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    In every meaningful sense of the word, the thread belongs to don_riina. Whose cookery threads would you rather read, the Don's (like this or this, or this and the unforgettable and supreme this )or some guy that puts broccoli slaw in his chili and boils it down into an indeterminate sludge?

    I think you missed the point of my post, it was actually a compliment. As in, the forum belongs to Editor Bob, however Don Riina owns the cooking forum.


  2. I love this idea. The idea that, you lot can't cut it so you go somewhere better and easier and nicer and more stable.. what a bunch of quitters you lot are. You should stay where only real men can survive, gaw, health care that's for wimps! Social safegaurds are for looosers. Real men we don't need non of that, Universal health care, you must be joking.


    Come back to america and see how REAL people live. Have I mentioned I'm really tough yet?


  3. I don't really understand why you would want to put a big can of beer into a despenser that seems to be a bit dodgy in the hygene area, but whatever floats your boat I guess. The real reason I think germans don't bother with expensive ways of despensing beer out of a can is probably two fold. They probably do bottling better than anybody else in the world. In britain the difference b/w a beer coming out of the bottle and the keg is very big. This is why one should drink british beer in the pub. The other reason is some german beers are supposed to be served from the bottle. Weisbier if it is traditionally made goes through bottle conditioning. They do either one of two things, put the beer in the bottle before fermentation has ended, to allow the carbonation to happen in the bottle, or do the same by adding a bit of fresh unfermented beer and yeast to the filtered Weissbier directly before bottling.


    The other question I have is what beer can you get in a big can that is worth drinking. Had a poke around the local super market today and couldn't see any I would actually bother to drink. If you want to be really cool just get a proper tap system with a chiller on it, or buy a dedicated fridge and modify it to have a tap system on it. Then just order your 30 litre kegs from the brewery. Then you could really impress your friends.


  4. yes the idea of a mail merge is a make an excel spreadsheet with the addresses of a group of people that you would regularly mail. I am involved with doing it for a group of alumni, they can put their address in a field on a website as well which then gets copy and pasted over to the excel.


    But yes you put all the addresses in excel create a word file and merge the two documents with the fields you desire and then do a mail merge print. Works like a charm. However it will not type the addresses in for you. you might be able to write a macro to do that for you though, don't know I use excel for brewing and for mail merges.


  5. sorry to throw a bit of lightness into this thread, but all this ranting reminds me of a story. Way back in the day when I had first come to Germany and was living in Regensburg I was taking the bus into the city centre from the not so pleasant filled with foreigner area that I lived. I think I may have been going somewhere at the time because I had my 95 litre backpackers backpack with. I also spoke at that time a maximum of maybe one hundred german words.


    So there I am in the bus which was pretty darn full minding my own business when suddenly this quite attractive girl points at me and goes "ah da bist du" and said to the guy next to her "er ist die bestefreund von meine freund" or something along those lines and kamm over to me giving me a very odd look and asked me "ich hab dir zeit ewig lange nicht gesehen" so not being the dumbest bus rider of the week I'm like "ja dir auch wie gehts?" carried this on for like two seconds just letting her chat and then she tries to whisper to me that the guy she got away from was a total creep or being aggressive or something and just carry along so I said "kein problem aber I spreche kein Deutsch."


    this got us talking in English actually had the nicest conversations with her that I think I had had up to that point with a German, very pleasant. I mad sure she got to where she was going without problems from creepy and then I think I flew to scotland. Very odd day, I just think in some way it does bring up a kind of point though that may be helpful for this thread. People east of here do get intimidated by bigger men, whether they are intimidating or not. So If you do see a non threatening, but large male it might be a good place to migrate to.


