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  1. 7 minutes ago, scook17 said:

    Seems British ex-pats might now get to vote in the UK elections again:


    No more 15 year rule.



    That article is a year old and copied from here (I don't trust The Yokel):


    No idea how much of that is reality by now.


  2. On 15.12.2019, 19:55:07, jubinjohn said:

    Upma - fast version

    Hartweizengriess 3/4 cup. Water 1 cup. A pinch of chopped ginger, 1 garlic clove chopped. 1 onion chopped., 1 carrot finely chopped (optional), Mustard seeds.

    Warm hartweissengriess in a pan and set aside.

    Splatter a pinch of mustard seeds in oil, then add ginger, garlic , onion and fry it until light brown. Add chopped carrot and cook it until done.

    Then add water and salt into it . Once water starts boiling add hartweissengriess into it. Keep stirring it until water gets absorbed. Upma is ready.

    Serving suggestion:

    Smash a banana with a fork and mix upma with it. 


    I learned something new! Upma is a breakfast dish from India, Sri Lanka, and areas close by.


  3. Be sure to wrap the Teichfolie/tarp around the edges of the metal roof to protect those, too! A bit of silicone where the roof connects to the drain might be a good idea, too.

    Teichfolie is UV resistant because it's used for outdoor ponds. Available in every Baumarkt/large hardware store.


    (edit: J2, please don't give me likes. I don't want them from you.)


  4. 5 hours ago, emkay said:

    We have a not much liked corrugated metal roofed garage with a slight incline towards a drain. Seems a lot of space that could be used for Insect loving plants. I’ve seen some systems online though they are very expensive.   


    I'm in an urban gardening group, and we used the roof surface of a shed, too.

    We put a heavy tarp ("Teichfolie") on the roof to protect it from damp, then put on the soil and grew a bunch of tasty arugula on it. Low cost solution. :)



  5. 23 minutes ago, Keleth said:

    Just think back to the sort of excuses J2 would come up with when yet another of his predictions/theories turned out to be bollocks.


    Of course. These are people who deeply mistrust science, history, medicine. They usually are disappointed in life and have very little to be proud of, so they turn to absurd theories that tell them they are the only ones in the know - anything to feel like a special, important person.


  6. Or, to fully spell it out, the guy dealing in hot teens and child pornography on 8chan found out that spreading a conspiracy theory he stole from the Middle Ages/Rosenkreuzer (worldwide Jewish cabal) got him more hits and suddenly fame (yes, he's Q). Then he added the child porn to the theory, triggering worldwide trade in said porn to a new high. Disgusting. And the Trumpanzees fell for it.


  7. 13 hours ago, AlexTr said:

    One dark irony of QAnon has always been that the conspiracy theory, which holds that President Trump is waging a war on a cabal of elite liberal pedophiles, rose to prominence on 8chan, an imageboard where users swapped child pornography.


    It's projection 101.


  8. 11 hours ago, bloom said:

    Last night I visited a Kebap Doner shop (guess managed and ruuned by some immigrants).


    Kinda funny thing to say in an immigrant/expat forum, dontcha think?


    9 hours ago, tor said:

    I bet you are a hoot at parties.



  9. If the OP's German reading skills were really that great, he would already know what is going on by following the news and reading the published agendas of the German Bundestag - instead of asking on an English language expat forum he professes to hate. :D


    Since *my* German skills are for real, I know it is a deeply complicated issue that can't be predigested for people like this.


  10. You guys wanted me to decide if we join the event this year with our exhibit. I'm game because there's a lull (albeit maybe temporary) in Covid and we can pull it off this year.


    Then the organizer sets the date a week earlier, doesn't communicate if and when we can set up... I figure out stuff.
    You constantly complain about others in our group and about every little thing I'm doing wrong or just a trace late. Hey! I'm not retired with a ton of money like you!! I work full time and have major real life issues to deal with aside from the event in my free time!
    Then you have a big argument with one of our major people, and fill my ears with your angry phone calls... while I'm trying to organize equipment and people.

