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  1. Difference when you dress up and down

    Don't look to hard, it is not worth it,(to many bad days and the good days rush by to fast)
  2. The mind Ramschladen

    for all you CO2 fans.
  3. The mind Ramschladen

    Fred's opinion.
  4. The mind Ramschladen

    Lisa the outspoken one. Enjoy learning bayrisches German.
  5. Climate change discussion

    You people have it all wrong. What is wrong with a little warmth? You just live at the wrong place (or don't pay your carbon tax). Come to here and cool off.
  6. That brought tears to my eyes. Oh memory.
  7. The mind Ramschladen

    5G - you shall never know what hit you, when it is hitting you.  
  8. The mind Ramschladen

    There are still dreamers around:
  9. The mind Ramschladen

    George Friedman says:
  10. The mind Ramschladen

    G5 food for thought.
  11. Brexit abuse

    As an outsider you wonder about Brexit. This lady explains the problem as she sees it as an insider. Poor UK which side to turn?
  12. The mind Ramschladen

    A (loud) voice from the UK.
  13. Mould in flat

    That's the trouble with you animal lovers. A Schimmel belongs in to a barn and not into the Haus!
  14. The mind Ramschladen

    Arn't you a Clinton fan? Politics in America would be a *fade* affair with all the wrongs hidden for historians to recover.   *boring*   As for the millenium report, just another publication to believe it or not. What difference does it make for most people? other than that they are a bit more suspicious what's  being touted by the establishment. I just like to see the other side of the mountain.
  15. The mind Ramschladen

    Talking about being crooked. I guess the phone companies in Euroland work different.