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  1. The mind Ramschladen

    Not a conspiracy theory, sadly it is real.  
  2. The mind Ramschladen

    Conspiracies galore; except the one I would be interested in(for selfish reasons), old age. Not theory - the real thing!
  3. The mind Ramschladen

    A little more about Fukushima.
  4. The mind Ramschladen

    Paradise lost! Unless you want to get thyroid cancer or get radiaded, stay away from Hawaii or the Pacific. (That's what anniversaries do)
  5. Brexit: The fallout

    And here is the German view of Brexit.
  6. The mind Ramschladen

    Just in case you don't know who/ what Dr. Ganser is.
  7. The mind Ramschladen

    Dr. Ganser will have a hay day. Eat this for breakfast.
  8. Brexit: The fallout

    Life will go on and the Irish will get their way. Don't know what all this fuss is about. What is so valuable in Northern Ireland but a few bigoted protestants to give it up? To move to Germany won't be much better if you listen Holger Strohm. And Canada has also its problem.
  9. The mind Ramschladen

    An ugly thought to ponder. Real or conspiracy theory? and this is the smart meter(which will control your life)  
  10. The mind Ramschladen

    Food for thought - if you understand German. Only, his effort is in vain.
  11. The mind Ramschladen

    Life is better when idiots stay out of my sight.
  12. The mind Ramschladen

    Another opinion on CO2  
  13. Brexit abuse

    On the lighter side, if you like sort of classics.  
  14. The mind Ramschladen

    You can tell them anything. Sad thing is, they can vote for a government.
  15. The mind Ramschladen

    Gullible = American only? I include Germans too! Maybe not quite as bad. (includes Mr.Soeder who calls the AfD nazis according to the PNP)