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  1. Lufthansa, I plain (ha) just don't understand - well, actually I do, because I have worked for you, but still.


    Munich > Turin > Munich: 193,50€

    Toulouse > Munich > Turin > Munich > Toulouse: 192,60€

    Identical Munich <> Turin flights.


    Yes, yes I understand all the stuff behind it in theory, but I still don't understand although I really like the idea of collecting my gent airside, because it seems all sordid picking up a bloke for the weekend ha ha.


  2. My gent worked in Geneva for 7 years, but lived in France in the Jura precisely because of the living costs. You may want to investigate being a Grenzgänger especially from Austria, but for that much experience in this field, this wage feels a little low even if you could do such a thing.


    And I lived in Erlangen years ago - it wakes up for 2 weeks a year for the Berg and then is pretty sleepy the rest of the time.

    Which isn't that different to St Gallen and their music festival to be honest! Bregenz has amazing opera though...


  3. I don't want Jesse to go out like this. Watching BB at the moment is so stressful... I think Gomez dies, Hank gets shot and maybe Walt puts him out of his misery after some big speech. I want Jesse to get away, but I also know this to be a childish want.



    I came across A Girl Called Jack's blog recently and have already made some of her recipes. Carrot, cumin and kidney bean burgers were really easy and very tasty. My eyes have been opened to the full potential of grated carrot.

    I love her blog and have a lot of admiration for her.

    The food is good too, even when you are not on a budget.


    Back when I was on work placement in Stuttgart a long, long time ago, I ate a lot of jars of cooked potatoes (I had no kitchen, just a kettle and a fridge). I would not recommend this.

    Anyway, yes to the ethnic stores, yes to the hard discounters, yes to end of day markets and reduced bins.

    From memory, the kitchens at both Stuttgart uni sites are big, well fitted and pretty decent, I am not sure if you have lockable storage or are allowed to keep food in your room though, as bulk buying may be cheaper in total, but useless if you have nowhere to store it safely.

    One of these best things I have ever bought was a slow cooker - it makes cooking pulses overnight so easy and is great for doing those kind of stews that take aaaaaages. If someone (family?) were willing to get one sent over, do say yes. Good for batch cooking too.

    Eating seasonally, so right now we are at the start of pumpkin season and still in apple season, also helps with your budget.


    Keep an eye out for student discounts and make sure you have claimed all bursaries/funds/scholarships available.

    I think there are other threads on this topic/related topics on TT too via TT search.

    Enjoy Stuttgart! It is a pretty cool place to spend your time!


  5. This happened to me once - I was hired by one boss, then a different boss took over and he really did not like me one bit, probably because I'm British as he kept on making comparisons between anything I said and Monty Python (which was complete Bahnhof to me, I'm not a fan) and also because I was not his choice.

    Anyway, my division was outsourced and said boss had arranged a transfer for me with much pressure for me to sign, including the threat of a shitty reference.


    The Betriebsrat helped enormously - I chose to leave instead, got relocation (I'd been relocated into post) and an Abfindung, although I went straight into another job, plus my original boss wrote the reference (the Betriebsrat were also not fans of Boss2).


    As this was a large, international company, I also requested my reference in German and English which can be a help depending on your field.

    It is definitely worth fighting, whether via a Betriebsrat or an employment lawyer. Good luck!


  6. This dog breed isn't really a wholly outdoor dog, they were used as guard dogs (and are still seen as a fighting breed - the wrinkles are for defence), so they are a breed that needs distraction, play and a fair bit of interaction. Which they won't get being alone outside all day.

    It is also a territorial breed (hence guard dogs), so if this dog is on the back step, it will be watching and waiting constantly for the alpha dog (owner) to appear.


    There are breeds you can leave outside a fair bit (although my old lad used to be able to, he's gone soft now, he's a Border so will put on a double coat when needed). This isn't one.


    YAY bramble, a borded Border is nippy and destructive, makes me so sad to see folk have them who have no clue (working dogs need to work!), glad you're spending time with the fella.


  7. It can often help to look at new routes for promotional fares (via sites as holiday pirates), as in January I flew to Australia (Venice > Doha > Perth then out Perth > Doha > Munich) for 570€ rtn. I just got an overnight train to Venice, which I'd highly recommend, had a lovely weekend there and flew on the Monday. I bought a Tiger Airways flight to connect to Melbourne, but also spent some time in WA.

    For Christchurch, depending on how much time you have, flying into Auckland and connecting can be cheaper, as Air NZ does pretty cheap internal flights, plus it is also worth a look to see which routes fly into your chosen airport.


    The mini-break before a big flight is something I'd do again, especially by train. It was just sooooooo relaxing.


  8. Yes, you are being naive. But it isn't quite as simple as only being about bums on seats - some routings have their passage (travellers) subsidised by the on-board cargo too.

    And it is also to do with which bums are on which seats, as business travellers are flexible on price, but not on date or routing, so keeping some higher priced seats spare for them makes sense. Tourist travellers can usually afford to be flexible on date or routing. And yes, there's a huge amount of analysis that goes into those pricing structures, apparently.


    Lifehacker has a pretty good article here and so does the BBC.


    Sometimes using a travel agent can be a good idea, especially if you are willing to have a more epic journey. I've used Travel Overland, but sadly for you they don't have a Frankfurt branch. Maybe try STA on the Bergerstr.? They'll be used to finding your cheapest way.


  9. The gent comes home 1 week today, even if it is just for a weekend, it will do me just fine.

    Yes, I am a huge wuss, but these 3 weeks are the longest we've ever been apart and me and the dog need our gent back, thanks! :D


    Guest, you are not alone. This site helped me a lot, I hope it helps you. When a long-held hope dies, it is more than OK to grieve.