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  1. I switched to propane when I moved into an apartment with a balcony, figuring that it would be uncool to use my Weber on a balcony. Sold my Weber and parted ways with it very sadly. Come the second day in my apartment I go out for a smoke, and what's the guy below me doing. Grilling on a coal grill. Everyone in the building grills all the time, nobody complains. The upside is, I get to brew on my balcony.


  2. It was a hot Saturday evening in the summer of 1961, and Fred had a date with Peggy Sue. He arrived at her house and rang the bell.


    "Oh, come on in!" Peggy Sue's mother said as she welcomed Fred in. "Have a seat in the living room. Would you like something to drink? Lemonade? Iced tea?" "Iced tea, please," Fred said.


    Mum brought the iced tea. "So, what are you and Peggy planning to do tonight?" she asked. "Oh, probably catch a movie, and then maybe grab a bite to eat at the malt shop, maybe take a walk on the beach." "Peggy likes to screw, you know," Mum informed him. "Really?" Fred replied, his eyebrows rising.


    "Oh yes," the mother continued, "When she goes out with her friends, that's all they do! Screw, again and again!" "Is that so?" asked Fred, incredulous. "Yes," said the mother. "As a matter of fact, she'd screw all night if we let her!" "Well, thanks for the tip!" Fred said as he began thinking about alternate plans for the evening.


    A moment later, Peggy Sue came down the stairs looking pretty as a picture, wearing a pink blouse and a hooped skirt, and with her hair tied back in a bouncy ponytail. She greeted Fred. "Have fun, kids!" the mother said as they left.


    Two hours later, a completely dishevelled Peggy Sue burst into the house and slammed the front door behind her. "THE TWIST, Mum!" she angrily yelled to her mother in the kitchen. "The fucking dance is called THE TWIST!!"


  3. Has anyone mentioned the fact that it's only ten bucks, and basically just a traffic fine. The Ordnungsamt can be fairly rude actually, but don't let it get to you. The best thing to do with those guys is just be nice and respectful (I don't mean grovel, you have to stand your ground.) Their are actually TV shows here in Germany that follow the Ordnungsamt around and watch them catch Germans doing all the crazy things like riding the wrong way down a one way street, and riding in a pedestrian only zone. They also tend to be fairly gruff with the people they catch, which I think is basically a cover for the fact that they themselves are embarrassed with how petty they are being.


    Edit: and no they don't usually tend to show their ID unless they are undercover.


  4. I think it really depends on what you want. As someone who grew up in a household with a stay at home mother, I still haven't had food that could match hers. My dad when left with the kids ended up having kids demanding mom teach them how to cook. Now looking at my situation, I'm definitely the cook in the house. So I really think it is a matter of how you were raised, I learned very early on in life that if I don't figure out how to cook for myself I might be forced to eat bad food.


  5. What I like to do that is a bit quicker than cooking a chicken and leaves more time to concentrate on the gravy as opposed to the chicken, is to cooked chicken thighs (with skin and bones). The method is open to hundreds of different interpretations and variations and can always be adapted to pretty much any taste. preheat oven to 190, heat from below only. Take your thighs and season with salt, pepper and flour. Put a frying pan on medium heat with olive oil. Chop some garlic, onion and mushrooms. Place the chicken in frying pan and brown on either side. While the chicken browns combine dijon mustard, honey, touch of olive oil, salt, pepper, rosemary, thyme and whatever else your heart desires. Once the chicken has browned, place into a greased oven dish, cote with the mixture and put covered in oven (40-45 min last 10 to 15 min uncovered.)


    Now the only thing to really worry about is preparing a sauce, and you have a frying pan full of stuff to make amazing sauce. I usually throw in the garlic and onions and then add a bit of vinegar (cider, rice wine vinegar..) maybe a bit of salt to make the onions cook a bit quicker. While the onions and garlic are going at it in the frying pan you can get all the browny bits off the bottom of the pan, when your happy with the state of onions and garlic, start adding white wine, and chicken stock (not all at once and keep stirring). The flour on the chicken and the oils combine and act as your roux, so the sauce with naturally thicken. I usually add a bit more stock than wine, but whatever, maybe a cup or so of each. I would add the mushrooms once I'm satisfied that the sauce is thickening and add a touch of honey, dijon mustard, rosemary, thyme, salt and pepper. Then leave the sauce to simmer until the chicken is done.


    The advantage of doing this, is you don't have to cook a full chicken, which is nice when only one person is eating chicken. You can prepare a number of side dishes ahead of the chicken like roast potatoes, carrots and whotnot and stick them in the oven before you start with the chicken and so you have a very modularized cooking process. Veggies, chicken and then sauce. You don't really have to worry too much about different thing that are happening while you cook, just what you are working on and it gives you ample time to worry about making a fabulous sauce. That being said DR chicken sounds amazing.


  6. I did a stint b/w being a student and being a student again, of which I was planning on not being gainfully employed and AOK just changed my premium from 50 euros a month to 100 euros or something along those lines. Much better than going with some ex-pat deductibles complicated plan thing.


  7. hmm beers that stick in my head as my having liked them:


    Wieninger pils

    Augustiner Pils

    Andechs (although it has consistency issues)

    Georgenbrau (must be drank in Buttenheim)

    Kneitinger (drink locally)

    Spezial Rauchbier


    Auer (the local beer of choice)

    Tegernsee (consistency issues)

    Plank weizen

    Gutmann weizen

    Unertel (although consistency seems to be a problem)



    Riedenburg (just for making some interesting stuff)



    lösch-zwerg herb (seems to be a good compromise for the wife and I)

    Duckstein (provides a nice escape from helles)

    Spital Dunkelweizen


    Just the beers that popped into my head.


  8. I am married to a Taiwanese lady, and people often ask me if she was a mail-order bride. I find this very insensitive. The Royal Mail loses around 2 million letters and parcels each year, and to suggest that I would trust the delivery of my wife to them is insulting in the extreme. She was sent by DHL next day delivery


  9. Right got it working! I ended up copying and pasting my table onto the same sheet, and using the HLOOKUP function to look it up relative to the time (horizontal) and then the Extract (vertical). Works very nicely. Does anyone know how I would do the same thing, referencing the table on the other sheet? ie not having to have the table on both sheets?


    And thanks for the help!


    Edit: Right and like an idiot I figured out the hard part first, just the name of the worksheet in single quotations (if there are spaces) follow by a exclamation sign, before the cell reference. Learning a lot about excel tonight!


  10. vlookup looks like the awesomeness I was looking for. Just reading more about it now. HLOOKUP - and VLOOKUP are functions for horizontal look up and vertical lookup. Right now off to try and make this work.



    Check out the Slope Formula. Once you get the slope of qty hops/time, assuming it (the slope) is linear it should get you in the ball park. Good on ya mate for going for it.

    Take care,



    It's actually the percent extract (sugars from malt) vs. Time boiling = % utilization of hops and unfortunately it ain't linear, hence the table instead of a simple formula.



    Just trying to imagine Belgian monks working on Excel spreadsheets... I think that brewing in Germany is too scientific for its own good.


    Meh, pretty sure they have fancier things than excel spreadsheets at their fingertips.