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  1. hi,


    I dont know if it is different in Berlin with regards to telekom but while in Nuremberg, I had m-net as my internet provider which came through the telekom owned line and I did not have any services from themas such. I think they have to allow other providers to use their phone line which is connected to the exchange boxes. I was renting the place and only signed up with m-net and they arranged with "T" for getting everything sorted directly. In fact the guy who came to make sure the connection was activated was from telekom. And like I said, I had no phone service or anything else from them. It might be worth a try to check that route for you.


    Good luck.


  2. Hi all,


    I wanted to update the post so people reading it or who are in the same situation know how it ended up with the health insurance.


    In the end, it worked out fine for us and the health insurances (2 separates ones for the kids) did cancel the cover from the day we left Germany. However we did also put a copy of the NHS cards (which is the UK's public health service) with the cancellation letter and the Abmeldung. They refunded us the extra monthly premiums they still took while "processing the paperworks".


    For those who are in the same situation right now, I would advise not to spend hours on the phone trying to explain to the person from the insurance that you are leaving the country and questioning why you need to show them your next cover after you have left Germany. It is not worth arguing with them, they seem to close their ears to the fact that you will not be living in Germany afterwards and still insist you show proof of cover for when you move out of the country. But when you do write your cancellation letter, try and get something in writing to show you are covered in your new country. If you don't have that, then so it - simply indicate that proof of the cover is ONLY for people who are still resident in Germany. Hopefully they will just cancel it and not ask for more money.


  3. Thank you JohnG and 2B for your replies.


    I have to say I was fuming after the call I had with them yesterday. The first time I had told them we would move was in July and at the time I spent nearly 45 mins to explain to the person from the H.I that in the UK, everyone is covered automatically by the NHS, and if anyone wanted private health insurance on top, it is an option and not a requirement. To get a letter from the NHS for an actual individual is, well, almost impossible. Anyways at that time, the person finally got the message and said it should be fine.


    But yesterday, we just wanted to confirm the address where to send the cancellation letter and Abmeldung and this time, it was a case of deja-vu...except that this time round she would not accept that we can cancel without proof of further health cover. For God sake, we pay for a service, which is now surplus to our requirement, so it should be straight forward to cancel..


    Anyways I will take your advices and simply send them a covering letter with the Abmeldung and maybe state again that the NHS covers all residents who work and live in the UK, full stop.


    If they dont like it, tough. I will re-call any money they keep taking from my bank account. Taking a health insurance in Germany is like getting married, or is it worse?? :-)


    Enjoy your weekend..




  4. Hi everyone,


    We have left just left Germany to move back to the UK and it looks like our private health insurance is giving us some headache on how to cancel our existing policy for the kids. Basically they are insisting that we provide something to show that they will still be covered under another policy when we are in the UK and that the Abmeldung letter is not sufficient to cancel the contract.


    As we are not resident in Germany anymore and by default covered by the NHS, I don't see why they need to insist that we show something from the UK. I can understand this rule being applied to people living in Germany where health insurance is compulsory but they must be having a laugh, surely. Leaving the country as such, armed with the Abmeldung should be sufficient that I want to cancel a product I don't need anymore and cannot be forced to keep paying for it. Well closing my account is the easiest way to deal with it but it needs to be done the proper way, i.e I should be allowed to cancel.


    Any advice or ways to deal with this would be most welcome.


    Thank you and regards