  6. I personally think it's all about variety. I love getting different sorts of beers and trying new things. I do enjoy beers from many different countries and must admit that I love it. I love some German beer, I love some belgian beer, I love some british ales, I love some american beer, not so much canadian beer outside of unibroue. The point I'm trying to make is they all have different things that make them very interesting. If you go to british pu and order a pint of bitter and expect a sparkling, blond colored beer with an abv of 5 then of course british ale will be a disapointment. It's like going into an indian and ordering chicken tikka masala and expecting lasagna.


    I think part of the joy of life is trying new things and trying to find out what we dislike about it and what we like. Next time you take a taste of beer try and identify what you like about the beer, what you don't like. Try and describe to yourself these flavors or smells that you like or dislike. Just like you would if you were eating food.



    I skinned a 5cm long bit of my forearm on the remains of a bottle once, after a rollerblading accident...bit of a shock for my mum, as I was covered in blood when I came home... both our dogs had their experiences, and a neighbourhood mutt had to have his front left paw amputated because of a bad infection following a cut. Ever since, I've become allergic to people who complain about dog poop and then happily throw their beer bottle against a tree to watch it burst, unaware of all the wild animals without medical help available, all the kids playing in that area, the dogs, the other people frequently sitting under that tree...

    What about the pfand!!


  8. I think a bigger question is how can a company like AIG beg for government bailouts of a certain amount and then turn around and give it's employees almost the same amount in total bonuses. This brings into question why AIG asked for government help in the first place and leaves a sour taste in peoples mouths.


  9. How long do you have untill the wedding and how much are you willing to spend on the barrel. I don't know if tegernsee do fill wooden barrels, but I think they should. Anyway a possible solution, depending on how much you want to spend is get a company to make you the specific barrel, or have them alter a barrel for you and then get tegernsee to fill it up and serve it for you. I could probably find out a couple of companies that make wooden barrels if you want. They probably cost a fair bit of change though. The cost of the beer itself would of course depend on how big a barrel you get, but shouldn't be pretty cheap.



    Typical bad cook approach. Ignore known and proven flavours, and chuck shit together thinking that you are creative. Pff. people have cooked for years, and suddenly marrying flavours that are not "normal" combinations is bloody difficult to do, unless your taste buds are crap, or, as in your case, you are making something like a chilli or a curry, where mistakes can be more easily hidden by a good chilli kick, one that most often comes from a pre-prepared bottled sauce. When you get here in 19 days, please expect me to pick apart every "recipe" you post.


    Edit: oh, and if anyone thinks this is one of those "typical" TT posts where somebody just steps in and writes something offensive on a thread, please remember this is the cooking forum, and belongs to me.

    I'm not sure if the thread actually belongs to you. It might be more appropriate to say you rule the forum. Although I guess you could use a bit of american english and say that you 'totally own this forum'.


  11. to be quite honest about the situation I actually agree with the brewers about the demand for a six percent raise. First of all we all know that your never going to get your initial demand. Secondly a qualified brewer on average makes 2400 euros brutto on average, which means a take home pay of about 1500 euros. Over the last few barganing between the brewers guild and the brewers union the union has accepted fairly low increases, with the argument that times are good but a steady increase is needed because bad times may come and you will still depend on a pay increase then. Now the bad times have come and they are now argueing global financial crises we can no longer increase your pay to any significant amount. The first offer being 1.2 percent by the way.


    I could carry on typing more about this but I'm tired..


  12. That last one reminds me of being stopped at the US border because I didn't have a visa to enter the country. I was tired as hell and asked if I had missed some recent change in relations b/w canada and the US.


    dude: No sir it doesn't matter where your from you need a visa to enter the states.

    me: Um don't Canadians get an automatic 90 day tourist visa?

    dude: Oh I'll have to check.. (looks through computer for about ten minutes.)

    yes it seems Canadians do have a automatic 90 day visa, but your not staying for ninety days.

    me: what? (trying in my confused tired state to count how many days I was actually staying.)

    but I'm only here for just over thirty days.

    dude: exactly, so you can't have a ninety day visa, that doesn't cover you.

    me: I think it does actually, you don't have to stay the full ninety days, I think the exact wording is a automatic tourist visa up to ninety days.

    dude: no it doesn't look that way..


