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  1. Coronavirus

    you can do an antigen test after day 5 and if negative no need to be isolation -  I did it was very simple. btw anyone on this forum preparing to travel  UK, last week government announced 2 additional PCR tests on 2nd & 8th day, and additional optional  PCR test on Day 5 for stopping quarantine  so that means 4 tests, another antigen before in germany  and another 2 coming back-- think only antigen tests only for Germany -  6 tests!!. would love to hear if anyone is actually doing this! maybe add another 500 euro to travel budget!
  2. Coronachat - vents, whines, flummoxes & miscellaneous

    https://healthfeedback.org/claimreview/covid-19-antigen-tests-are-highly-accurate-but-incorrect-use-on-food-items-such-as-fruits-or-coca-cola-can-produce-false-positive-results/ 1st hit on google. Just dont use the test on a fruit!
  3. Coronachat - vents, whines, flummoxes & miscellaneous

    where is the evidence for high% false negative? be curious to learn more
  4. Coronachat - vents, whines, flummoxes & miscellaneous

    You can always go for the more expensive PCR test for your peace of mind . If you are travelling into Germany borders now, they give you both options I opted for cheaper test approx 200 euro  less over 2 tests and feel with 97%+ accuracy was enough for my needs however I appreciate people have different views on this topic
  5. Coronachat - vents, whines, flummoxes & miscellaneous

    fraubat actually the specificity test was 99.9%.  Curious what  information/source are you referring to in your post that these tests are inaccurate? 
  6. Coronachat - vents, whines, flummoxes & miscellaneous

      my test had a 96.35% sensitivity 96.8% specificity. The German authorities and my doc felt that was accurate enough.     
  7. Coronachat - vents, whines, flummoxes & miscellaneous

    Germany have decided these test are OK for entry into/out of country. I must say I have used both tests and must say less frustrating getting resulting in 10mins then waiting 48hrs with a  bigger dent in the travel budget wallet and my doctor said they were sufficient when I discussed this week with them
  8. Coronachat - vents, whines, flummoxes & miscellaneous

    Getting crazy now for travelling over borders & testing now (although I am all for safe travel) - I figured going over to UK for two week visit to see close of kin will now  involve 4 tests costing around Euro 250- one before departure, another 5 days after self isolation if want to finish it early and then coming back to Germany another test before departure and another 5 days after if you cannot self isolate for longer. I think they are all cheaper faster antigen tests although UK authorities insist on expensive longer PCR test seen quoted at Euro 150, why the inconsistenty?? I am curious if anyone is stll considering going travelling nowdays across borders with this excruciating testing regime
  9. BER - Berlin Brandenburg Airport

    that's correct however these will be  covering domestic routes   - other 16 will be international.. Link below to clarify: https://in.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-easyjet-germany/easyjet-to-cut-jobs-in-berlin-scrap-german-domestic-flights-idUSKBN24257M   Lets hope  the Bunderskartellamt can do something.  I detest organizations profiteering out of monoplised situations. now I have to pay my ZDF another quartery fee for a service that I never use.   After the insolvency of Air Berlin, Lufthansa held a monopoly position for a few months on some German domestic routes. After receiving numerous complaints about Lufthansa's price increases, the Bundeskartellamt began preliminary investigations. Andreas Mundt, President of the Bundeskartellamt: "After the insolvency of Air Berlin, Lufthansa's tickets were on average 25-30 per cent more expensive than in the previous year. In individual cases the price increases were much higher. Although this increase in price is considerable, it does not justify the initiation of an abuse proceeding. The application of strict merger control enabled easyJet's quick entry to the market. Subsequently prices on the respective routes immediately fell again. This price development would definitely have been less positive if Lufthansa had remained a monopolist on these routes in the long term." https://www.bundeskartellamt.de/SharedDocs/Meldung/EN/Pressemitteilungen/2018/29_05_2018_Lufthansa.html
  10. BER - Berlin Brandenburg Airport

    https://www.flightglobal.com/strategy/easyjet-to-make-418-crew-in-germany-redundant/140793.article Sad day. that Easyjet will be pulling out of all domestic flights in Germany. I can see Lufthansa now going take a monopoly on all domestic routes of Berlin, meaning jacking up fares all the time.. At least when AirBerlin and Easyjet were around kept air fare prices in a good range. I paid an outrageous fare with Lufthansa during last lockdown as was only option. They took advantage of the situation as was half empty. Now with around 10billion Euro government bail out money (probably subsidized by tax payers) we are going to purchase outrageous price tickets while paying even more tax back to government. I hope more competition comes otherwise we will go back 30 years in time while German population continue to nonchantly accept the status quo, your only option is state airline.