    Yes, I said I would decide on Tuesday. Yes, I'm sorry I couldn't write the mail that we'd go for it  before midnight after a very long day.
    No, it's not cool that you as our contact person adamantly refuse to call the event organizer. And it's not cool to yell at me on the phone about you not wanting the stress, and your printer is broken, and all my perceived mistakes, but you would maybe go to the event (and be one of the Big Guys there), but it's on me to call the event people with a number you grumpily email me but refuse send as a text so I can call *right away*... while I'm desperately juggling work, financial stuff, my health, and had just cried after closing Dear Deceased Relative's account at the nursing home, giving a card to the people there, taking a last walk there...

    I come home and sit down at the computer, still shaking from that last bit of grief and fresh anger.
    I think of the lady in the subway, sitting in a wheelchair with mobile breathing assistance. A person dealing with *real problems*. And who looked positive and friendly.


    You've sent me another very grumpy email about what I've done wrong.
    I answer with the cancellation of our participation of the event, and forward to the other members of the mailing list.

    You suddenly backtrack, you *didn't mean to pressure or blackmail* me, sure we can do it! HA!!

    I coolly answer it's already said and done.

    Everybody has has been notified of the cancellation.


    Silence from you.

    I'm a bit sad because it would have been nice, but we can do it next year. Or somewhere else.

    I'm also relieved to be rid of the stress. Might be nice just to go to the event as a visitor and meet some people.


  11. A beautiful day outside gardening and fixing a greenhouse with other people. 

    A barbecue and then a bonfire. What a fine evening to walk between the vegetable beds in the moonlight! :D


  12. 2 hours ago, Fietsrad said:

    Might we ask whether we may ask how large the sum might be?

    Anything over 10k Euros between non-related (here: not yet married) persons will trigger a gift tax problem!

    That isn't such an enormous sum anymore in Germany.

    Meaning, it doesn't matter if it's 11k or, say, 400k.


  13. This week we have a Toytown reservation for 7:30 pm at Palast der Winde, Hans-Sachs-Str 8, 80469   München.

    Nearest station: Fraunhofstr U1-U2 or Tram 16, 17, 18 Müllerstr

    1. ex-essex (Paul)

    2. scook17

    3. Cragrat

    4. Metall


    Please copy/paste the last list into the reply and add your name As Soon As Possible, at the latest 5 pm Wednesday


    BTW, I am meeting Julian (yes, *the* Julian ;) ) in Hans-Sachs-Straße for a chat outside (he's still being careful) around 7 before curry. Let me know if you'd like to see him, too.


  14. 24 minutes ago, HH_Sailor said:

    @Metallmany thanks.


    Yo're welcome!

    And no, you can't use the brine for cooking afterwards, way too salty. But it will make meat in danger of drying out tender and moist, with a hint of salt.
    Brine a few hours, overnight, or up to 24 hours in a cool place (or keep in a cooler with ice/chill packs added).



  15. 6 hours ago, HH_Sailor said:


    please explain salt to idiots like me ?


    1/2 Kg in 4 litres water ?

    or 1/2 tablespoon ?

    cups ?


    Don't want to ruin a good bird... 

    The brine was 1/2 cup salt to approx a gallon (3.5 - 4 liters) of water for the brine. I couldn't edit the post any more.


  16. I slow roasted duck the other day to an excellent result. :)

    Key points:

    - Don't get a cheap Polish duck. Instead buy the more expensive but superior in all ways French Barbary duck (darker tastier meat, less fat).

    - Brine the bird: Add 1/2 salt to 4 liters (or approx 1 gallon) of water, add some orange juice&orange peel. Soak the bird in the the brine overnight in a cool place.

    - Slow roast 3-4 hours at 160° Celsius on a rack over a pan with water in it until inserted thermometer shows at least 85°C and the legs become somewhat loose.

    - Make sauce: Fry some flour in collected duck grease until lightly browned. Add water from roasting pan (lats of flavor dripped in there), as well as a bottle of beer, thyme, pepper, marjoram, bay leaves. A shot of orange liqueur makes it even better.


    Pour any leftover drippings in a jar and chill to collect the duck fat - wonderfully tasty for frying anything.