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  1. "Woher kommst du?"

    Ever since I came to Germany in 2008, I've been telling Germans who ask that I'm from New York City.    The full official background was that I was born in Alaska and moved with my parents to New York when I was 2. I have absolutely no recollection whatsoever of anything in Alaska.    Well, awhile ago, I moved in with a German guy in a WG situation, and as usual I gave him a copy of my passport and other required documents.   I noticed that whenever his friends would ask me where I was from and I would reply "New York City", he would give me an irritated look. Finally a few days ago when I was asked that by someone, he cut in and said "He's from Alaska!" When I tried to correct him, he retorted "You didn't think I read your passport copy? You're from Alaska, not New York!"   So...according to German etiquette and customs: When asked where you are from, do you reply with your place of birth or the place you spent a vast majority of your life? This one is a new one on me!