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  1. sell the ikea Cupboard beige (70 x 40 cm) - Ikea for 22 Euro. tel 017950067 - i can send photos - a sofa bed for 49 Euro
  2. Sofabed and Sofa, causy

    we have one sofabed for 2 persons 160/200 cm, i send you the photo. i cannot put online, it is not working. and one sofa in braun/orange for 13 Euro. To be pick it up before 20 january. my emai and phone number 01795170067, i can send you the pictures. Karlstrasse is the 2 sofa, and we have schreibtisch for 20 Euro and 3 cupboard  
  3. Cupboard braun for 39 Euro

    we have 3 cupboard letf and need to sell until next week We sell it only for 39 Euro and you find it karlstrasse 44. Picture can be send via email or 01795170067. One cupboard is 3 meter lang and the 2 others is smaller one. One is with mirroir. i cannot put the picture. we also habe sofabed and sofa for 12 Euro  
  4. hi, we need to sell our sofa in braun for 10 Euro and sofabed for 20 Euro. We have last 3 cupboard in braun. I have a probleme to send picture. so i can send we have 2 smaller and 1 bigger (3 Meter). we have a plant, a table for 35 Euro, we have 3 garden chairs for 15 Euro and a white table for 5 Euro, Lamp for 5, 8 and 15 Euro. Glasses and plates for 10 Euro (all box), we have fridge for 75 Euro (almost new)
  5. i sell a box with plenty of wallets (Mappen) and theys (Hüllen to sell for 7 Euro. please contact here
  6. KItchen in Braun for 159

    we need to sell a braun kitshen with all the cupboard (over 8) for only 159 Euro. We have an all appatment furniture to sell i can fotos frim
  7. sofabed is to be sold for only 35 Euro and nightstand for 10 Euro. i try to send photos and i can send them. isabelle
  8. Bed in Braun (180 x 200 Meter) for 59 Euro and 3 Cabinets in Braun (3  Meter long) for only 79 Euro. We have 3 others dark cabinets (one ist over 3 Meter and 2 are less then 120 cm. the prices are 49 Euro. I can send you the picture All the cabinets are brown. 01795170067.
  9. We need to sell this bedsofa for 15 Euro and cupbaod with Miroir for 50 Euro (big) and one ober 3 Meter for 55 Euro and Sofa for 15 Euro and Sessel for 25 EUro in light colour, one in rosa whish you can move with electric forr 25 Euro. Table for 10 Euro, lamps for 10 or 15 or 5 euro, Kitchen for 155 in braun to pick up. little cupboard with a  lot of schubladen in Black or braun for 8 Euro. i can put all picture but i can send it to you and tomorrow i will be in the apartement. We are closing the apartement and selling everything what is the apartment so you can see it.