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  1. Not knowing what the abbreviations stand for is bad enough in English, but when you see them here you need a little head start as to what they mean. So let's put down some definitions, shall we? This way when we go on Kurz und Fündig online or pick up a Sueddeutsche Zeitung we will have a head start.   2 Zi. Whg = 2 Zimmer Wohnung = 2 room apt. EBK = ein bau kuche = Kitchen is included (stove, cabinets, fridge, sink) [Without EBK means you provide it all to the empty kitchen] Parkett = Parkett flooring = Hardwood floors. Laminate = Laminated floors Helles, schones, Bad mit F., = Bright, nice, bath with window. Tief Garage = Underground parking included 2 OG w. lift = Third floor (2nd erdgeschoss) with elevator Miete = Rent 100 qm (or m2) = 100 square meters kalt/warm = you pay extra for heat/heating included   Not sure about this exactly... +NK +TG +3MM KT = Plus electricity, plus gas, plus 3 months deposit?   No idea here. Provisinsfrei + Prov. ca. 100qm Nachmieter ab. 1 Mai EBK (ablose VHB 600), Abstellraum Topausst. kpl. san. ab sof. 800 euros sofort frei   So what would this mean (outside of definitions given above)? "Allach: 70qm, EBK, Spulm., Laminat, Bad mit Fenstern & Wanne, grosszugig geschnitten, hell & rhg., sgt. Anbindung(S2, A99, A8) Nicht WG-geeignet, ab 1.5.,KM + 740,- +100, -NK PLZ 809"