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  1. Personally, I've been called everything except a Roman ham sandwich, and I'd like to think I'd have more important things to do with my time than go cry to the police because stranger called me a cunt on a forum. As if his opinion really means that much to me.
  2. Aside from your blatant rudeness to a legitimate health concern which everyone else has addressed...   Unfortunately in Germany, your mouth WILL get you in a heap of trouble. There is no such thing as free speech, and yes, the police DO bother with it. You can ask a previous flatmate of mine who paid €1200 for calling a policewoman a "German cow". The same thing goes for language online--insulting someone on a forum or making bigoted statement can also land you in hot water with the Staatsawalt.   And the more you earn, the more you pay. Watch your mouth.
  3. Fake tracking number scam

      I paid for the item with a credit card from the Sparkasse where I bank at. I will break my fingers before EVER using Paypal again, and that's a promise. These people have no problems freezing your account with ludicrous accusations of "suspicious" activity, making you jump through hoops and do backflips to get the restriction lifted, and taking their sweet time to review your case. I ended up losing a winning bid on a spectacular gaming system at a marvelous price, thanks to Paypal suddenly freezing my account due to "suspicious activity" and letting the seller give the item to the next winning bidder. Although I immediately sent in the demanded information on the same day, they didn't lift the restriction until nearly two weeks later. My blood still boils at that one to this day.
  4. Fake tracking number scam

    I just thought I would put out a warning for anyone who hasn't encountered this scam on eBay.   I purchased a rare figurine from a merchant in China (mistake #1). They gave me a tracking number to a shipping website. I knew it would be awhile before it would arrive in Germany, so after about a month, I checked the shipping site to get a status update...and according to the information, the item had been shipped, delivered, and signed for two weeks earlier!   I looked closer at the routing information on shipping site, and it was clearly obvious these people thought I was born yesterday. The supposed route had the package leaving China on day one, arriving directly to a "German Customs Office" at my postal code in Berlin on day 12, being processed and released the same day (The Zollamt releasing a €185 item the same day with no taxes? I don't think so!), send to a " European World Shipping Inc" on day 14, and delivered and signed for on day 16.   I filed a fraud complaint with eBay, and (surprise!) my claim was denied, saying that the shipper provided proof that the item had been shipped, delivered, and signed for. I appealed and explained why the routing information on the shipping site was simply impossible, but my appeal was denied and my case was closed.   Fortunately, the Berliner Sparkasse had my back on this one and approved a chargeback (even though they sounded reluctant and asked a number of questions before the approval).   When I went and reviewed the seller's negative rating history, I saw that over the past six months, about a dozen other people had complained about the same thing of being given a fake shipping number and never receiving anything. Further research over Google has shown that this seems to be a relatively new tactic to scam customers--and most frighteningly, eBay will side with the seller each and every time, stating that "proof" of shipping was provided.   I got lucky this time, other people may not (and have not!). Until eBay pulls their head out of the sand concerning this, I would highly recommend not buying conducting any international transactions. Me, I'm just sticking to Amazon--they have people with functioning brains working in customer service and have zero tolerance for sellers pulling these kinds shenanigans. Just thought I'd put that warning out there
  5. Insults in social media

        For someone who is too stupid to detect and interpret blatant sarcasm and apply the parallel to the argument he is using, you sure do spend an inordinate amount of time on a TT thread trying to prove nothing about absolutely nothing. I'll leave it at that. Have fun in your mom's basement, wasting your life in front of 3 monitors squabbling with strangers on forums.--I have more important things to do than carry on with a 12 year old.
  6. Insults in social media

      You never had a case to begin with!
  7. Insults in social media

      I beg to differ. Sounds to me like you made the same asinine ASSumption of "American that says something I didn't like" = "Trump supporter". Otherwise, you wouldn't have needed to be convinced of anything since Trump is about as relevant to this thread about as much as Ireland is a part of the UK.
  8. Insults in social media

      Are you a neo-Nazi and living in Germany because you are infatuated with fascism? I mean, you never denied it.   NO I AM NOT A TRUMP SUPPORTER! ( Why is this even a topic to be addressed?!? We're talking about obscuring your identiy on the Internet, how did this switch over to Trump?!?)   The man can't tell the time, much less the truth, has an encyclopedic level of ignorance and has said enough inane and wildly inaccurate statements that have made Dan Quayle look like a Mensa member, used profanity in his campaign gatherings, invented ficticious statistics, insulted people at press conferences, single handedly made racism in America something for people to be open and vocal about, acted like a two year old and ordered government shutdowns when he didn't get his way, whines constantly about nothing, makes up wild stories, and got his start off in life from the wealth of his own parents. Has stiffed people in deals, stolen property by ordering things and not paying the bills and having his lawyers settle for half the value...and you really gotta ask me if I support this fool?!?
  9. Insults in social media

        Translation: "I don't have a counterargument and have just made a complete fool of myself by getting in an argument and then realizing I don't know what I'm talking about, so I will use the default rebuttal and accuse the person of being a Trump supporter merely for the fact that he just so happens to be an American national. If he's not American, accuse him of being a racist."  
  10. Insults in social media

    You're telling me! I got stiffed for €550 in working contract. Two of the lawyers outright refused the case, saying that the damages were far too small for them to go through the trouble because they were overloaded. Another lawyer told me that €550 just wasn't worth a hassle that would take over a year to resolve and hell knows how long to then collect the money, and that costs involved would just wouldn't be worth it. He ended it with "I'll be short with you: let it go."   I have come to have absolute ZERO expectations from the German justice system. That goes double for the criminal courts (like the one courr who let a guy off the hook after he robbed a store at knifepoint on camera because his case had been pending for over 5 years)
  11. Insults in social media

    Which is why you log into your VPN first (which is paid for with cryptocurrency) and the use the Tor browser...for  those who are doing something seriously illegal, you chain the VPNs.   And again...you really think some company out in some country all the way across the globe that openly boasts about ignoring law info requests for things like copyright infringement  and DDoS attacks are going to give a rat's ass about the police in Germany asking for info because someone got called a poopyhead on Facebook? Keep dreaming.   Your move. 
  12. Insults in social media

    Which is where *gasp* Tor browser comes into play. A browser built specifically for anonymity and privacy.    Anything else? Because we can do this all day.
  13. Insults in social media

    Clearly you have absolutely no idea what a VPN is and how it works.
  14. Insults in social media

    *laughing heartily* Go ahead! I use a VPN based in Panama that openly prides itself for ignoring IP information requests from foreign law enforcements if the alleged offense does not involve children or terrorism. Let the German police ask away.   All blame aside, I think I'd have more important things to do with my time than go whining to the police because someone on Facebook hurt my widdle feelings. Block them and move on.
  15. Scam calls, Ausweis/Residence Permit problems