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  1. 2015 TT American fantasy football league

    Ah you sone off a .....
  2. I have been here for twelve years so my input.   I have found the packages with a high value/insurance rate are the ones most often picked up.   I have had food sent from stateside with no issue.  I just tell friends to label it candy or believe it or not tortillas.  Never an issue,  In fact my last package to be stopped by the zoll was a christmas present I had a friend send.  She had it valued at 500€ and surprise the zoll picked it up. That was about five years ago.  Now I just tell friends value it under a hundred.  Then again I rarely order anything expensive from the U.S. anymore.  Anyway better luck next time and now you know.  
  3. Wow.  Just wow.  I had lunch with former TTer 3lions Saturday and he reminded me of the days  of TTM.  So I hopped on today after an absence and read this announcement.  Rest in Peace dude.  You always were a pleasure to talk to.  One of the few anon people i would have enjoyed meeting.  I loved talking fiml with you .  Rest in Peace man Rest in Peace. 
  4. Alternative titles of threads

    There use to be a thread like this but I cannot find it. I always have to take a second look at titles because I missread them. Obviously the alternative ones are more entertaining in my head. For instance the Taking dog back to Canada came across to me as Talking dog back to Canada. Which actually makes since because Canada is full of freaks.
  5. Favourite movie lines

    Alright I am waiting for the paint to dryso here my personal top five movie lines..and yes Artista John Cusak makes it... 5) Minnie driver GPB ..for all those of you coming home to take stock of your lives I say leave your livestock and ponder this where are all the good men dead at? In the heart or in the head? 4) Garden state...I am okay with being unimpressive I sleep better... 3) Say Anything...I gave her my heart and she gave me a pen 2) Singles ..I was nowhere your neighberhood (when she answers the door) 1) is like the tour de france. If you do not gab it, it will pass you by...   Honerable mention Say Anything when the little boy at the quickiemart gives his opinion on women"bitches man".