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  1. ok i had a german girl go off on a whole rant that proper way of things was; after your plate was empty, line your knife and fork to indicate it was good. crossing at this point in time meant it was not good.


    has anybody else incountered this then? or was this just odd?


  2. when i went to vienna i borrowed an isic card from a friend of myn in regensburg who comes from arizona, used that for all the stickey places that they demand a isic card. no one questioned got lots of little discounts and the funny part we have different hair color. shows how much these people normally check these things. :)



    If you catch beggars while snoozing you can just grab their money and run! Haha!! Cheating people is awesome!

    dude thats the lazy way! takes all the sport of it. you have to find one of the handicapped ones. you can just take the money and walk, what are they going to do chase ya? and all the sport is getting close enough to them to grab the money without them hitting you with a cane or such.


    actually i am still using a canadian student id for discounts everwhere. i love the fact that my student id had no expery date.


  4. and sorted! :D


    This natascha girl is awesome, a god. really nice. phoned her yesterday, she said she had one. showed it to me today. pretty much perfect and turned out to be cheeper than previously thought. 345 warm for partially furnished with an couch wardrobe stove oven blah blah blah :rolleyes: 44 qm and downtown freising. couldnt be happier. the signing of the contract and the paying of the kation happen on friday. thank you everyone for all your help :D


  5. ok when i read the page i thought it came up with additional costs to call the country? i find the cheepest way to call anywhere for myself is just to dial 01071 in front of the number. seems to be dirt cheep. ranging from 1.8 ct/min to 2.2ct/min in canada and america.


  6. thanks for the info. had tried immobilian24 and wasnt to immpressed by it, but i think the apartment situ is just really tight.


    i was actuall looking forward to meeting you two at the freising gathering number two, but you guys got sick. Hope you guys are feeling better. anytime you guys want to get together i would be up for it. love to meet some people in freising. As to the lack of timmies cof and donuts i think i will be able to handle the lack. i baked for those guys at one point (before they went all precooked and frozen) so i cant really eat it anymore. :rolleyes:


  7. A really nice bacon (canadian kind smoked with maple syrop) cheese (lots) burger (proper the kind you really cant get over here)


    now that i think about it when your having a total shit day, or week as my case is, what does bavaria offer for proper comfort food? I went as low as kfc last night. there must be better options.