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  1. Long story short, I had been regularly seeing a private psychiatrist for adult ADHD since 2017. However, I'm assuming since because of the pandemic crisis that probably significant reduced his amount of patients, he thought it would be a clever idea to sneak in a fictitious appointment to my quarterly bill, thinking I wouldn't spot it. I did, and although I tried to dispute it and even offered to show proof that I wasn't even in the country at the time of the supposed appointment, he wouldn't correct the bill--which is leaving me to squabble back and forth with the billing company.   Clearly, I'm dropping him like a hot potato if he is going to be stealing from patients who are paying out of pocket--I mean, you wanna rip the insurance companies off, go for it...they deserve it. But I earn what I have. The thing is, I remember it took me FOREVER to find this doctor who prescribes medication for adult adhd. I'm really dreading having to go another another goose chase scouring Google for weeks, finding only doctors who only do verbal therapy for ADHD (waste of money!), listening to voicemail messages telling me Dr. So and So is on vacation until fall of next year, getting callbacks saying Dr. So and So isn't taking any new patients, and so on.   Can someone provide a link to a list of doctors who treat adult adhd with medication? I don't care if I have to travel out of Berlin, I need the medication to function.  
  2.   Translation: "I thought these kinds of things happen to other people, not me!"   It's the same thing that happened to an acquaintance of mine who cancelled her supplemental dental insurance plan because she thought it was just "money down the toilet" since she only got professional cleanings twice a year...and now she's trying to pay off a €9.000 bill.   Insurance...if you're not asking for it--you're asking for it!   (You can't afford €45 a month for an insurance package that also includes legal insurance???)
  3. Legalities of unpaid praktikum

    I had a very positive interview with a rather reputable company about a praktikum position as a Networking technician and programmer. I was quite thrilled throughout the appointment, especially since something like this would definitely give me a boost in work experience and knowledge even if the company decided not to take me on as an official employee. The euphoria was then short lived, as it was mentioned that this position was unpaid--and the position is for a year. I contacted the Bundesagentur für Arbeit and asked if I could receive ALG 1 or even ALG 2 while working as a praktikant--I was told that ALG 1 was a remote possibility for up to 60 days provided that the work hours did not exceed 15 hours a week. Anything over 15 hours would have me on my own--paid or unpaid.   It is leading me to the question of if something like this is even legal, and how this is even possible for an adult at all (assuming he is not living with his parents or lucky enough to have some €25.000 saved up!)...someone has to pay the rent! What are the laws on praktikum positions and compensation? I can't see how that is even humanly right--people aren't slaves!
  4. Scammer on prowl, buying house Munich

      I don't know if you happened to notice but with exception to cases of physical assaults, you'll find the police in major cities in Germany to be absolutely useless. And the bigger laugh comes when the city prosecutor 95% of the time throws out your complaint because he thinks the damages aren't significant enough to hold the court's attention.
  5.     Buckle up and get ready for the ride. This is my experience with the Berlin office:   September 2018: Obtained a permanent work contract, applied for a NE. December 2018: Received an invoice for €90 to secure an appointment. Paid immediately. April 2019: Went to the office to ask what was taking so long.  Was told there was a backlog of cases and to expect a processing time of at least 9 months. June 2019: Visited the office again, was told that a letter sent to me had been returned as an invalid address, and that my application had been tossed. When asked where I had been receiving my mail, I said, "AT THE SAME ADDRESS WHERE I GOT YOUR DAMN BILL!!!" August 2019: Applied again December 2019: Received an invoice for €90. Paid it even though I had already paid it before (it's pointless arguing with immigration officials) March 2020: Visited the office to inquire, same "We're backlogged" story again.  October 2020: Visit the office to let them know that despite the pandemic restricting services, I had been waiting for a year for my appointment. Was then told my case had been moved to another office on Keplerstrasse that is open one day a week and requires you to either stand in line for 3-4 hours OUTSIDE AT 5 IN THE MORNING to get a call number (and even then you are not guaranteed to get in), or otherwise hire a lawyer to communicate with them. November 2020: My residence permit is near the expiration date, I'm almost out of time, I'm forced to spend €300 on a lawyer to write them a letter threatening legal action for administration incompetence if they don't move their asses. December 2020: Received a letter with an appointment. Appeared at said appointment on time and was called over one hour later, as is expected of German authorities. Niederlassung issued.    Good luck, buddy!
  6. Fake Google Reviews

