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  1. Wow!! f'en a! <insert numerable explicit words here!> :) just met the schroeder dude! And he was a really really cool speaker! talk about persona! He was in the private house thing, but afterwords came out to the fenced off fancy beer garden thing and shook hands and signed things for people, he even talked to people. no way would that happen back in canada. totally awesome. now i have shook the dudes hand and got his autograph :) very happy. i just hope the american girl i met there sends me the photos.


  2. ok is anybody else connecting through the university? I got an apartment in the Studentenstadt for the next little bit and it came with a really nice internet connection. ecxept for one small thing. They have proxy servers. not being a computer buff i dont even know what a proxy server is, ecxept what the name seems to imply. does anyone know why this would prevent msn messenger and firefox from working? explorer and safari work fine? (using mac osx, the proxy servers are ftp, http, https proxy servers with the address proxy.stusta.mhn.de through port 3130???)


  3. Ok have to admit i am kinda sad about some of the things that are actually canadian, but in the attempt to be polite wont get into it. however i have to admit not having seen john candy in the list of people on the list! what the hell guys!! thats like forgetting to mention that mike myers is canadian! I think the funniest thing to mention is that nelly furtado is canadian. the arguments you get about that. :rolleyes: by the way is there any newfoundlanders out there?


  4. ok after reading through this list and seeing many things that are very very very true and some other things that some people are just being stupid about (driving on the right side a problem, i love it :) however i have failed to see an actual reason for the damb toilets. while i myself hate the damb things myself and a german friend of my'n actually got into a conversation about it one night! What was the real reason for the german shelf bog. now being in bavaria we should reallise its all due to pig <_< . cause the damb things roll around in the mud and genrally eat crap, they have a tendency to get worms. hence if you eat pig all the time you also will have a tendency to get worms. so it is nice to have a toilet where you have no trouble checking your stool to make sure everything is in order. :blink: yes odd i know, but ah well.


    the thing that gets me is cranberry juice. now the german word for cranberry is moosbeere or preiselbeere. now there is one russian firm that i have found that seems to have managed to crack into germany with moosbeeresaft (cranberry juice) loaded with sugar and no cranberry. Most bavarians have never even heard of moosbeere and the idea of making juice out of preiselbeere seems horrible to them. now i saw that lipton or nestea are making this ice tea cranberry. I thought in vain hope that maybe they call cranberry juice by a different name and it would of course be on the bottle in the ingrediants list and i could finally find a good source of cranberry juice. on the bottle on the 100 percent everything that ever touched the juice (down to the percentage sometimes) stood cranberrysaft! a german word made out of an english word when there is already a german word! bringing my fav thing about germany clearly to my eyes usless percision.


  5. a couple of opinions i really want to stick out:

    -talking to germans about american politics is totally boring. even if it is crap, and gotten so bad you cant even make good jokes about it anymore. attacking that moron called michael moore would be great. although his movie canadian bacon was great (john candy is great). all the kids in germany know his movies and so on, however no one takes the time to analyse it as stupid propaganda. which i think would be worth while.


    -talking about the reason alot of americans have really thought about what it means to be american? Do all other nations do this as actively as america?


    -talking about the difference in views of germans b/w Canada and America. Is it different? If so why? Is there really a difference? would your typical american even know where canada is? Let alone a difference! (sorry had to slip that in, many apologies)


    -lastly i suggest talking about the developing sato masochistic relationship developing within german towards american culture. (tempted to say best described as deep throat but i wont :D)


  6. I dont know if anybody has pointed this out yet or not, but all you texans sould go to google and type in miserable failure and then hit im feeling lucky (english google of course) and check out what pops up it is really funny. and just to clear the air if anyone hates me for pointing this out, it was a texan who showed me this.


  7. ok i have been searching high and low for a way to find a apartment in munich, the catch being that i find the idea of going to a agency repulsive and my german is only good enough to get me by. has anyone gone through this process before and have any suggestions for me? Or does anyone have any helpfull suggestions.


    Crosslink by admin: Apartments in Munich