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  1. Just now, robinson100 said:

    Could be you are right Metall, but I hope not!

    Surely it would be easier if somebody would simply "eliminate" Putin?


    Articles indicate the oligarchs are not happy with Putin - but if he falls, will the ensuing civil war be enough to distract Russia from the prize (all of Ukraine) almost within her grasp?



    2 minutes ago, robinson100 said:


    Glad to hear it!

    As part of the EU, it makes an even stronger case for Russia to leave the Ukraine alone.



    You could also argue it's too late - fast tracking Ukraine into the EU and maybe even NATO in this situation could start a Real War. A biggie. But then I'm not a military/political strategist.


  3. 2 hours ago, El Jeffo said:

    History in general - and Putin in particular - has proven again and again that there's no compromising with bloodthirsty dictators. 


    Last night on German radio, there was a very interesting interview with a retired Russian spy living in France who went to KGB "school" with Putin.
    He very clearly said Putin will take negotiations as a sign of weakness, and is only impressed by strength.
    That doesn't mean military force he explained - shutting down Russian gas deliveries to the West and not selling machinery and other goods to Russia would bring the country to its knees in five weeks!


    The podcast this is from covers Putin's career and is very interesting:

    The interview with the ex-spy and Putin compatriot Sergej Schirnow starts at :53 seconds into the podcast.


  4. 17 hours ago, mtbiking said:

    Is anyone else feeling strange about going to work tomorrow? 

    At my morning meeting today, we talked about the current situation.

    We also were advised we were permitted to to use company resources/time to follow the news in moderation.

    A statement from our CEO is upcoming... he won't be able to say much except for support of the government IMHO.


  5. 3 hours ago, clickety6 said:

    I'm sure there's a topic in one of the groups on the constant flood of new "my activity streams" but I didn't find it yet.

    I currently count 26 useless filters that have been added. 

    I'm not only bemused why this bug hasn't been fixed, but also on the strangeness and specificness of some of the filters. 

    One appears to single out threads on :  "Minimum Height of hedge or hecke plants in Niedersachsen"

    An activity stream filter for posts on activity stream filters would have been useful though...


    Another activity stream is titled "useful". No, it's not! :D


    And a gem of an activity stream is called "Fix for today's maintenance".

    This forum is so broken it's funny.


  6. 1 hour ago, emkay said:

    My husband‘s colleague has ‘bear-like’ vaccination beliefs though he’s reassessing his principles now that he’s suffering his second Covid infection and is particularly unwell.  

    We were hesitant to be vaccinated though our hesitation didn’t last long. Most likely, ‘bear’ colleague infected my husband, and now me.  After our 3 vaccinations, we were PCR positive tested this week and it really isn’t so bad, thankfully. Less than a bad cold/hangover feeling. 


    All the best @emkay , I'm glad to hear the vaccination made a difference for you.
    Get well soon!


  7. On 20.2.2022, 13:13:15, French bean said:

    @Metall, I see the deaths of elderly people from the otherside - as a carer and we often build up a friendship with these people, even those who are in short term for palliative care who we know and they know only have at best a couple of months left.  It isn't easy for anyone, we often have relatives staying with us for hours waiting for their elderly relative to die and then once they've gone there's a sense of relief all round. This is not in a cold, callous way but because we as carers who do the checks and see the marbling of the flesh, the beginning of bed sores, the breathing difficulties amongst other things know that the suffering has finished. It also means the relatives can have peace and get on with things. So what I'm trying to say is that I empathise with what you went through but now it's time to enjoy the good memories of your DR from the past.


    Thank you, that's very kind and insightful of you to say that.
    I sincerely believe that witnessing the passing away of Dear Relative (and maybe in some small way comforting her) helped me greatly. I already have started the process of thinking / speaking of her fondly without flashing immediately to the hospital.

    That's what I call the last gift of a generous woman.


  8. 23 minutes ago, fraufruit said:

    Better safe than sorry.


    I was at the KVR today applying for mine. They said it will come in 6 - 8 wks.


    I got mine even a little quicker, in 4 weeks. And yes, we need those cards now to reenter Schengen!
    The former solution of carrying along your old passport with the Niederlassung sticker officially is obsolete.


  9. 5 minutes ago, fraufruit said:

    Something we sailors use a lot, John. I can usually predict the Beaufort by looking at the water surface. I like to do that before looking at the instruments. I'm pretty good with speed, too.


    That's true. When I did my Scuba training there was stuff about looking at whitecaps etc. in the sea to estimate wind speeds.


  10. 1 hour ago, snowingagain said:

    Makes sense as banks charge them for coinage. I now know places round here who are happy for change.   Tram ticket machines take 10 cents and up (do not try this at rush hour).    But what to do with the heavy bag of coppers I have found in the basement?  


    On 2/14/2022, 6:24:55, fraufruit said:

    We collect all of our small change in a bag and then dump it in the Geldautomat where it is deposited into our account.

    I realize only now that, since they closed the one on the corner, we will have to find another one.


    In Munich, the Stadtsparkasse has coin machines in several (by far not all!) locations. The Sparkasse at the subway stop Josephsplatz for example has one, and their central location at Marienplatz, too. You need to have an account with them, though.

    Other banks and even the Postbank have coin machines, too.



  11. I'm still hoping the new German government will pull its head out of its ass and remember they promised dual citizenship to non EU citizens (as in Americans) - I'm eligible for a German passport. No Irish heritage here, not a bit, so no choice.


  12. 14 minutes ago, fraufruit said:

    Here's what made me laugh today. It seems that the Russian skater got contaminated by her Grandpa's heart meds by accident. No idea how. It was speculated that she may have drunk out of his glass with his saliva on it just before her test.


    Sure. Shooooooore. B)