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  1.   Valess is a meat-replacement product new to the German market which has been sold for some time in the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland.  Made by Dutch milk company Friesland Campina, makers of Landliebe and Puddis amongst other brands, it is based on milk protein with added vegetable fibres plus seasonings. The product variants are nuggets, schnitzel, tomato-mozzarella filled and Gouda-filled, they range from 185-197 cals per 100g. As a note for those with allergies and intolerances (or indeed vegans), the products are not gluten-free and contain/may contain milk protein, lactose, egg, soy and wheat. Find it in the chiller cabinet next to the pasta and sauces at Globus, Rewe and Tegut.   Champion speed skater and Bavarian pin-up Anni Friesinger is fronting the campaign. Not sure if they will go the Dutch route, I'm quite fond of the cow dressing.   No idea what it tastes like, but launching it give me hope that one day Quorn will come to Germany! TT searches for soy products Photo from Coloribus
  2. Hiya now a mate of mine who occasionally posts here is going to laugh when he sees this, but does anyone here own a pool or billiard table? If yes, where did you get it? In Munich? Was discussing my living room with someone and (apart from his suggestions of huge trainsets and mine of a home spa) this idea came up. Some I'm looking into it. Honestly. Any tips gratefully received (particularly about reconditioned or secondhand tables). Katrina
  3. Decent hotels in Berlin

    Hiya can anyone recommend a nice hotel in central Berlin? Would prefer boutique hotel, does not have to be very cheap and would be for a weekend because I want to take Herr Indoors to this. Thanks Katrina