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  1. you're talking! If it's done right, the onions are nice and crispy and the meat's not too tough or too fatty, this dish is quite exquisite!   In my experience, the best Rostbraten has been in the south of Germany particularly in Franconia and the Black Forest.
  2. Brexit: The fallout

    I was talking recently to a friend in the UK.   He's involved in politics and (OK) is a Remainer and in 2016 actively campaigned for Remain.   We were talking about a No-Deal scenario. "How long", he asked me, "Would it take for food and medicine shortages to manifest themselves?"   I admitted I had no idea, but thought it would take a couple of days.   "No", he said....with "just-in-time" deliveries from the EU, the problems would appear in four hours.   Just sayin'...
  3. This video reminds me in a way (at least the beginning) of the Grateful Dead's "China Cat Sunflower"...showing my age here, I guess :-(
  4. Brexit: The fallout

    Not being religious, I don't pray. Nor do I believe in miracles, but sometimes I wish that what I want will come true. If that's a "prayer", than so be it.   So, here goes.   Dear God, Jehovah, Allah, Buddha, Shiva, the Sky Fairy (and not forgetting the famous Sufi mystic, Omar Gawd),   May a sense of realism and the National Good enable those in the British Parliament to get their act together and stop Boris's Brexit. Better still - revoke Article 50.   Amen
  5. Tha's right, m' old beauty...born in Wisbech ("Capital of the Fens") - Dad from King's Lynn, Mum from Wisbech itself.   Although people might not think it, some of the Fens are quite wild - single-track roads along canals and drainage ditches, lots of ducks, geese, herons, etc and hardly any houses for miles around. As my Uncle Bob used to say about the Netherlands (he took part in the Arnhem airborne landings) - "It's picturesque in a quiet sort of way."
  6. DHL lost my package. Have I any comeback?
  7. Grew up in the UK flatlands (East Anglia), where the artesian water was pretty hard - kettles etc had to be regularly de-scaled.On the other hand, the amount of calcium in the water meant I had very few dental problems as a youngster, but when the family moved to Birmingham (supplied by soft water from Welsh reservoirs) I started to need a lot more fillings, unfortunately administered by a sadistic bastard who didn't believe in anaesthetic injections beforehand :-( For drinking, I preferred the hard water, unless I happened to be in mountain areas where the water from soft-water streams (i.e. Wales, Scotland) was cold, fresh and utterly delicious.
  8. Brexit: The fallout

    Maybe I'm one of the few that did and still do care. See my post earlier on in this thread about going through Belfast at the time of the "Troubles". I was so glad about the Good Friday Agreement - I wandered around NI thereafter: the Antrim Glens, Bushmills distillery, even visited Stroke City (Derry/Londonderry) and witnessed the Apprentice Boys' March - got talking to a Royal Ulster Constabulary guy armed with a sub-machine gun on Derry's city walls - "My God", he said, Things have changed for the better and I hope they continue so." Wherever I stayed (Belfast, Carrickfergus, Portrush), the story was the same.   Boris, Shitti Patel, Raab and the whole sick No-Deal Brexit crew should hang their heads in shame.
  9. DHL lost my package. Have I any comeback?

    Maybe here is some hope....I ordered something, and the sender said they had given it to DHL to deliver. I used the "Sendungsverfolgung" and, sure enough, there it was. "Elektronisch angekündigt" - and there it stayed...for 6 days. I tried using the "chat" facility to get further information, and a day later got an email with a new delivery date. New delivery date came and went, back to Sendungsverfolgung...aha, now in a DHL depot in Speyer. It stayed there for a few more days, then arrived in Rüdersdorf depot in Berlin, stayed another couple of days until I finally received it last week ...more than 2 weeks late.   There was a recent article in the Tagesspiegel, in fact, saying that all delivery firms, DHL in particular, were having problems coping with the increasing volume of mail-order stuff.
  10. Brexit: The fallout

