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  1. Hi all   We have some question regarding first tri-semester pregnancy test   We visited Gynac second time for Ultrasound test.   1) Dr. said that public insurance covers only 3 ultrasound test so for all of next ultra sound test we have to pay some 150 € at once.   2) Dr. recommend us to have a bacteria infection blood test (some toxo test) which will cost around 60 € and this is also note covered in insurance   3) Dr. also recommend us to have a test for chromosomal abnormalities(trisomy) and again we have to pay around 150 € for this   So all together we have to pay 360 € in our next visit.   Me and my spouse are insured by TK.   We need suggestion/information for some other addition insurance which will cover some of the above tests. Can we start some insurance now ( after 2 month of pregnancy)   Please also provide some other related information of tests and insurances .   Thanks in advance Rl