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  1. Greeks should have a vote in the German elections

    Not Berlin. City of London via the Wall Street NYC. Berlin is just the thrash.
  2. AfD on the rise

    We have a lot of Somalis here in our country and most are here because of cheap labor (and my impression- drugs) and are looked at with disdain. Then we have Filipinos, a very industrious and friendly people. No question who gets the preference.
  3. AfD on the rise

    Where there is a will there is a way. Why  do they (you?) pick on Germany and not on Poland or Russia? Britain even left the EU to bypass this Problem. There is a system in this madness and it is controlled  from a central position.Would help if all these Soros apostles would take in a few families each. At least they would have a cheap Putzfrau for a while and quit complaining about the AfD for doing it.
  4. AfD on the rise

    That's why the American capital including the Bush clan supported him with money until 1943 As for support of the AfD it may turn up a lot higher and the Nazi accusations and the  anti semitic siren call may have lost its effect. Maybe they can blame the Russian interference again. The thought occurred to me that the American swamp is talking with a split tongue out of the side of their mouth.
  5. AfD on the rise

    The deaths are a while back, but there were plenty in Japan. As for NK, a lot of hot air I can't take serious,but then, one never knows. In a decade or more they will know how many people have died the slow atomic death of Fukushima.   As for the AfD being Nazi or far right, you people don't know the German soul. I would just call them gut buergerlich who are fed up with what is going on in Germany. Repression of the mind and taking away freedom of thought creates these movements. Like telling a teenager not to do something, they will do it anyway, just because. Mind you, it might not be just German but a world wide movement or lets call it Zeitgeist like in the early 19th century.
  6. AfD on the rise

    never liked marching very much and these days I'm just glad to make it from the house to the car. El Jeffo you are not by any chance a Soros apostle? Maybe you should listen to this man.He certainly is not a 'nazi.'
  7. The mind Ramschladen

    Now we know where climate change comes from. Tax chocolate.
  8. AfD on the rise

    What should be investigated is Der Spiegel. Hetzblatt #1
  9. AfD on the rise

    He says Merkel must go.
  10. AfD on the rise

    Trump gave a speech at the UN today and I hope Frau Merkel heard what he said about leaders of their nations.(America first=a leaders nation first) It may be to late for her by now.
  11. The mind Ramschladen

    Behind the curtain of talk shows. (in German)
  12. Not again.
  13. The mind Ramschladen

