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  1. What? Ultimate Frisbee.   No really, what? Basically it involves throwing and catching a frisbee while running about, generally with a collective visit to the beer garden afterwards. Absolute beginners are very welcome, the game is really easy to pick up and it's a great way to get fit. If you can throw a frisbee and run about a bit you'll do fine. Take a look here for more about the game: Ultimate Frisbee - Wikipedia.   Who plays? Toytowners and friends of all ages, nationalities and abilities. See: Frisbee people.   How can I join? Post on the Facebook page (below) and then just turn up!. It doesn't cost anything and everyone is welcome. Play every session, play once a week, turn up and give it a go but don't bother again - whatever you fancy.   When? We usually play Sundays at 2pm (4pm in the summer when it’s hotter) and Wednesdays at 6pm, April through October. Note that it is important to check the Facebook group (below) the previous day for up-to-date information, especially on hot or rainy days. If you don't have internet access over the weekend PM TT member jayhay for his mobile phone number.   Where? We play at one of two locations in the English Garden (see below). We change venue depending on the time of year: the Giselastrasse location is easier to get to, but it gets so busy during summer that it's impossible to find space. Check the thread for confirmation. nr. Giselastrasse: Marked as "1" on the map. Generally we go to the Chinese Tower beer garden afterwards.nr. Biergarten "Hirschau": Marked as "2" on the map. Generally we go to the Hirschau beer garden afterwards.  The weekly games are organised in the Facebook group: TT Ultimate Frisbee Munich