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  1. Hello Toytowners,   I am selling my Fjallraven KAJKA Trekking Pro Backpack 65L in Green. This is basically the Rolls-Royce of all trekking rucksacks, and mine is in superb condition.   It is the same as the product in this link below, 5 years old and rarely used (5-10 times in 5 years)   https://www.fjallraven.com/shop/fjallraven-kajka-65-F27094-forest-green/?sku=7392158958375   It also comes with this protective flight back, also rarely used.   https://www.tatonka.com/de/Reise-Artikel/Reisezubeh%C3%B6r/Schutzsack-L/3090?colorid=40   The total original price was 400 Euro, I will sell both items together for:   175 Euro   Please message me if your are interested.