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  1. Now faster way (back) into public health insurance

    Thanks @engelchen @Starshollow  @john g. for your comments. Mr. Techgirl doesn’t want to completely give up teaching. I just thought that his having basically no income for several  months would enable us to put him on my insurance.   He’s looking at ways to increase his online teaching — the local VHS he works with emailed him that they’re going to try out online courses. We also requested and received a small amount from the Coronacrisis support for self-employed to cover his fixed business expenses the next three months.   He’s also using this crash to decide if English teaching is what he wants to continue doing for the long term, and if not, what his other options are.
  2. Now faster way (back) into public health insurance

    Can someone tell me how this might apply when dealing with the loss of self-employment due to the Coronavirus lockdown? @Starshollow maybe?   The situation: I'm a permanent employee at a university, my husband is a freelance English instructor. I'm publicly insured (TK), he's private.    Due to the Coronavirus lockdown last month, he's basically lost 90-95% of his client base. At the moment (and for the foreseeable future) he's teaching 1-2 hours a week online. This trickle of income isn't even enough to pay his health insurance, and it's definitely under the 450€ a month (or thereabouts) that someone can earn and still be on family insurance.   I wanted to take advantage of this sudden near-unemployment to put him on my family insurance, thinking that when he starts to build up clients after the lockdown is finally over, he can pay for his own, now-public (TK) plan.   However, TK told me that he would have to basically completely give up his business to be placed on my family plan. As a freelancer, who doesn't have or need a Gewerbeschein, I don't know how he'd even do this.   We are both US citizens with completely open NEs. We've also applied for a Stundung for our quarterly tax payments (since they're based on an income he's not getting).   Can anyone help us with this insurance issue?