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  1. Word of the day

    I came across a word today that intrigued me, so I had to look it up. I got the idea of posting new/interesting/unusual/recollected etc. words, that you come across, here.   My new word of today is: Pantouflage   A friend of mine blogged this about some departing CEO:   The word "pantouflage" was mentioned in the 4th paragraph. I probably would have skipped over it, had it not been for the comments on facebook - which I found funny.   P: It's not often you see the word 'pantouflage' in a piece of writing :-) M: Heehee! That one's been knocking around in my head for ages - you don't get the chance to flash it about every day. P: I dont know about that. I think it could and should be used in a range of different circumstance: 'have you seen the new Ford Pantouflage?'; Ive got a terrible case of Pantouflage'; 'If you turn left at Pantouflage, you can't miss it'; 'Is my pantouflage showing?'; He's wearing a kind of pantouflage'; 'She spoke with such pantouflage'; the crowd was whipped into an absolute Pantouflage!"...and so on. The definition here, I find amusing, too.      
  2. Jimmy Savile has died

    I have just heard that Jimmy Saville has died.   End of an era.   RIP
  3.   I thought it would be a good idea to have a new thread to discuss anything Irish. Although, we do have a thread about Irish music so, if you have anything to say about the music, that might be the best place to say it .