    I have a home full of books. Loads of 'em. I read them, and at least re-read some of them. One of my favourites is Vanished Kingdoms - a History of Half-Forgotten Europe by Norman Davies.   In it he has chapters about places such as Galicia (i.e. Polish/Ukrainian Galicia, not Spanish Galicia) Burgundy, East Prussia, the former USSR and so on.   In one of the later chapters, he describes how Ireland won its independence, going from part of the UK to Free State to Republic.   Towards the end of the book, he makes some observations about the UK, writing that it is a state which is already disintegrating. Most of Ireland has already gone, and Davies foresaw that Scotland would  soon be on the cusp of independence, probably due to differences of opinion regarding Europe.   I was brought up as British, not English. As anyone would know from reading my posts, I have an admiration, even a love, for Wales and Scotland. As a BRIT (not a little Engländer), I will be sorry to see them leave the UK, but in the current circumstances I can see why they would. Maybe, too, Ireland will be reunited, and as the old Republican song goes, be "a nation once again."   Let's see.
  11. The longer I live here, the more I appreciate that there actually IS a German sense of humour...there were the endless jokes about life in the DDR and after...what's the difference between Sozialismus and Orgasmus...under socialism, you moan for a lot longer...what's the difference between a Trabant and a Jehovah's can shut the door on a Jehovah's Witness, and then there was an advert a while back on Berlin buses for a Chinese airline with a picture of the Great Wall and the logo: "Hey, Berliners, wanna see another Wall?" Then the regional jokes...what do you call a Prussian who HASN'T got piles...a pure and simple arsehole/asshole, so on and so forth.   I remember also a comedy show with a standup comedian of Turkish origin, and he was imagining the next generation of don't just have a voice, but a Darth Vader...."You are taking the left-hand path, young Skywalker...   Couldn't live here if there was no sense of fun and mischief.    
  12. Brexit: The fallout

    For me, it was the exact opposite! In summer 1967 and 1968, I was a member of the British National Youth Theatre - in 67, I had a bit-part in a modern-dress production of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar and in 68, Coriolanus - performed at the Ruhrfestspielhaus, Recklinghausen. Loved the place so much that I got a job with the German Sleeping and Dining Car Company from 1970 to 1971, working all over Germany and into the Netherlands, Austria and Italy. Loved it! Hence, I feel myself as European as I do British, and why Brexit breaks my heart.
  13. Or, as they say in Bristol: "Yurrr, I reckon 'e's one o' they preverts."
  14. Brexit: The fallout

    I think one of the most insane aspects of a no-deal Brexit will be what happens in Northern Ireland.   Years ago, during the "Troubles", I decided to visit some friends in Dublin. I opted for the shortest sea-crossing, which was Stranraer (Scotland) to Larne (NI). Took the sleeper train to Stranraer, and got on the boat. Breakfast time! And on offer was the famous "Ulster Fry"...a heart-attack on a plate...bacon, eggs, fried potato bread, fried tomatoes, mushrooms...and blow me down, after consuming a delicious mass of food, the guy behind the self-service counter told everyone that they could come and get second helpings if they so wished!   Got the train from Larne to Belfast York Road* (Belfast Central didn't exist at the time)...and then a taxi to Belfast Great Victoria Street. York Road station had suffered bomb damage - and the taxi went past blackened houses and vacant lots. Horrible. Then we came to a British Army checkpoint...baggage search, automatic guns at the ready and pointing at us. Cheezis K Reist! . After the checkpoint - normality! Belfast city centre - people out shopping, a Marks & Spencer, buses...then another checkpoint, and then back to destroyed, blackened buildings, then Great Victoria Street station - also bomb-damaged.   Onto the "Enterprise Express" to Dublin - nobody talked to one another until the train reached the Republic at Drogheda. The feeling of relief was palpable. And so on to Dublin.   And Bojo wants to go back to this shit? May he burn in Hell.   * Remember a train conversation - got talking to a couple of people, and when they heard my accent, one of them asked "'Ey, Jimmy are you English or Educated?" :-)