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  1. This week we have a Toytown reservation for 7:30 pm at Punjab Grill & Bar, Lindwurmstr. 205

    80337  München.


    Nearest station: Implerstr U3, U6 OR Bus 132 Aberlestr OR Bus 53, 153 Sendlinger Kirche.

    1. ex-essex (Paul)

    2. Lilliluna

    3. LisaJK + possible extra

    4. Cragrat

    5.  Metall



     Please copy/paste the last list into the reply and add your name As Soon As Possible, at the very latest 5 pm Wednesday. 


  2. Thank you for your answer.

    I have an inkling that an Indian marriage is for life, that family pressure is involved, and casting any doubt on it is a big deal.


    I'll give this some thought - whether to talk to them or write them. I have Turkish relatives, where approaching touchy subjects with respect is key - maybe that can guide me.
    Definitely no police, as German authorities are supposed to keep the peace, not help in a domestic dispute.


    But if somebody gets hurt, I don't want to be the neighbor who ignored everything.


  3. Does anybody know a therapist/counselor in Munich who can work with a couple in English?


    No, not for me - it's for the neighbors where I am currently living who are in domestic trouble.


    They are truly nice neighbors, we introduced us to each other, take packages/food deliveries, say hello when we meet...

    but they don't get along with each other.

    Here's the sticky part - they are both from India. He came here a few years ago, she joined him straight from India (we talked about this) just when the pandemic lock downs started without knowing a word of German and no job to occupy her.

    And after a while, the arguing started. They live wall to wall with me, so when the volume (in their own language) went up, I couldn't miss it. And the frequency gradually went up to every week, now every couple of days... I've met her outside in her pajamas shouting into her phone, so asked if she needed help which she refused... offered help to him, too when he came out... he's run past me in the hallway and gone for  walk...

    They have recently escalated to throwing stuff and slamming doors.

    He isn't beating her in my opinion, because I would hear that. And believe me, I would notice.
    I *think* she is deeply unhappy in Germany, but that's just guessing.

    The arguing and shouting has been going on for multiple hours today, and she ran out of the house... he later led her back by the hand, which she permitted, so they are trying...


    I already talked to them before, told them both they can come to me, day or night. I don't know what else to do. I don't want to call the police because God knows how that will mess up their residencies or make things worse.

    My last idea is to get hold of some addresses with English speaking professional help, and drop a letter in their mail box - because I don't know how to tell Indian people they need counseling.


    What else can I do? I don't want them to go overboard and do something they will regret.


  4. On 5/30/2022, 10:43:21, Nunya_Beeswax said:

    So, I have had the exact same experience as the friend of the original poster. I basically rolled into the back of a car which came to a halt right behind me. The damage was so slight that it was barely visible. Both got out, exchanged insurance details. My insurer felt that the fair thing would be for the damage to be split between both parties and therefore paid them 1000 euros. However, I now have a court letter advising that I have 2 weeks to pay up an extra 1000 euros as the other party feel they should not have to pay towards the costs at all. I'm not sure how they can chase me up directly. Surely this should be between insurance companies. In any case, the details of a good traffic offence lawyer would be much appreciated. All the paperwork is in German which is double dutch to me.

    To confuse the matters further, this happened in the north of Italy whilst we were all on vacation.


    If i agree to pay the 1000 euros, would that increase my premiums by even more? is that seen by my insurer as me accepting full responsibility?


    Don't do that! Immediately contact your insurance and send them the letter, THEY need to sort that out!


  5. 21 hours ago, john g. said:

    Bloodbath prevented by an armed woman in Virginia. 


    18 hours ago, Keleth said:

    Ok mind changed let´s arm everyone then there will never be another shooting.

    I wonder how much time the gun lobby will spend talking about the mental health of the dead man in this situation rather than crowing about how an armed person stopped a slaughter.


    17 hours ago, Keleth said:

    And this one only made the news because a civilian stopped the shooter because it is very rare for this to happen.



    But... when will the armed civilian trying to stop a shooter... be mistaken for a shooter herself when she pulls her gun? And be killed by police or other civilians in the confusion?

