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  1. On 10/2/2022, 12:31:50, snowingagain said:

    Ooh me too.  Not like the madness of Hounslow, but the point when they would let the wheels down. A few poor stowaways have splattered down there after hiding in wheel arch.   Concord rattled the windows.  I was pretty immune to it growing up, but going back to visit I was shocked at the noise. 

     And me too, though I did find it a bit annoying when watching Wimbledon, the plane would go over the house and then you'd hear it again on the tv. 


    My mum briefly lived in Hounslow West, holy plane batman. 


  2. I find the whole thing very bizarre. My mum applied at Easter to renew her passport and received it back within 2 weeks. I don't understand why they would not prioritise those applying from abroad, as many people don't have dual nationality and so are left without proof of identity.

    As my mum is quite elderly, maybe they thought they had to get it done before she pops her clogs! 


  3. 20 minutes ago, keith2011 said:


    Does that surprise you, given that masks are still required on public transport in here, perhaps they struggle to understand the difference between taking a short journey on a bus with the windows open and being crammed in a poorly ventilated  aircraft for an hour or more journey to and from Germany? Or maybe they wonder if the airlines, in their desperate bid to get passenger levels back to pre-covid days, don't want their staff to present an image that could be detrimental to that goal even if it is not in the best interests of their workers!

    Maybe it is you who should stop and think.


    I think you'll find that aircraft are one of the better ventilated methods of transport (info from European Air Safety Agency 2020) . 


    How is air recirculated in the cabin and is it safe?


    The quality of air provided during a flight is very high. This is due to frequent exchange of air (the entire air supply is typically exchanged every 3-5 minutes) and the High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters which are used on board of most modern aircraft. Airlines and airport operators will work together to ensure that passengers are not kept on board an aircraft without proper ventilation for longer than 30 minutes.



  4. 19 hours ago, Keleth said:

    Why distance myself from the foodbank aspect when what he said (which you think is not wholly wrong) is that we wouldn´t need foodbanks if people could learn to cook and budget. As I said it is just another way of saying "if only poor people would work harder or weren´t so stupid then there wouldn´t be a problem".He was not even slightly right.


    I said a few posts back that everyone should be taught to cook and budget. How many of us have left school got our first payday and thought what the fuck do I do now.

    I don´t have a problem with that but my problem is...

    He couldn´t have phrased it better because you can´t make a silk purse out of a sow's ear and that´s what you would have had to do to make him right in any way.



    Are there people who cannot cook/budget well? Yes. Hence he is not is not wholly wrong. 

    Are there people who use foodbanks who cannot cook/budget well? Yes it seems so (otherwise why would foodbank charities hold cooking/budgeting courses). Hence, he is not wholly wrong. 

    Do people only use foodbanks because they cannot cook/budget (well)? No. Hence conflating the two is a crass comment. 


    And with that...I'm out. 


  5. On 5/17/2022, 10:39:10, kiplette said:

    Back to the sad truth of the food banks etc. - for a (terrifying) glimpse of cooking with no knowledge or gear,  Kay's Cooking - YouTube - I fear this is how people are trying to manage - with a gas ring and a couple of pans, mostly cheap ingredients and no clue. 




    So what is the problem with giving them a clue? Stop being so obtuse and distance yourself from the foodbank aspect.


    By the way, I agree entirely with your answers, but I just don't see what the problem is with having a wider conversation re the issues some people are facing even if the trigger was some tory knob. 




  6. Hence, why some recipe ideas are not so stupid. Yes, tory bloke is a tory arsehole and he was very crass in what he said. but the wider point remains, if some people have not learnt to cook and/or budget well, then teaching them can only be a good thing. And if this opens up a sensible (I wish) discussion about the topic, wunderbar. 


  7. I'm a crap cook, but I had the luxury of being able to learn to cook something (barely) edible and not worry if I had to bin it. If that's the only food you have, then experimentation is not an option so learning some basic recipes can only be a bonus. 


    And no, it's not normal for Brits to use foodbanks, desperate times = desperate measures.  


  8. 19 hours ago, Keleth said:

    It is totally wrong in that he used that in reference to people using foodbanks. People who use foodbanks are not using them because they wasted an abundance of ingredients while trying to cook something, they use foodbanks because they´re fucking poor and can´t get food any other way.

    Now especially these people who have to cook also have to worry about how long it takes to cook because of the incurred energy costs.

    Anyway, why do people seem to think people who live in poverty are fucking idiots or don´t want to work or scroungers and many other idiotic things.

    "Oh look they´ve got a smartphone/Internet/TV (delete where applicable) they can´t really be poor" and so on and so on is often the bollocks you hear trotted out about poverty. Do people actually think these people choose to be fucking poor?

    Yes, there are people who live on benefits through choice but these people are not fucking poor and aren´t scraping around for a meal.

    Real poverty is caused by many things and usually, bad cooking or budgeting doesn´t have anything to do with it.

    When poverty is talked about most of what we hear is how to help people live on their means which is all well and good, but how about actually trying to find a way so that people don´t fall into poverty?

    So please don´t tell me that cunt was not totally wrong because he was.


    Crickey, you'll fall off that high horse if you are not careful. If people who don't know much about cooking or budgeting (not because they are poor or stupid but because nobody ever taught them) can learn how to make their money go further and any food they have go further, how is that wrong? 


  9. I am not so sure that what he said is totally wrong, as lot of people have never been taught how to cook or budget.  However, could he have phrased the whole thing better and not sounded like a patronising arsehole, absolutely


  10. Unsurprisingly, my nice new blue (it looks black to me and like a cheap forgery) passport arrived a week after I left for the uk.


    Re processing times....It took 8 weeks from when I posted the old one back (7 from when it was received and signed for at HMPO) for the new one to arrive in my letterbox. The expired one has not yet been returned. 


  11. 19 hours ago, Fietsrad said:

    I loved P and O Rotterdam to Hull, used it several times, do not remember it being expensive, took my own food. The crossing is a bit short, it would be nice to sleep longerhere 


    That's where the Hook of Holland to Newcastle comes in handy, much longer to sleep, but not much use if you don't want to to to Newcastle! 

    Have done Rotterdam to Hull, very pleasant and also 'can't remember wherefrom' to Harwich. 

    Hovercraft, agreed that was fun. 

    Mostly use the chunnel now, quickest option when heading down south.