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  1. Cheers all!! Thanks for the good wishes!!   Back on topic re: bank previously mentioned, my pensions are now paid directly into a German account, but I had a little 200-quid surprise, i.e. my Winter Fuel Payment, paid into my Barclays a/c. Was able to transfer it across to my German a/c by SEPA transfer as per hitherto.
  2. OK, health update.   After several follow-up visits to the Charité Benjamin Franklin Clinic and a number of blood-tests, scans and x-rays of various kinds, chats with doctors and so on and so forth, it seems that the hospital can take some remedial action. Provisionally I go there again on 7th January (Covid outbreak permitting) for a couple of days of chemotherapy and immunotherapy...i.e. shedloads of infusions and further observations. There will be other visits in future to do more. Ain't f*ckin' dead yet
  3. @Metall Yes, publically insured, and as I'm an awkward sod I'm not going to take the first diagnosis as gospel. My girlfriend has power of attorney as I'm disabled and she knows her way around the law (her Mum was a lawyer).
  4. Buggered if I know what's going on! Was contacted by Barclaycard.telling me that as I don't have a UK address, my card is invalid and will not be renewed...(this is a good one - they gave me an email address to which I replied, only to receive another reply from them that said "Oops, nobody monitors this account"...wankers.....   And then.... a new Barclycard!   Similarly my UK Barclays Bank a/c...also received a new card but with new Terms and Conditions stating that yes, indeed, as I don't have a UK address they "can" cancel my a/c... Now both state and company pension paid directly to German account. Put some money into the UK Barclays account so I could make a Christmas present to myself of some books via the Guardian bookshop...guess once these arrive then I'll reduce the balance of my Barclays UK account to zero again. Pleased to report that ALL of my friends, family and acquaintances in the UK are anti-Brexit.   But in the longer term, who cares? Just been diagnosed with an incurable cancer, sorry to say. A second opinion will be sought...some of the doctors at the Berlin Charité are very young, think they know it all, but very often don't, and in any case I intend to carry on living as best I can, for as long as I can. Thank Gawd my girlfriend and her son are looking after me.
  5. Until the recent change of frequency from 90.2 FM to 94.8 FM, I used to listen to the BBC World Service here in Belin, but reception is now rubbish.   In the UK I was an avid BBC Radio 4 listener, although if "The Archers" was on air, I'd switch over to Radio 5 Live pretty damn quick.   Therefore I'm looking for a German Radio 4 equivalent. Thus far with my dial-twiddling experiments, Deutschlandfunk is the nearest I've come to a radio station which is primarily concerned with News, Comment and Analysis.   Any other recommendations?   Thanks in advance.   PS - the radio(s) concerned are in the kitchen and living-room so I can listen whilst doing other things. I know I can sit down at my computer and pick up pretty much anything, but my primary concern is listening to the radio whilst doing something else.