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  1. What is your experience with legal insurance?

    Attention thieves and con artists!   If you are looking to make a few dishonest euros, Berlin is your number 1 place of choice! Just make sure you keep your ill gotten gains under €500.   I just got back from a mediating session where I am suing someone who clearly defrauded me for €300 by signing a fake signature to pick up a delivery and then schlepping it off for cash. The crininal court declined to prosecute because they felt the amount was too small to bother with. The judge told me that she could not award damages as this is not a criminal court, but a civil court. I tried to show her my evidence, but she constantly closed her eyes and said "Yes! Yes! Yes! I've seen the evidence, I know you are extremely angry, but we can't help you! The criminal court closed this case! It's over! We can't give you damages!"   She gave me an opportunity to go home and talk to a lawyer about my further option before proceeding with an official judgement.   I accepted the offer and will be talking to an attorney. But this is the German legal system.   UN  FUCKING  BELIEVABLE!!!!
  2. Generic medication in Germany

    I am someone who has suffered from ADHD since childhood. Obtaining medication for it has never been a problem for me until I came to Germany, where I discovered that health insurance providers--both public and private--won't give adult ADHD one red cent. My final resort was to pay out of pocket. However, with the medication alone costing nearly €3.000 a year, after about 3 years I ended up having to give it up and tough it out.   It has gotten progressively worse, and I really want to start back on the treatment soon. Are there generic forms of ADHD medication available? I'm looking but I am only finding shady online pharmacies that probably sell Pez candy in bottles. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Even after all these years, I still...

    When I got a new phone number I did like I used to as a punishment in school--I wrote 50 times, and every morning as I'd start the day, I'd stop and recite it to myself to keep it fresh.   Ironically, like Fraufruit, I have trouble saying it in English when giving it to a business in America, and end up having to write it down and read it off.
  4. Even after all these years, I still...

    Even after 12 years in Germany, I will NEVER learn to properly gender nouns. Ever. I throw whatever random Die Der Das Dem Den  that I feel sounds nice. Same goes for the adjective stems. Tell the Germans to just deal with it.
  5. Even after all these years, I still...

    12 years in Germany, and I still keep saying "dollars" instead of "euros"
  6. True Confessions

    Computer science!  I'm also a serious math and physics buff to go along with it.
  7. True Confessions

    Well Lisa, don't feel bad. I'll share a blatantly dishonest story.   I was 10 years old, and the teacher informed us of an upcoming comprehensive test we were having in science. To motivate us, she told us that the person who scored the highest would win $20. To a child of the 90s who only got about $5 a month for allowance, that was big bucks.   A few days later during lunch break, I ran back inside the empty classroom to retrieve some toy for the playground and by sheer coincidence noticed the teacher's manual and the stack of said tests on the teacher's desk. With this snake grin on my face, I grabbed a test and copied down all the answers.   As I went through the day, I became more and more apprehensive about how I was going to pull a switcheroo without her noticing, and I further begin to fear that even if it were successful, she might become suspicious of a perfect score from an average student and make me retest.   Given that, I took the test home and spent the entire evening memorizing the test front, back, out of order, backwards, upside down, made little flashcards and and self tested myself relentlessly.   The following morning, I of course took the test. Unsurpringly, at the end of lunch break, the teacher stopped me at the classroom door and marched me straight to the principal's office.   After presenting me with the accusation and hearing my denial, she then ordered me to retake the test under their observation. I really wish I could describe the bewildered look on their faces when she graded it and it was a "perfect" score again.   She tried quizzing me by asking me questions in random order, then suddenly threw the test down and "He's not even hesitating to answer! I don't know what...how...why..." I walked out of that office feeling like I had slain Goliath.   Ultimately, she eventually (and begrudgingly) gave me the $20. And for the rest of the year, I was too terrified to get anything less than an A in science out of fear what would happen to me if if I did.
  8. True Confessions

    Confession:   I came home from school one day and found a roast broiling in the oven. Being a mischievous little shit, I decided I didn't want roast for dinner. I turned the temperature to the max and slipped out the door, intending to sneak back in later and turn it back down once it was ruined.    When I returned a little while later, I discovered a full blown Armageddon unfolding in the kitchen with my mom screaming my poor dad's face off while he protested "I'm positive I put it at x degrees like you told me to! I have no idea why it was at 500°F!"    She made him go get an eye exam and bought him reading glasses. And for the next 15 years, she'd always say, "Are you sure that's what it said? Did you have your reading glasses on when you read that?"   Still not sure if I should ever tell them the truth.
  9. What is your experience with legal insurance?

    I'm currently in the process of suing someone for fraud. Unfortunately, the criminal courts in Berlin are too overwhelmed and declined to file criminal charges because the damages were too small. Nonetheless, I have all the paperwork, evidence, and witness statements I need to secure a judgement.   Surprisingly, the defendant chose to contest the Mahnbescheid and retained an attorney. I looked the attorney up to get a feel for who I'd be going up against in court and noted that despite having his office openly listed, he had absolutely no ratings or reviews on Google whatsoever. His single paged website (sporting a portrait of someone who looked like he was fresh out of high school) looked like it was put together by an amateur and generally only outlined the type of cases he specialized in.   He notably surpassed two deadlines in the court procedures, and when I submitted a full written statement detailing how I'd been defrauded and explaining the evidence I had, his written defense response was "I am seeking to have this complaint dismissed. The plaintiff is not entitled to anything. The defendant denies all accusations as presented by the plaintiff." Signature, stamp. No counter explanation, no attempted alibi, no rebuttal, no loophole maneuvers, zero effort--didn't even bother to get a copy the criminal case.   Clearly, this isn't someone who has been paid their 300 euros or so to invest their best effort into seriously representing a client needing legal defense--and I'm thinking it's because he's overworked with numerous other clients handed to him by the insurance provider.   It has me worried because I myself have been paying for legal insurance for the past 4 years. I am quite sure that if someone were suing me and I asked for legal defense, I would be pretty livid if they sent Joe Schmoe who passed the bar last July to defend me by saying "My client didn't do it. Motion to dismiss the case!"   Has anyone here used a lawyer provided by legal insurance? And would you recommend using that, or simply paying for a decent attorney out of pocket?
  10. How to react if black sports stars are abused by fans

    I agree completely with the entire team leaving the field if people are going to be shouting racial abuse.   It's similar to a rock concert I went to where someone threw an unidentified object at the lead singer on stage--the lead singer immediately stopped the music and clearly said "If you throw one more thing at me or at my band, the show WILL be over--I don't care if we just started 10 mins ago and I don't care how much you paid to come see us!"   And surprise...nothing else was thrown for the rest of the show. The same should be said for the football games--start with the monkey noises and racial slurs, and the players will hit the showers, and everyone else can just hit the pubs and talk about wasted €60 everyone each spent and didn't even get to see any playtime because some assholes couldn't keep their bigoted sentiments to themselves.