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  1. Taxation on gifts from family

    This solution was offered as a means of confirming the source of the gift, and seems very logical, but can anyone explain how and/or where this message was actually recorded in the transfer information.  UK banks seem to offer only 18 digits as Verwendungszweck and the OFX service I usually use would not guarantee this message would actually appear in the receiving bank through their system - thus defeating the point of the message in the first place. Any ideas or experiences to share?   Thank you.
  2. Taxation on gifts from family

    Verwendungszweck from Paternal Grandfather should read:              "Geschenk von Opa John Smith an Enkelin Jessie Smith"
  3. Taxation on gifts from family

    So much information, which is great.    My parents' in law want to give my children some money.  I know about the tax-free limits, etc., but am concerned because their surname is different from my children's surname (maternal grandparents) and so the suggested "Verwendungszweck" would look like this:            "Geschenk von Oma Jane Laurieston an Enkelin Jessie Smith"    Frrom my own father, the "Verwendungsweck" would look better,  "Geschenk von Opa John McDonald an Enkelin Jessis Smith" but does he also need to prove the relationship, or is this message enough.   Also, the grandparents' suggestion is to transfer it through an OFX company which they sometimes use, but this means it would be transferred from their private (individual) accounts into an OFX company account which would then transfer it on into a German account in solely my child's name.  It would then not be so clear exactly where it came from, although they could arrange for the suggested "'Geschenk" message to appear in the transfer into Germany.  Would that satisfy?   Thanks in advance.