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  1. I saw Arnie when he was the host/ the boss on a single season of The Apprentice. He was kind, funny, motivational, nothing like the horrible Orange Man. Even his firings were nice and compassionate. (Boy George, a candidate in that season, later said in an interview he was at first was terrified of Arnie, but soon came to respect him, and later formed an unlikely friendship with him. ;) )

    And the jokes and comments Arnie exchanged with his nephew (sitting in as his number 2 and corporate lawyer on the show) in Austrian German were witty and lightning quick - so fast the production company was unable to translate them properly for the subtitles. :D :D


  2. On 9.3.2022, 16:51:48, snowingagain said:

     And please, why are drag queens reading stories to young children progressive?  Drag queens (whether you love them or hate them) are about sex.  


    On 9.3.2022, 17:25:02, AlexTr said:

    And, no, drag is not about sex; it is about gender expression and self-expression. Why on earth do you think it's about sex?


    The drag queens I've meet for the most part do NOT want to have sex in drag! !
    They are however happy to crack jokes about sex, which is something completely different. Just saying.


  3. 1 hour ago, murphaph said:

    Even the Chicken dish is being renamed in some countries.

    I guess he still uses Siam, Abyssinia, Cathay and of course Formosa. In Ireland he'd be asking puzzled locals for directions to Maryborough and Queenstown


    Or (London)Derry.
    An Irish acquaintance would always cross out the first half on maps/flyers she had. ;)


  4. 8 hours ago, fraufruit said:


    Seems like someone would have called out the disinformation at the meeting but I suppose the owners don't have EV's, believe everything or are too jealous for others to have them.

    I don't think they can forbid it in the near future.


    At the meeting, the Hausverwaltung informed the owners that per German law they can be forced to supply electrical outlets in the garage to charge electric cars etc.
    Then they told the horror stories of battery fires... and recommended that the owners delay and refuse installing said outlets for as long as possible.
    They are doing that in every property they are handling.


    It was weird.


  5. On the way to our band practice room,  I always go past one of the smaller refugee camps in town. They also do initial intake.
    For the past year, I only saw Africans (men) and what could have been Syrians (men, a few women/families) there.

    Since a week ago, obviously Eastern European women and children (and a few men) are lining up there, quietly, unhappily talking among themselves.

    Quite a few cars ranging from in moderately good to pretty beat up shape with Ukranian plates are parked outside. That was a long car trip.


  6. No, the story was brought up at great length in an HOA meeting *by the Hausverwaltung* I attended as someone's proxy. Several owners claimed they knew were it happened.  The owners really dug into that and decided to refuse electrical outlets in the garage.


    Edit: I think I found it:

    And public parking in two small Bavarian towns does not let electric cars in, even though ADAC says it's bullshit:


  7. 15 minutes ago, fraufruit said:

    He'll find something to wrap it with to make parking less stressful. The garage is huge, probably an acre. We thought about getting another place but we need to be situated close to our house's electricity. Got written approval from the HVW today to put in an outlet and they gave the name of an electrician. They said that we would be responsible for any "damage" but it seems like that would be on the electrician and his insurance. Oh well.

    Be careful, the Hausverwaltung probably also means any "damage" caused by the car.

    A story about multiple garage fires (in Munich alone) "caused by electric cars" is causing uproar in various HOAs/Eigentümergemeinschaften I know.

    Be aware that if there ever is *any kind of fire* in the house/the garage, the blame could be laid at your door because of these stories.

    My suggestion is to talk to an insurance broker and take out additional liability insurance/Haftpflicht. or extend your insurance. Just saying, landlords are getting paranoid.


  8. We are a medieval rock crossover :) band and are looking for a female  lead singer!

    Lineup: drums, electric bass, flute, bagpipes, electric violin, backing singers.

    You don't have to have perfect technique or look like a model - a passion for singing is what counts.

    We write our own material, occasionally also cover original medival/Renaissance tunes.

    If you enjoy (or even have heard of)  In Extremo, Faun, Subway To Sally, Saltatio Mortis, live in the Munich area, and want to go on stage (clubs, medieval markets), contact me either here or send me a PM!



  9. 2 hours ago, Catastrophe said:

    the german name for Oncorhynchus keta is 'Hundslachs' - therefore I guess it's theoretically okay to sell it as 'Wildlachs'. But it's not Salmo salar. It's up to you wether you want to call it salmon or not.

    From : (in a nutshell, it's a different fish with less fat, softer, and less tasty overall)

    Geschmack von Keta-Lachs (Hund) 

    Dieser Lachs ist auch als Dog, Silverbrite, Keta und unter anderen Namen bekannt. Von den fünf pazifischen Lachsarten ist er die am wenigsten bekannte. Im Vergleich zu Chinook und Sockeye hat er einen geringeren Fettgehalt und einen zarteren, weicheren Geschmack. Der Hundslachs ist ideal für alle, die den kräftigen Geschmack von Lachs nicht mögen und für Rezepte, die viel Feuchtigkeit benötigen, wie z. B. Chowders und Currys.