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  1. The language requirements are fairly simple I got the testDaf at level 4 which was the easiest route for myself.I think canadian high school alone might not suffice. Even though your grade is highly recommendable. My experience as a 'canadian' applying for uni here was that they wanted at least 2 years of canadian university before they would accept me. However you should contact some of the people on this list and see if they will accept you high school or not: http://www.uni-heidelberg.de/studium/interesse/bewerbung/zugang/deutsche.html


    If they don't accept it you may have to complete a technical abitur or do a couple years of canadian uni before coming here. A german friend of mine did a technical abitur to gain admittance to uni after only having done mittelere reife, so it's worth looking at if they have a similar program in Heidelburg that you could take. It might be a very good introduction into german education, which is very different from canadian style education.


  2. Right I was looking for a thread dedicated to asking small questions or advice, that just aren't important enough to merit a full thread. Their is a thread for questions which are non-germany related, but non of which I could find dedicated to things germany related. So I thought I would start one.


    Anyway I'm looking for a quick tip. I'm trying to get my hands on a suit bag for traveling. The problem is I'm traveling tomorrow morning and have about half an hour (before nine) to find one. I'm going to try Real but I doubt they will have such a useful thing. Does anyone have any suggestions about where I could find one on such short notice, and so early in the morning. At a pinch I'm just going to throw a garbage bag over the shirts and travel with them like that.



    For anyone who wants to read up further, the paper is available here

    It clearly shows an association between exposure to smoking in movies and having tried smoking, and it goes some way to establishing causality, but it's not there yet.


    I am an ex-smoker of nearly 13 years, I really like the smoking ban in pubs and public places and I'm a concerned parent who doesn't want to see his kids start smoking, but I can't see how this will help.


    I would think that any effort to 'age rate' movies based on smoking content would suffer from the same failings that currently allow 15 year olds to get cigarettes.

    If the kid is getting his fags with fake ID then he will use the same fake ID to get into an 18 rated movie. If he is getting them via an adult accomplice then why would that adult not also get them movies.

    If anything getting past the age restrictions on films is even easier because most stuff can be downloaded from the internet and no-one checks your age on bit-torrent.


    generally if you make something taboo for kids, the more interest it creates for them.


  4. As someone who quit smoking very happily and loves the smoke free pubs, I love the new legislation. However when I hear people standing on their soap boxes and carrying on with this bullshit, I get the feeling that I should just stick a cigarette in my mouth and try and repeal all the legislation. Is nothing safe from this crowd? I don't like people drinking and smoking and I've got nothing better to do so lets ban it, cause that works. Don't you have anything better to do?


  5. Freising and Erding are both nice towns with quick access to the airport. I think neufahrn has a larger expat community, but can't say I really can figure out what the attraction is. Freising has nice parks and beer gardens with play areas for children. I have no idea if Erding has this but I assume they do. Both towns have quite a nice downtown area. Freising has a train station which is easy to walk to which connects on the s-bahn and regional trains. I know that erding is on the s-bahn line and has a bus that connects to the airport, but I've never gone to their train station so I have no idea if it is accessible or not.


  6. It is oddly stereotypical though. Australians falling from rooftops, women throwing maßkrugs, Italians doing Hitlergruß, and men getting in punchups.



    Italienerin beißt Polizeibeamten nach Streit um Taxi



  7. Oh that's crazy. I'd love to try some of that. Schneider weisse is also being awfully innovating as of late as well. They have the mein grunes with cascades, hopfen weisse with saphir dry hopping and now a tap x Nelson Sauvin a new zealand hop limited edition beer.



    I see you totally neglected Canada. Thanks. Just to make sure we consider the Canucks we've got:

    Molsons - which has the best beer ads worldwide

    Labatts - I don't drink it, but I'm told people in the East like it

    Alexander Keiths - East Coast awesome

    Big Rock - the Prairie's finest

    Granville Island - West Coast great

    Alley Cat - Edmonton micro-brew... sure it's my home town, but I can't say I miss it


    Not true. Sure I miss a good Keiths cream ale every now and then, but really, Canadian Beer?? Maybe if you like cold filtered, or maple syrup flavoured.


