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  1. Neighbours trespassing in my backyard

    Hello Toytown   This is weird.   I rent a house with a back yard. It is fenced with an old gate into the neighbour's yard. I also have a neighbour. Said neighbour insists on using my backyard to access their backyard. They have had deliveries made through my backyard. They even tell their gardener to walk into my backyard in order to do their garden maintenance.   I have told them to get my permission before they enter my yard. They don't. I have told them to stop entering my fenced yard. I have told their gardener to stop. But they keep coming back. They are trespassing and frankly freaking out my wife. It is kind of weird to see complete strangers wandering through your backyard without warning.   Is there such a thing as trespass in Germany? what are my "rights"? How can I get them to cease and desist (without putting padlocks and chains on every gate)?   thanks all