    I assure you, this *will happen*.



  6. I very much recommend getting a Gutachter!! My family has bought and sold property in Germany, and the Gutachter found many hidden flaws.


    As to the "reservation fee" - can you quote the exact German wording so I can check on it? Is this done in writing, preferably with a Notar?


  7. 1 hour ago, fraufruit said:

    When Ted Cruz says, 

    " He went on to say that the “most effective” tool to keep kids safe in schools is more armed law enforcement on campuses. "


    What is his solution for grocery store mass shootings and other places?


    Simple -  bulletproof vests and heavy guns for the frightened cashiers getting minimum wage!

    Waddya mean, it don't make no sense?!? Murica!!


  8. To the Person who took my packaged dinner at the restaurant and left while I was in the bathroom:


    - I am not happy. That was 3/4 of my dinner! :(


    - I sincerely hope you will at least partly invite me at the next Curry Night.

      Money is currently very tight for me, and that was supposed to be my food for tomorrow.


  9. 51 minutes ago, TurMech said:

    As i understand it, the change of the citizenship law regarding the double citizenship, requires the agreement of the Bundesrat after the Bundestag, that is "zustimmungspflichtig". CDU is the only party against the double citizenship law (i exclude AFD, as it is not represented in any of the governments). With the latest victories of the CDU, they can block the new draft.


    Rats. :(


  10. On 7.5.2022, 17:44:08, snowingagain said:

    Not yet.  I still hope.  For some reason his birth cert is missing from the system.  I have found all his brothers and sisters, birth and baptism records.  And him in Dublin census 1911.  I know that even during his lifetime, when he host his birth cert, they could not find record.  Some sort of glitch.  Hey ho.  


    Some people, bothering to register a birth was a hassle, I mean, why bother?  Working long hours, difficulty with a birth, illness in family, and having to travel to do so.  And for what benefit at the time?   But this does not fit with his family.  He had established family, father worked as a legal clerk in Dublin. Previous siblings, and one born after him all registered.   Wonder about a informal adoption from a family member.  These things happened.  But could be loads of things.



    Do you have any idea in what church he could have been baptized? Then there would be an entry in the church books.


    My mother is from Estonia, and she never had a birth certificate because those didn't exist at that time - but I found her baptism record in her home town church's book as a microfiche copy in the country's central archive, and got an official confirmation of her birth in lieu of a certificate from the authorities.

    (Interesting side detail because my life is like a movie  - these are Lutheran churches, and the entries were *in German*, not Estonian !! The country used to be ruled by German aristocrats, and the "church language" seems to have been a holdover from that. History is fun and weird. :) )


  11. On 6.5.2022, 12:32:02, yesterday said:

    I have been driving to the Euro industrial park, north Munich to get fresh cooked  Steckerlfisch, but its a long way from michaelibad.



    I've been to that place (and the one in Balanstraße, too), they are both excellent. :)


  12. On 3.5.2022, 20:37:35, john g. said:

    Unbelievable. We have French neighbours. He is a sociopath, loves calling the police on his neighbours for no real reason ( eg the English guy has too many dogs. The police came and saw I had two in the office here on Crete. ) His wife finally left him and went back to France a few days before we returned to Hamburg at the end of October, taking all her possessions with her.

    We congratulated her when we bumped into her just before we left. " Good for you- he's a psycho. Good luck."


    We haven't spoken to him for about three years - though have heard his rants sometimes ( eg you must clean in front of your house immediately)...( he had deliberately swept leaves from his tree down the pathway towards us😂).


    And: he complained the neighbour Georgina ( a late-60 Greek woman whose house is a buffer zone between the French couple and us ) had called the police on him because he had apparently deliberately destroyed her flowers outside the house in their flower pots.


    Jeez. If that is "peaceful Crete", I'd hate to see village and neighbors in full-on conflict mode!!



  13. 7 minutes ago, scook17 said:

    Seems British ex-pats might now get to vote in the UK elections again:


    No more 15 year rule.



    That article is a year old and copied from here (I don't trust The Yokel):


    No idea how much of that is reality by now.