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  1. Here is the deal: the flat is located in Thalkirchen between the zoo and the Flaucher. It is sunny (morning and evening sun!) and relatively quiet. A 15qm room will soon become free in the 48qm flat. I keep the other room as an office. I am there once or twice a week during the daytime hours. Otherwise the flat is yours. The rent of 625euro includes all utilities and internet. A security deposit is required. I prefer single occupancy, a non-smoker, someone who keeps the common spaces clean. The room comes furnished with bed, desk and chest of drawers. There is a sit-in kitchen, a bathroom with a shower. There is both a washing machine and dishwasher. Some describe the flat as cozy, other say it is a bit rustic. PM me if interested. I can send photos and/or arrange a viewing.
  2. I just ordered some used books from Abe's books as they have a vast network and shipping to Germany (from the States and elsewhere) seems easy and no too expensive. Where do you find and order your used books online?