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  1. I got brave last week and bought my first shares (through Degiro) and have watched (probably too much) how they have dropped and dropped. I can already see how exciting it is, although I have to remember that the pretty flashing red numbers are more (well actually less) than nice flashing lights, and actually tell something about the content of my bank account!   Luckily I see that much of the drop had already happened, and so I am only somewhat sad to see all those red numbers.  So far I have only bought companies on European exchanges, but would like to buy some on a US Exchange.    Apart from the additional issue of currency exchange (with potential cost) is there anything else I need to look out for when buying from outside Europe (particularly tax issues, or reporting issues...)? The costs on Degiro are 0.50€ per trade instead of up to 4€, but what else do I need to be careful of...?   PS. By using Degiro (non DE bank) I have to report stock related income myself, this I understand.
  2. Thank you for answers.
  3. I am both lucky and unsure, and hope someone can help me a little.   (The lucky bit).  At the start of last year (2020) I was given some money which I invested in the UK, and now I need to include the earnings from it in my German tax return.   (The unsure bit). There are two figures shown on the redacted "Summary of your Portfolio" document I received from L&G and I don't know which to include in my tax return: "Income Total" (bottom left) and "Growth" (upper right). The two figures are very different.  One is below the roughly 800€ which must be declared, and the other a lot higher.   I assumed that the "Growth" figure would be it, but the clear reference to "Income" has got me confused.  Can anyone clarify... thanks.  
  4. So I'm feeling brave and wanting to start "fiddling around with stocks, funds, etc". I've been reading up, and am almost ready to jump, but a couple of aspects remain uncertain and are still open.  Maybe someone can clarify...?   I've opened a Degiro account and plan to buy into iShares Core EURO STOXX 50 UCITS ETF (ISIN: IE0008471009).  I understand the following points:  Degiro is based outside of Germany, so I will have to do my own tax work - but that means gathering the return information and forwarding it to the Tax Verein I use, correct?. This Fund is domicile in Ireland, but I think I understand that does not mean much. Is that right? This fund has beaten its Benchmark Index every year, by a minimum of 0.3%, every year for at least the past 10 years. With Degiro zero entry and exit charges, and 0.1 ongoing charges (although subject to annual change I read). Sounds a bargin. I see there are others funds tracking the S&P etc.,  with similar conditions, which are also attractive, but are my basic points correct, or have I missed something serious?  Any heads-up would be welcome.   Thanks.