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  1. @JohnG   Sorry for gatecrashing thread OP/John - I am on my husband's health insurance/have been for 12 years but I am deregistering and moving back to the UK next month. Husband is staying here continuing to pay taxes/insurance for him and our eldest. Do I notify the Krankenkasse straight away? (As I have rights of residency in the UK I can register with a GP straight away, non-emergency hospital care is a different issue where you have to prove habitual residency but I intend staying indefinitely). But on the off chance that I go back to England and after 3 months realize I cannot make it work and I return to Germany (with our other two children - currently all five of us are on family insurance) would we be accepted back onto the family plan, would any gap in between have to be repaid if we had cancelled it on leaving, will Brexit have an effect on this if we are returning from a non-EU country or is it simple reuniting of family clause? Many thanks in advance x