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  1. Hi all,   Brand new to TT, but have been reading the boards for a little while now. I wondered if anyone had any first hand experience with the town of Frankfurt (Oder) and/or the European University of Viadrina there. Reason I ask is that my wife will be applying, along with other German universities, to Viadrina to continue her university studies. So of course we'll fly down and visit in person if the time comes, but I was just looking for anyones general impression of the place. We'd likely only be there for 2 years maximum. She's applying to a few other schools as well, but in territories to the West I'm more familiar with, having lived in Germany in the 90's for a while. Though no doubt it's changed a lot since then. We both speak some German, not fluently, but enough to get by without the need for much English. Have a baby daughter too. So any info will be of interest and much appreciated.   We're taking an unrelated trip to the Alps in October for rest and relaxation, so looking forward to that.   We currently live in Tallinn, Estonia, but unfortunately that option isn't available (no Baltic countries are listed) to choose in the profile options so I left it blank.   Thanks, Freakster