    My mind ramschladen is like a flea market on a cold Sunday afternoon. Many gadgets, dusty and rusty lying on the table for what use they were a big guess.  I read most of it and consequently forgot about it. Have fun. americana Testosterone Pit - Home - The Fed’s Rain Dance at the Bottom of the Stairs The Unbearable Costs of Empire Amero, Debut of the amero Reinhold Aman NASA: We May Be On the Verge of a 'Mini-Maunder' Event In Defense of Henry Kissinger - Robert D. Kaplan - The Atlantic Why the Ruling Class is So Upset About Edward Snowden » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names The War on America: How the Banksters Steal Your Wealth The Archdruid Report: In a Time of Limits Rockefellers behind ‘scruffy little outfit’ | FP Comment | Financial Post Rick Santelli Rages: "What Is Bernanke So Afraid Of?" | Zero Hedge Charleston Voice: Rothschild Banking Syndicate Calls In IRS Enforcement Arm to Stifle Competition War Is A Racket ▶ The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind - Hidden Secrets of Money 4 - Mike Maloney - YouTube ▶ Steven Pinker on Thinking About Our Society - YouTube The BIGGEST Coverup in USA History | Alternative News & Commentary Global Financial Architecture and Economic Systems on Verge of Collapse | Alternative News & Commentary Hillary: "Business Does Not Create Jobs", Washington Does | Zero Hedge As Ye Sow, So Shall Ye Reap – Why millions of Americans will never retire: How the prospect of retirement went from a realistic goal to an outrageous dream for most American families. The Less 'Hoping & Dreaming', More 'Believing' State Of The Union Post-Mortem | Zero Hedge The International: Oil, Drugs, Guns & Kissinger Associates | LEFT HOOK by Dean Henderson ▶ MediaOne Services - Richard Gage: Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth - YouTube Anti-Hitler Jew Henry Makow Pushing 2012 Apocalypse, Freemasonic “Illuminati” Conspiracy and Religious Gibberish | Total Fascism Das System globaler US-Herrschaft | ▶ Exposing Obama Regime's Support to Al Qaeda - YouTube ▶ ISIS The Start of World War III? David Icke - YouTube The Money Changers, by Patrick S. J. Carmack ▶ Leuren Moret: Flight 370 was US demo for Putin; Patent scam; Payback for Tribunal vs Israel, US/UK - YouTube Leuren Moret: Confirmed – MH370 shot down by US over Singapore airspace as UK Inmarsat leads 30 day global false flag psyops for 5 NWO objectives (I) - The Silver Bear Cafe The Empire of I.G. Farben — — Readability ▶ 5 US Generals Threaten Obama With Coup Should He Attack Syria (Part 1) - YouTube ▶ The Covert Origins of ISIS - YouTube The Colder War- Book AMBASSADOR LEE EMIL WANTA INTERVIEW - YouTube ▶ Senator Songstad and Governor Sundquist Plot to Kill Lee Wanta Caught on Tape! - YouTube The Nonexistent Case for Never Raising Taxes | Rolling Stone America: "Land Of The Not-So-Free" If You're A Woman | Zero Hedge ▶ Der große Erderwärmungs-Schwindel und die CO2-Lüge - YouTube Obama Slips Up: "We're Training ISIL" - YouTube All Wars Are Banker Wars, All Bank Owners are Jews - YouTube UNFASSBAR!!! US Hauptziel IST kRIEG in Europa - YouTube Veterans Today | Military Veterans and Foreign Affairs Journal – VA – Veterans Administration Officials: Islamic State arose from US support for al-Qaeda in Iraq — INSURGE intelligence — Medium Ex CIA agent explains how to delete the elite! - YouTube The Greatest Speech EVER! "THE GREAT AWAKENING" - YouTube World Trade Center Building 7 Demolished on 9/11? - Home The Wanta Reconstructing-America Plan | Veterans Today Griftopia by Matt Taibbi [Economics AudioBook] Part 01 - YouTube Greg Felton; AMERICA IS NOW FULLY CONTROLLED BY ZIONIST SAYS CANADIAN RESEARCHER - YouTube Is The New U.S. 'Law Of War Manual' Actually ‘Hitlerian'? | Zero Hedge Donald Trump Makes A Huge Claim Against Hillary Clinton And Obama! | Alternative Blackwater - Knights of Malta in Iraq Most AMERICANS are NOT PREPARED for the Coming ECONOMIC COLLAPSE - YouTube Paul Craig Roberts: Why World War III Is On The Horizon | Zero Hedge Operationen unter falscher Flagge Die Terrorlügen der US Geheimdienste - YouTube 9/11 Revisited: Declassified FBI Files Reveal New Details About ‘The Five Israelis’ 9/11: The Third Truth - Dimitri Khalezov (1of2 Full) - YouTube Jeb Bush: Close Nazi Ties Exposed - YouTube Eagle One to Wanta WALL STREET AND THE RISE OF HITLER, by Antony C. Sutton Who Is Running America? International Man Getting Out of Dodge by Doug Casey - Free Report | Casey Research Video of the Day – Obamacare Architect Credits “Lack of Transparency” and “Stupidity of the American People” for Passage of Healthcare Law | Liberty Blitzkrieg Trump Chosen by God To Stop America's Destruction - Astounding 2011 Prophecy - YouTube GEN DUNFORD OUSTS OBAMA!!! - YouTube Fissures In The Empire | Zero Hedge Hillary Clinton Still More Evil Than Exposed in This 2008 Banned From Theater Film - YouTube AV4 - F William Engdahl - Totalitarian Democracy in the New World Order - YouTube Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity Four Star General Presents Indisputable Case for a Temporary Military Takeover of the U.S. Federal Government … | SOTN: Alternative News & Commentary Disgraceful Debate? | Zero Hedge NIST Admits Freefall The USA are about to face the worst crisis of their history and how Putin’s example might inspire Trump | The Vineyard of the Saker Trump Faces Threats Much Greater Than Assassination! Especially More Dangerous to the American Republic! | The Millennium Report B-1B Bombers Fly Training Missions Near Korean Peninsula
  14. The mind Ramschladen

    A historical story some want to forget.
  15. AfD on the rise

    Not all coming out of Narrenville is fake. A more sober voice.