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  1. I am also in Munich. I submitted a request for a Telefonberatung on 10 February 2022, the first available appointment was for 26 April 2022. On 26 April, the Beamterin called and had a few interesting points: She said Germany would conditionally grant citizenship, but require renouncement after it was again possible. The Beamterin said that processing time was 8-12 months, and likely more 12 than 8 due to anticipated retirements. It is not possible to for me to send documents online, only via post, since I requested Telefonberatung. (doh!) If you submit online, you must pay immediatly, while if you submit via mail, you pay at the end. I send a bunch of documents back to the KVR, the last letter I got back was that my application date is 17 May so I guess it's going to be a while. However, my EU coworker got his German citizenship three months after applying. One other thread to monitor (for Munich, but there are plenty for other municipalities) is on deutsch-werden.   A couple points that maybe will be helpful for someone: NRW and Bavaria are doing online applications through pilot project with your local municipality, you can upload all your documents as PDF, and it will start the process much quicker. I waited three months for the Beamter to call, only for her to tell me everything that was already written on the website PDF copies of your Wartezeitauskunft/Versichernverlauf are available from the DRV website using your ID and the Ausweis2 app Birth certificate must list your city of birth. I submitted a 20-year old translated certificate, but the KVR kicked it back since it only listed the county, not city It is possible to apply without a language certificate (and probably Einbürgerungstest), so long as you send a copy of the invoice showing that you will take a test in the future, and send a copy of the test results when they arrive As a last point, I wrote to the Green and CSU Abgeordneter representing my district, explaining why dual citizenship was important to me, my situation in Germany, and requesting to support the dual citizenship proposals in the Koalitionsvertrag. The CSU representative emailed back a week later, and said (after a bunch of pleasantries):   Die CDU/CSU Fraktion wird mögliche Änderungen bei der doppelten Staatsbürgerschaft intensiv diskutieren und bei den Beratungen konstruktiv mitwirken. Ihre Forderung bringe ich gern in die parlamentarische Debatte ein.   While the Green representative hasn't responded (a friend in the Green party joked that the Union has nothing to do now, so they have time to respond to letters ). A few more letters will hopefully keep this subject present in the members' agenda. You can find your representative here.