    Maybe this topic has been covered, and maybe I should have known better...but I still would like to post this to warn those who haven't heard--   Before enlisting the service of any business that requires a substantial amount of money, be it an attorney, Masseuse, etc., the first thing I do is check Google for reviews. Anyone with a massive amount of positive reviews (over 100 preferably) are the ones I give a call.   I searched for an attorney to handle a civil matter and chose one who has over 300 positive reviews ("An expert!" "He knew every trick the other attorney tried and beat them mercilessly until they begged to settle!" "Returns your calls and emails within the hour!" ) In our initial appointment, when I remarked that I was impressed with the reviews he had, he made an odd response: "HONEST reviews from REAL clients!" (duh?) Long story short without getting longwinded, when I hired the guy, he consistently went MIA ignoring my emails and phone calls, months later wrote me and said that my claim was small and that it would be better to just drop it and move on, deliberately withheld an important court appointment from me which caused me to lose by default, and then mailed me a bill. I wrote him back and threatened to turn him over to the Rechtsanwaltskammer for legal malpractice, and unsurprisingly, he hasn't since then contacted me to recover any money. I wrote a Google review detailing my experience with him, and he responded to the review with "I have no idea who this person is or what he is talking about. He never hired me and has never been in my office. This is probably a rival attorney just trying to make me look bad!" Scrolling through his reviews, I noticed that any negative posting was replied with this same comment. Even more disturbing is the fact that after about a week or so, my negative review was "flushed" away with about two dozen or so new fake positive reviews, which generally negates everything I said and makes it easier for other unsuspecting consumers to fall for the trap.   A similar instance happened when I looked up an enlisted the help of a moving company who boasted an impressive number of positive reviews--they gave me a quote for one figure, and then tried to demand double the quote amount once the contract was completed, stating that I had much more to move than agreed (even though it was the EXACT SAME THING when someone personally came to do an onsite survey for the initial quote). I paid the initial quote and told them anything else would be settled through an attorney. Again, when I left a negative review, it was responded with, "This person was never a customer of ours."   Now after seeing a hole-in-the-wall tattoo parlor with a 200+ glowing reviews despite only opening this summer, it has pressed me to look into the prospect of businesses posting fake reviews. As it turns out, you can hire call centers in places like India to spend all day creating fake Google accounts and posting fake positive reviews on your behalf. One of the glaring clues is that most of the each of the users on the review boards have only posted one single review, and that these reviews are posted within the same time frame. (That lawyer must have had one HELL of a month to get 80 reviews in the same month!)    I don't know if there is any law in Germany that bans this type of deceptive behavior (There ought to be!) because to me it is the same as false advertising, but I just wanted to make you aware of this issue. I'm definitely going to second guess and investigate anyone with a rave amount of praises!    Thanks for listening.
  7. Statutes on legal malpractice

    If he was dropping me as a client, he would have had to mail an official kündigung to both myself and the court. The court roster had both my name and the lawyers name as the litigants, and before the case started, the judge asked me if he was coming. 
  8. Statutes on legal malpractice

    Long story short, I wanted to file a small claims suit against someone who defrauded me. I did the legwork by filing it myself, but after realizing this was going to be a lot more complicated than I thought, I sought help from a lawyer. He listened to the details, and said, "I understand why you're upset and while you do have a legitimate case, this is going to be really expensive and might cost more than the lawsuit is worth. You probably should let it go and try to forget about it." I said no, I'm tired of people walking over the "dumb foreigner." He gave me the power of attorney sheet to sign and said he would get on everything.   Two months later, he wrote me an email saying, "I read the details of your case. I don't think there is any chance of winning this at all. Sorry to bring you bad news, but this is impossible. You really should just drop this and move on. I have clients who have been taken for thousands of euros, or even in the ten thousands. This €550 is chicken feed that you aren't going to miss after a couple of months." I sent him multiple emails trying explain further and asked to see him in his office. He ignored all the emails. Every time I called, he was never there.   My appointment for the court hearing came, and the judge said, "I gave you a deadline of x date to answer and present all your evidence. Since you did not answer, your case is dismissed." I frantically said that my lawyer never told me we had to submit our arguments in writing or that I had any deadline for that since all court correspondence was sent to him directly--she told me that is an issue between me and him. And since the value of my lawsuit is under €600, I can't even appeal it.   And unsurprisingly, this dirtbag then mailed me a bill for €250.   I'm trying to look up statutes on legal malpractice, as I see this as a deliberate act to make me lose and collect his "earnings" without having to lift a finger. I'm not coming across anything, probably because I don't know the legal terminology in German. What are the statutes for situations like this when a lawyer deliberately hides information, misses deadlines so that you automatically lose, doesn't appear to the appointment, and then demands money? The way I see it, if he didn't want to take my case, he should have said so right at the start, and I would have gone to another lawyer.