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  1. This is the 2015 TT American Fantasy Football League. Our league spans a decade.     What is fantasy football? For a basic overview, check here: Wikipedia - Fantasy football (American).   For those interested in details on this league, the TT league is based on weekly NFL games and uses a weekly head-to-head format. There are typically 12-14 teams in our league. This is a non-keeper league which uses an auction draft, and has a 6 team, 3 week playoff at the end of the season. Specific roster and scoring rules vary slightly from year-to-year, so check the thread for any discussion of rule adjustments for this season. Draft date to be decided.   Hazza, you still game? Still commisch? Will you have us again this summer? I guess we need to find a new host for our league? Any ideas out there? Free Tom Brady!   Returning owners have priority, and it would help if they commit in the next 6 weeks.   Past league winners are: 2005 - 3 Lions 2006 - perdido 2007 - Claydog 2008 - JerseyBoy 2009 - Munich Augustiners 2010 - F. Cheese 2011 - HelterSkelter 2012 - RickMunich 2013 - Munich Domination 2014 - Bayern Eunuchs