    Speaking of cream ales, do they exist in Germany?


    Creams ales don't exist in germany and probably never will. The principle behind a cream ale is a blend of lager and ale yeast or a lager like ale yeast strain and usually the addition of adjuncts like corn and sugar. They were the ale houses answer to lager beer. The good news is kölsch is probably pretty darn similar to cream ale. Although it will be a bit more malty in flavour because they don't add corn or sugar to the mash to hike up the alcohol.


    Sadly enough I think canada's beer scene is a reflection of the US. A couple of dominating large macro breweries producing ubiquitous international/light lagers and a couple of small players producing varied beers of varied quality. However I think the thing that typifies Canadian beer culture is that we assume our beer is way better and stronger than american beer. Part of which is based on the difference in labling americans, traditionally used abw (alcohol by weight) and canadians went with abv (alcohol by volume) making the american beer appear much weaker, and part of which is based on a chosen perception of reality. But lets be honest canadian beer is stifled through provincial monopolies and government regulation.


  9. farmerandy? what do you mean temp doesn't matter until you start talking kelvins? 273,15 Kelvin = 0 celcius = 32 Fahrenheit. it doesn't really make a difference which units you are working with as long as you KNOW which units you are working with. 1,8 bar is a very random pressure and if the temperature isn't right it won't be correct unless you have a keg temperature of around 18 degrees.


  10. where do you have the keg stored now? what is the exact range of the chiller?


    Edit: OK sorry I really have to go to bed, although I will check this thread in the morning. However here are the basic rules of tapping a keg: 1: keep the saturation pressure constant! 2. adapt the pressure from there to deal with the length of hose/height difference (not something you have to worry about!).

    So the temperature of the beer in the keg is your big variable and here is a list of temperatures (assuming you are serving helles) and their associated pressure: 0C:0,5bar, 5C:0,82bar, 15C:1,2bar, 20C:2,0bar.


    I don't know how your chiller works and I don't know how the setting will exactly effect the beer temp, however what is important is the actual temp of the keg.


  11. Hey just saw your post. Your keg is at -3 or it is coming out at -3? Do you have a chiller in line and a keg at room temp or do you have a cold keg?


    -2,5 bar is waay to high! edit: and -3 is waay to cold! If I were you I would set the pressure at just under ,9 and the temp around 5 degrees. However if the keg is at room temp and it is running through a chiller I will have to recalculate the pressure. Pressure will always take a while to equal out so if you set the pressure at a certain setting give it time to even out.


  12. OK I'm off to bed, but basically if you assume the beer has a temperature of 5 degrees and that we have a fairly short line the manometer should be set around 0,9 bar. What you are trying to do is keep a constant saturations pressure on the keg, if you do too little you will only have foam and if you do too much you will only get foam because the beer will be overpressurized. So you need enough pressure to keep saturation pressure on the beer (depending on the amount of carbonation of the beer) and enough pressure to overcome whatever hight or pipe distance you have on the system, which in your case should be equivalent to about nothing.


  13. What kind of tap system do you have? If you don't have a bavarian tap (keg with a direct gravity flow) then you have to have a tap system with a CO2 bottle, which has to have a pressure gage attached to it. If this is indeed the case and you have everything hooked up correctly (it should have come in such a manner that this would be hard to fuck up.) The only real things you can play with are pressure on the keg and pressure on the tap. The most common mistake is to set the pressure on the keg to low, however setting it to high can be dangerous.


    What is the pressure on the gage attached to your bottle of CO2 and what is the temperature of the beer in the keg?


    (edit: the two pour settings you refer to are the fully forward and pushing backwards of the tap. These are not two pressure setting and pulling forward is the only real opening of the tap, pusing backwards simply makes foam.)