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  1. actually sit down one night and drink a number of different beers of the same style, since your into hops maybe pils should be your starting point. Try maybe augustiner pils, wieninger pils, trumer pils, rothaus pils, geogenbrau pils, jever, flensburger and becks (you need to have a reference point after all) and see if any of them taste even remotely the same. these are just the first pils that popped into my head and I haven't really thought this through or I could probably come up with a much more diverse list, but this should do fine. Drink them at about seven degrees and see what you think. Oh and throw kneitinger into that list if you can find it.


  2. are you in america or in Munich? If you are local and you need some pointers we could probably arrange something? Are you doing all grain or extract brewing?


    When I order brewing stuff I use promille and Brouwland. I find them both good, although Brouwland is faster and more reliable. Just brewed a summer ale yesterday with coriander and orange peels added in the last fifteen minutes of boil, which I got fast from brouwland. Was going to use the 1056 yeast which I got of brouwland, but a friend dropped by with an activator pack of 1056 so I used that with Augustiner weizen yeast and it is going crazy right now. I think in the future I will switch to the wyeast american ale II because that seems to have been sourced from Anchor, whereas the 1056 seems to have originated from Sierre Nevada and although I like both beers the Anchor yeast seems to have handled the beer better.


    I'm about to assemble the final stages of my brew system, which consists of a gas cooker, converted keg, external sparge bucket and soon a 50 L stainless steel pot. I've been borrowing a friends up until now which had a false bottom, but I was having trouble with the attenuation, we shall see if the problem has been solved.


  3. Just thought I would put out a warning about the Travelocity web booking service. I would not recomend using it, and will definately not use it in the future. This is the first time I've had any problems with an online booking service, but this really takes the cake. My wife booked a ticket through them recentently got quite a good deal. We got a reservation confirmation email and thought everything was ok, ecxept the fact that we had to wait for paper tickets to be issued.


    Anyway more than a month later and no sign of paper tickets or billing and we thought we should give a shout and see what was up. The first people we spoke to said that our ticket hadn't been booked because there was a problem with our credit card. Um nope no problem with our credit card, but they couldn't tell us what the said problem even was.


    So we phone them back get ahold of a girl named Tina who claimed she was going to work on the problem, but our ticket was fine it just hadn't been processed yet. I asked her if she could send us an email to verify this, and she said it would be best if I called back on monday, because that was a business day. How that effects her ability to send us an email, I can't figure out. So I insisted that she send the email and she said she would. So I said I would stay on the line until I got the email. She put me on hold, coming back online every now and then to ask random questions, until she hung up on me without sending an email.


    So we call back again and I get to talk to another supervisor. Who actually seems like he might be trying to try something other than the run around. It finally comes out that oh well we couldn't book that ticket for you. When asked why not I am told that well we couldn't get the information from the airline in time to book the ticket. So then came the question, why were we not informed of this? The answer "I don't understand." So we went down the jangly line of garantee of service clearly stated and blah blah blah. So he offers to book the ticket again "waiving" the booking fee. The guy then quotes the new price being 160 dollars more expensive than the original price, and also couldn't understand why I wasn't happy with that.


    His basic excuse for the whole thing was, we can't garantee the price until we actually process the charge. He could not understand why I wasn't happy with the fact that we were not contacted to be told our booking had not gone through, or why I was not willing to purchase another ticket through the company. Anyway I have to say I was very polite the whole time, because I know that it doesn't get you anywhere to scream down the line at somebody in india, it doesn't help, but I thought I would post this to see if anybody knows what I should even do about this, if there is actually anything I can do. Or just maybe to hear other people rant about similar problems.


    Also just to serve as a basic warning about using travelocity, it is ridiculous.


  4. First of all a quick disambiguation, by hash browns I mean the grated potatoe kind and not the home fry style of which I knew as hashbrowns while growing up.


    Anyway when I make hashbrowns I either soak the grated potatoes overnight in salt water or boil them for a couple of minutes before tossing them in the pan. While the butter is melting in the pan I usually try and squish all the water out of the potatoes. Then fry them up in the butter with some onions, salt, pepper and a few other varying ingredients like chedder cheese. I fry them untill they look nice and crisp which usually takes about fifteen minutes or so and then I eat them with fried eggs on top so that the yolk dribbles down in the hash browns and makes life good.


    Up until now I usually just make them with the potatoes that say for bratkartoffel, are there any paticular ones that are really good for making hash browns, if so what are they called in German? I keep on seeing these breakfast casserole recipes posted on various websites which call for frozen premade hash browns to form the base. This sounds paticularly nice, but how do I adapt this to homemade hash browns? Should I just take the hash browns out of the frying pan early and let them cool off and then just use them as if they were frozen premade shit?