    In the end got the supervisor who explained that I didn't have to actually spend the full ninety days in america to qualify for the automatic visa. I think I was this guys first Canadian traveler, what an idiot..


  13. Siphons or Growlers are typical of such house breweries. No the beer is not brewed at the LB brewery but there on site. unfiltered beer tastes quite different than filtered beer as yeast adds quite a bit to the flavour. It comes out of conditioning tanks so it's almost like sitting in a brewery and tapping a beer of the lager tank.


    for more info on the DLG follow this link



    Das Unionsbräu ist heute eine Gaststätte und Münchner Hausbrauerei in der Einsteinstraße im Stadtteil Haidhausen. Zur Jahrhundertwende zum 20. Jahrhundert war sie eine der größten Münchner Brauereien. Sie wurde im Jahr 1885 von Kommerzienrat Joseph Schülein als Aktiengesellschaft " Unionsbrauerei Schülein & Cie." gegründet. 1905 wurde die Münchner Kindlbrauerei übernommen und 1921 erfolgte die Fusion mit der Münchner Aktienbrauerei zum Löwenbräu. Die Marke "Triumphator" der Löwenbräu AG ist ein aus der Unionsbrauerei Schülein & Cie. stammender Markenname, der durch die Fusion von Löwenbräu übernommen wurde, ebenso wie der Markenname "Hellquell". Der Name "Unionsbrauerei" wurde später nur noch durch die Gastwirtschaft bei den ehemaligen Braugebäuden bewahrt, die Gastwirtschaft wurde mehrfach umbenannt; zunächst in "Danny's Pan", dann in "Song-Parnass im Unionsbräu". Die alten Braugebäude stehen heute teilweise immer noch, die Braukeller werden kulturell genutzt. Seit 1990 heißt die Gastwirtschaft wieder "Unionsbräu", im kleinen Braukeller wird das naturtrübe Bier für die Gaststätte gebraut. Saisonal wird dort auch der dunkle Bock "Unimator" gebraut und ausgeschenkt. Neben dem Gebäude des Hofbräukellers sind die noch erhaltenen Anlagen des Unionsbräu heute die letzten verbliebenen Zeugen der einst in Haidhausen in vielen Betrieben florierenden Brauindustrie; vor allem die zwischen Einsteinstraße und Kirchenstraße gelegenen Keller sind als Baudenkmal bedeutsam.

    It would seem it belongs to loewenbrau although the restraunt may be run by someone else.


  15. wow where do I start I've had so many odd border crossing experiences it's not even funny anymore.


    I used to fly to chicago quite a bit, because mrs. Iain was living and working there at the time. I was there very frequently and so I had clothes and such forth there so I would just take a carry on bag with some bare essentials. Because I was flying standby on a buddy pass over atlanta this also made life a bit easier. So I land in atlanta and of course I have to go through security/customs and I walk directly there without picking up any luggage, because I didn't have any. I get stopped by security on the way and am told that no I have to pick up my baggage.


    security: Son your going to have to pick up your luggage before you go through customs.

    me: Oh that's I already have all my stuff (show him my bag)

    security: No sir you have to pick in you checked bags

    me: no I don't have any checked in bags, this is it

    security: no sir you DON'T understand you have to pick up your checked in bags

    me: but I didn't bring any

    security: How long are you planning to stay in the states sir?

    me: oh about a month I think.

    security: and you don't have any luggage?

    me: don't really need any, so I didn't bring any.

    security: you realize we WILL find your suitcase sir.

    me: but I really don't have one


    This went on and on until he finally let me go to customs, where the whole thing started again. I finally told the last guy, I like to shop, and he took that as a reasonable explanation. Obviously the three or four previous visas in my passport and me saying I have clothes at my girlfriends wasn't logical enough.


    I will share even more ridiculous stories later..