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  1. Thanks guys ...

    I'd just heard a few stories from various people that things can be "complicated" and take time at the office ...

    As I said, I was very pleasantly surprised :rolleyes:

    Always good when things work out better than expected. Nice way to start a Monday!!


  2. Heading to Poccistrasse tomorrow to apply for my Abmeldung.

    I assume I will just need passport, letter from current employer saying I'm leaving and also contract from new employer ...


    Anything else?


    I want to be as prepared as possible, heard it can take time so don't want to have to go back for any reason.


    Thanks in advance for any advice you can give ...


  3. I cleared out the Deutsche Post at Ostbahnhof the other day of 3 rolls ... :rolleyes:

    There is also TOOM just along the road on Grillparzerstraße 20 with everything you could possibly need for moving : boxes, bubble wrap and sellotape of every dimension!!


    Good Luck!!


  4. Sleepless, if you're going for a week you need to do the real deal ...


    One night in EDI, visit a few refreshment parlours in the Grassmarket, next day drive up round the coast of Fife to St Andrews, and then head to Perth for the next night ...


    I'm from Skye, so of course, will say "Go there" :rolleyes: It's a gorgeous drive from Perth via Crieff, Loch Earn etc and back onto the A82, then you'll go through Glencoe and Ballachulish, probably better to stop there for a night instead of Fort William, it's a pit!! :lol:

    The drive from Ballachulish to Skye can be done in 3 hours, it is a sh!t of a drive but the scenery is amazing ... head towards Kyle of Lochalsh and go over the Skye Bridge ... spend a day or two on Skye ... In November that will be enough!! hehehe


    On the way back head to Inverness, maybe a detour to Plockton for the best seafood in the world, a night out in Inverness should pretty much cover your North of Scotland visit, you're guaranteed great crack for a night out ...


    If you decide to Go North, give me a shout, I can easily give you more info!!


    Enjoy, wherever you go!! It's God's Country!! :lol:


  5. Thanks Dex, I am looking forward to it and thankfully, won't be driving in Geneva ! ;)


    Orla, I smiled reading your post ... sounds like it was a trip down Memory Lane for you ! :rolleyes:


    Thanks both ...


  6. I'm moving to Geneva in 6 weeks and just wondering if anyone can recommend a removals company ? I won't be taking a lot of stuff with me but some of the quotes I'm getting are 2000Euros, which I thought was a bit steep ..


    Also, if you can give any hints and tips about moving there, the only time I've seen the city was for the interview !!

    I have to say I'm looking forward to it but thought I would put the post out, Toytown never lets me down for feedback / information !!




  7. Dear all,


    I know this is an old thread but hoping you can help ...

    I am off to Puglia tomorrow night for the long weekend. The hotel I am staying at is just outside Brindisi, supposedly only 4km, but when I spoke to the hotel today they said that's normally 40€ taxi charge!! :o I wasn't going to hire a car, but instead visit Bari & Lecce by train out of Brindisi.


    Is it really so expensive for a taxi?


    Thanks to advise


  8. I complained about Deutsche Post in January, then it would seem the card was too big, hence 3.40€ to send to UK. On Saturday I went in with 4 cards and got told 2 of them were too small (huh?? ) and also cost 3.40€ ...

    What happened to the standard 70cents to the Uk? :blink:


  9. I'm sure my moan has been mentioned somewhere else in the hundreds of rants & posts regarding Deutsche Post but thought I'd just put it on again!!


    Since when is it 3.40Euros to post a birthday card to the UK? :o

    Standard size envelope and nothing inside (apart from the card) so shouldn't have weighed any more than normal letter ...


    I used to always think it's nice to get a handwritten card but from now I'm gonna use moonpig.com, at least I know the card will arrive on time!! (as long as Royal Mail aren't on strike !) :D


  10. LOL Very true ... I lived in Paisley for 10 years and even I can't understand him when he speaks, but maan when he sings, that voice is just amazing!! :P


    Great atmosphere ... great night ... seemingly he's playing the Albert Hall next year, hope he stays off the beer that night!! :unsure:


  11. Coz I had a great friend to stay for the weekend, so lots of laughs and fab weather, etc etc!! what more can I say : a great time!!

    And only 3 more days of work and then off on hols!! FANTASTIC!! :P


  12. I'm off to Thailand in a month, just a lazy beach holiday in Phuket, so won't be trekking through the jungle or anything ..

    I was there 2 years ago and got all the jabs, or so I thought until checking my little yellow book .. Polio, tetanus, diptheria, pertusis (?) looks as if it had to be renewed last March, and even the HepA has a little sticker next to it saying "bis 04 09". I thought all these things covered you for 10 years or so!?!!?


    Ahhh well, better to be safe than sorry ...


  13. Ahhh cr*p, I really enjoy going to the Elixia at Lenbach, it's my "me time" and always found the staff really nice & friendly.

    Wonder when they were gonna tell us or just continue to take 78€ out of my account ///


    Can anyone recommend another nice gym with good classes, equipment and relaxation ie steamroom in Lehel or city centre area ...


  14. heheheh Class, I love TT threads like this ... Makes me laugh!!


    Darkman dude sounds a bit like my ex, thinks he's God's gift to any female, you say No, he can't accept it, then still thinks he can get nookie on demand, when it suits him ... F'off!! :angry:

    Unfortunately there are too many fruitcakes out there who have zero social skills and the only person they will ever care about is themselves!!

    Go, take a long run off a short pier and do us all a favour ...


  15. Because, even although I was up at 6am, and giggled passing the Wiesn stragglers going home, completed the TegernSeeLauf 10k in a better-than-anticipated time ... Sunshine, scenery and lots of nice male legs ... Hmmm ... :lol:

    Then a fantastic meal at a lovely Thai restaurant, Rainbow opposite Cafe Forum, and a good old chat ... Great day!! :D Night night ...