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  1. Hiya, I am looking for a haggis for Burns' Night. Editor Bob has sent me through info for the Munich Caledonians Burns' Night bash but it isn't on Burns' Night itself so I'm looking for a haggis still (I couldn't find them in Karstadt @ MUC-Freiheit by the way Bob). Has anyone seen one or failing that know of another Burns' Night event (pref. on Burns' Night itself)? I might have spent a lot of time in Essex but I am still a Doonhaemer (person from Dumfries - where Robert Burns lived, worked and died)! Katrina
  2. Hiya,   being Twelfth Night and all, today is the day when I bid farewell to my fine Christmas tree. Which is a shame really as it has been a good one. Like the last three years it came from the Turkish guy in front of Spar at Rotkreuplatz and like the others it has not shed a needle, HURRAH! I also add glycerine to the water which helps too BTW.   Anyway, Munich City Council used to set up collection points for people to leave their trees so that people didn't fill up their Biomülltonne and there was always an ad in the paper for it. Not this year though. Has the scheme been stopped? Ideas please!   Thanks Katrina