  5. and your wish shall be granted. To keydeck someone is a term that developed on Toytown. The user keydeck is of course the master of the search function. As Toytown grew in size and more people started using it people would ask questions, and start threads on topics which had already been discussed on previous threads. Thus keydeck would come in and post a link to the old thread and some nasty comments about learning how to use the search function. This was back in the day when Keydeck ruled the post count and was amazingly quick at posting. In his hayday keydeck would tell you to use the search function in under twenty seconds. The term keydecking became the term to discribe someone posting to let you know that a thread already exists on the topic of which you are posting and that you really shouldn't be so lazy to not have used the search function to check for previous threads before starting a new thread.


  6. Yes it is a bit sad, that the american health care system is in such a state. Do you think the problem comes from lobbiests in washington, or is it more of a symptom of how the states were formed?


    What actually annoys me is americans needling the European model as if it can be equated to stalin's communist Russia.


  7. The argument that many americans that are for the completely commercial health care system use is Autonomy and price effectiveness of the capatalist system to keep the price of health care down. However both these arguments fall down under scrutiny. The amount spent per person on health care in america is much higher than that of any other country. Also the idea of autonomy or personal choice falls down, because not being able to afford health care is not a decision to not have health care it's is a forced state, which is not an autonomy. If everyone were able to afford it, but were able to make the choice then that would be a system of autonomy.


    The real fall down of american health insurance is that basicly the costs of people who do not have medical insurance, but need medical help. They are treated as is morally correct, but they must then default on their bills. The end result is that the cost of these people is then transfered over to the people that have health insurance.



    No, but if you were going to choose one nation that exemplifies the term 'homogenous' then Germans would be a perfect example. And as far as there being people who dislike foreigners everywhere, that is of course true, but Germany is a unique case, being responsible for two world wars, the second one of which was fought partly on the grounds of racial superiority. You'd think the Gerrys would be a bit more careful about shouting at foreigners in the streets wouldn't you?

    I would have to argue about the fact that Germany is responsible for two world wars. I will say that it could be argued that they are responsible for the second world war, but not really the first. That was more of a culmination of to many treaties being signed all around. In fact the catalyst for the war had nothing to do with Germany or Britain at all. I think that people tend to roll the first and second world wars into one big idea, however I think one can only really say the first world war was the Catalyst that allowed someone like hitler to come to power and start the second world war.


    I think we get so busy demonizing the Germans that we forget this a lot. I'm not saying that the Germans are blameless, however they did pay a massive price for participating in a war, in which the only real difference was that they lost. This massive price that they paid combined with a general racist attitude of the times, not just Germany, led to an atmosphere in which someone like hitler could come to power. However, the war that followed and the genocide is completely inexcusable and something that should not be forgotten.


    The idea of superiority was not really a unique one, you have to remember that this was a time when Eugenics was popular throughout the western world. The Germans are definately not blameless nor can we say that what insued is not morally repugnant. However to still be blaming a nation for what happened sixty years ago before most of us were even born, is a bit silly in my idea. I think the idea of lest we forget to be a bit more appropriate. To be honest I think I've met more racists in the states and in Canada than I have here in Germany. It's just very easy for us to turn around and call a german a nazi asshole.



    Your experience growing up with it is unique


    It seems to be the case in other countries I have had the fortune to visit. I had assumed it was a worldwide thing, and if it isnt then it damn well should be.

    I thought that the moving stairs etiquette was international. I learned it in Germany though I must admit. I come from a small island where we don't have many escalators so when we do encounter them we take some time to enjoy the wonder of it.



    But we do have more money to spend on beer because we didn't pay over the odds for something just because it's white and has a half eaten granny smiths on it.

    Ah, but you need more beer just to deal with your computer. Drink the computer beautiful :P


    I must admit not much of my money is spent on beer.


  11. hold up there, I am arguably in my early twenties (well not really anymore 25 is getting up there I guess :() but my first computer did not have a hard drive. We got really exited when we got a whole ten megabytes of hard drive. Our IIsi had a wopping 80 megs which we started expanding with two extra hard drives after a couple of years.


    We did have some PowerPC thing in there after that, but I don't remember many of the specs of that. The love of my computer life though was my first laptop, got before I started college the Powerbook G3 with 500Mhz of screaming power, 500Mb RAM I can't remember what the bus was, but it worked a treat. I eventually had to replace it because it got to slow. Now I have a nice wee MacBook 2Ghz processor and a gig of ram, which I should probably update. Doesn't have as much personality as the old Powerbook, however it does run a lot smoother.



    April 1st day news - Mac users miss link Between Cider and Apple

    To be fair Macintosh is for eating and not for cider making. Unfortunately most of the varieties that make good cider have been left almost to extinction. The big cider makers have reduced it down to about 10 different varieties of apples, which are sutible for cider that are still grown in abundance.


    Anyway I must admit loving my mac. although I don't use it as much as I would like.


  13. to be fair FM4 is pretty darn good, and if I have it running over my hifi it has much better sound. However yes I could more than likely find some nice internet radio stations out there, but because of lacking the will to search the ethers for something more down my lines, or that streams without problems it would seem I default to radio coming in with a really nice quality without interuptions. However I do also think it has something to do with it being localish. I think what comes on the radio depends a lot on the time of day, and your proximity and I find this lacks in internet radio. At least it did the last time I tried to bother with it.