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  1. Homesickness = becoming bipolar?

    Thanks, but I wasn't asking for suggestions, just pointing out that 'activities with kids' is hardly a cure-all for homesickness.
  2. Homesickness = becoming bipolar?

    As most of your suggestions seem to revolve around children, what do you propose for those without children? I'm not sure going to the park with random children is advisable these days.
  3. Wrist watch care

    Just to be very dull and go back vaguely on topic to answer your question Malty...I've had an inexpensive Maurice Lecroix (not automatic) for over 15 years. Obviously had to have the battery changed a few times, splashed out once to have it serviced properly and have had zero problems. Still love it as much as the day I bought it and wear it often. Never heard of the other make, so can't comment on that.
  4. Noise pollution where the source is unknown

      I wish! You obviously don't live any where near a nightclub or a river. Clubs and party boats play music, very loudly, until all hours of the morning.