River Neisse (as in the "Oder-Neisse line").   Decided to have lunch in at Zittau station. A uniformed guy from the Czech customs or border police wandered in, rubbed his hands gleefully and said: "Mmmm - I'll have a portion of xyz." So I thought I'd have the same. Oh my God! Grey lumpy something (supposedly meat???) in a thin grey sauce...looked as if a dirty dischcloth had been wrung out into a bowl. He looked at me, I looked at him, and he gave what I can only describe as a Gallic shrug. We left our money on the table and beat a hasty retreat.
  8. ,The interiors for "The Name of the Rose" were filmed at Kloster Eberbach in the Rheingau...some of the buildings are in a remarkable state of preservation and are used as a hotel/hospitality suites. In a previous incarnation I took a group there from the British Medical Association Wine Circle. The vintners were selling some of their "specials" - e,g, wine to be enjoyed after their son's wedding etc, etc. About half way through the tasting I was very much the worse for wear, I have to say...staggered to the tour-bus and slept for a hour, much to the driver's amusement.
  9. Why are you happy today?

  10. Why are you happy today?

    Glad to see that you;re OK, John - German news reported a 6,9 earthquake for Crete.
  11. Wonder if 'Ellfire be one o' they preverts?
  12. I was kept down a year because I f*ck*d up EVERYTHING apart from History and English language first time round. Got a grade 2 in Eng Lang and the teacher told me I'd better get a grade 1 the following year. I got a grade 1. The teacher then said I was too bloody clever for my own good.   Anyway, back on topic....
  13. This ain't the place to argue about someone you don't know, but my g/f makes a list in the lady's own language (i.e. not German) with strict instructions - if it's not available, don't buy it. Like talking to a brick wall.
  14. moronoically... or moronically, even. Duhhhhhh.....
  15. First day of compulsory mask-wearing in Berlin shops today, and...   My g/f had a medical appointment. Her son took her by car, then they decided to go shopping. (Usually, a woman from the Pflegedienst goes shopping for us, but unfortunately she seems to be dyslexic - we order 10% fat joghurt and she brings 2% or we order 7.5% Kaffeemilclh and she brings us 10% etc, etc).   Well, anyway, there they were in Kaufland.  A guy was by the entrance, not letting anyone in unless they were wearing masks.   So, g/f and son bought lots of stuff...and there were two old ladies (they reckon maybe in their 80s) who took off their masks. A passer-by ticked them off, and the old ones said "Oh, we don't need these stupid things."   So, not just young macho people who behave moronoically...
  16. President Donald J. Trump

    Brilliant band indeed, John!