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  1. SCHUFA Credit worthiness

    Short answer: Zero. Everyone wants at least 3 months of verifiable income. "Just starting" a job means you are in the probation period and can be fired at any time within 6 months, making the risk even higher for landlords.   Tell your sister to wait it out until she's sure this job is solid and firm for at least a year. The last thing she needs anyway is to get an apartment and then lose her job and not even be able to get ALG!
  2. Inkasso refuses to communicate

    Thanks Alex...at what point does this end up showing on my Schufa report? That's my #1 concern. I'm at a 97% and want to stay that way.
  3. Inkasso refuses to communicate

    A few months ago, I found a mysterious charge on my bank account from a "JK Express" for only €5. There was no additional information regarding the business. Unsure if it was a scam, I simply reversed the charge and figured if it were legitimate, someone would contact me.   2 months later, I received a letter from a company claiming to own this "JK Express" and demanding €85 in fees and charges. Curiously, the phone number they provided on the letterhead was  "temporarily out of service," so I wrote them a letter disputing the charge and asking them to clarify who this "JK Express" was. I received no response.   2 months following that, I received a letter from a "Delta Inkasso" (whose address "coincidentally" was the same address as the people claiming to own the business of the mysterious charge) and demanding €185. Regardless of what time of day I would call the number provided, I would get elevator music and then after exactly 3 minutes, an automated message would say all agents were busy, and the line would disconnect.   I mailed a letter to the inkasso explaining I was disputing the charge--they simply responded with a bill increasing the charges to €245, and giving no acknowledgment to my disputing the claims.   I do NOT want this to screw up my Schufa, but these people are deliberately refusing to communicate and tacking on all kinds of wild charges! What are my options if the inkasso will not communicate and are simply increasing the charges enough to end up warranting a lawsuit?
  4. Solidly terminating a contract

    I wanted to cancel a contract with a mobile phone company after coming across a much better deal with another carrier. On their portal, there is an option to let them know you want to cancel, which I did do. I received an email telling me that to confirm my cancellation, I had to call a hotline number or fax a letter. I prefer having things in writing, so I went ahead an used the fax option.   After not hearing anything back from them in a month, I checked my account and found that my contract had been extended for another year. I called and asked what was going on and (gee surprise!) "We never got any fax from you! But hey, we have a nice deal for €x, would you like to switch to that?"   I'm turning all shades of livid and purple here--is there solid way cancel a contract in such an undisputable way  that unscrupulous businesses cannot claim that it was "lost" or never received? Such as through a notar who can confirm that they saw the cancellation notice themselves and personally hand delivered it to them? Would this be worth contacting an attorney and taking some legal actions over?