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  • Interests Rather interested in beer, cooking and travel. I have a slight obsession with coffee as well. I am currently looking for a healthy hobby as I have turned the later three into a lifestyle. Thinking of taking up cycling again and maybe hiking but have to wait to fix the knee first. If anyone can suggest interesting hobbies please suggest.
  1. Ok after being the proud owner of a second hand or maybe even third hand dryer for some time now, I just came to a odd realization. I have no idea what the setting really do. I have been blindly drying my clothes at extra trocken quite some time now. Why? I don't really now, maybe I just recognized trocken and extra and it sounded like a good idea at the time and sehr trocken sounded a bit too harsh. The settings are:   Extra trocken Sehr trocken Schranktocken Plus Schranktrocken Leichttrocken Buegeltrocken Mangeltrocken 30 min   Now I can guess what 30 minutes does. Buegeltrocken I assume leaves your clothes wet enough to be ironed? Light dry, cupboard dry, cupboard dry plus, very dry and extra dry?? whats the difference? what the hell is cupboard dry? I might mention this is the first time I have ever owned a dryer. So it might not just be the language thing. When does want to use the various settings?