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  1. I did, I did - scarf, chomp .... plus a couple of beers to wash it all down. And they had some pickled chillies and a kind of sambal in the condiments tray, both of which were really scharf and spiced up an otherwise non-scharf meal. Having said that, it was still well-prepared, plenty of tasty sauce and well above-average for Germany.   Cheers! (Buurrrp!)
  2. Yes, I'm as well as can be expected thanks, although often pretty weak on my feet. Not dead yet, though, and haven't lost my appetite, at least (!) - off for a Nepalese Thali this evening. Yummmmmmmm...   I'm now 67 and receiving my pensions, both private and State (some 35 years contribution to the State scheme).   The main reason for my question about "No-Deal" and maybe then applying for German citizenship thus losing UK citizenship was really the question "Give up UK citizenship, lose UK pension(s) by dint of the fact that I'd no longer be British?
  3. Thanks RM.   My understanding is that if the UK leaves with a deal, indexing will continue. In the case of No-Deal, it won't, unless the amendment to "ring fence" citizens' rights is agreed by the EU.   If the UK leaves with a deal, I'll also have the "transition period" to apply for dual nationality.   It's all a pain in the butt right now.
  4. OK, I'm late with everything. Life's been extremely difficult. Was hospitalised 4 times last year, and now am officially registered as 70% "behindert".   I've applied online to register in Berlin, but am now too late to apply for citzenship whilst retaining British citizenship as well in the event of "No-Deal".   Basic question is this... IF  I apply for German citizenship and then have to give up UK citizenship, will I the lose my UK State Pension and a small private ("final salary") pension I'm receiving?   This is all I have in the way of income.   Thanks in advance.
  5. Bruno Ganz R.I.P.

    Sorry to read of Bruno Ganz's death.   Wings of Desire (Himmel über Berlin) is a great portrait of Berlin as I first remmber it, while the Wall was still there. And when he goes nuts as Hitler in Downfall... Great actor. I'll miss him