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  1. Need a lawyer

    I‘ve tried quite hard to understand your problem (and do have some English legal training) but it‘s quite hard to establish what you‘re really looking to gain here whilst also retaining your quite understandable need and desire for privacy.   My understanding it that there  is a warrant out for your arrest in England (or somewhere else in the UK?) due to breaching a court order there. There has been no attempt to extradite you from Germany.  So surely at this stage, the best thing to do would be to seek legal advice in the UK to get the arrest warrant (and preferably the court order) quashed. Can you contact the Autism society in the UK to ask if they can recommend solicitors for you - I found one on the website but they seem to be specific to the South East of England. I don’t know the current restrictions for legal aid there, but it might be hard if you’re not currently resident there. Would the autism society know anybody who can act on a pro Bono basis for you?   From what you’ve said, the problem is not likely to lead to you being arrested or extradited in Germany at the present time, but it could possibly cause issues with your legal status here in the future and more definitely your ability to travel back to the UK.    Very best of luck, and I hope you’re able to get a swift resolution to this minefield.