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  1. The mind Ramschladen

    No argument. you can believe what you want. 'believe' in my dictionary translates as not knowing for sure. It is what this C02 'causes climate change being pushed down my throat I have a bone to pick with. I'm much to old to worry about climate change in 10 years, let alone in 50. And Cali has its drawbacks too for which I don't worry about, yeyeye.
  2. The mind Ramschladen   So much for global warming. This morning it was -22c!
  3. German for foreigners in Erding

    another connection opportunity:
  4. The mind Ramschladen   I don't care. My battery only lasts for another 4 years.
  5. The mind Ramschladen

    I did arrive...and a cake waiting for me.
  6. The mind Ramschladen

    When you get old(old enough to make moving difficult) time seems to move slowly and then you wonder where all this time went.
  7. Even after all these years, I still...

    What has Jesus to do with it? if you want to keep a good relationship with a close person, one should keep the friction to a minimum. I was always and still do wonder why some people think they have to treat strangers a lot nicer then people who are close to them and around them most of the time. It does not pay to' let go' to make a point ( and it is also not nice to keep bad words around for years in your mind to throw them at your partner to get even. Just saying...
  8. The mind Ramschladen

    I have arrived...almost.
  9. Even after all these years, I still...

    I understand you alright. Just sweep that chip of your shoulder and you find the going a lot easier. (or work in the retail business for a few years to learn to keep your "Meinung" to yourself. Most of the times it is advantagious to do that. Outspokeness has its times, but in a personal relationship a gentle word goes farther.
  10. Even after all these years, I still...

    Oh, I got it alright. I have been married for  more than 60 years and had some learning to do and the bonds are are still holding. Each person has to learn and some never learn.
  11. Even after all these years, I still...

    you poor women. trouble with catching a man is to catch the right(patient) man. To many people think they married a slave. This counts for both genders.
  12. Even after all these years, I still...

    what an insult!
  13. Even after all these years, I still...

    Really? Wasser ist zum waschen da. What do you wasch with Kirschwasser? I have 3 gallons of that Wasser on my shelf, but no washing with it.*   *in a combination(connected) of nouns, the last noun sets the gender (tone)of the combination. The preceding nouns are only a prescription of the last noun.
  14. Even after all these years, I still...

        der, die ,das! By their sex you should know them. Then take butter. It's a twitter or trans-sexual beast, depending where you are in Germany/or what education you have. For me it was always der Butter, until a loudmouth made it die Butter. Now it is only an "a butter." And don't mention go or do. Two miserable verbs for which I still hate the English language because they cost me a free afternoon some time back. ( so don't blame all misery on the poor Krauts)
  15. The " ridiculous thread "

    Is not... if you have enough money to keep that much talent around.