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  1. 6 minutes ago, White Rose of Yorkshire said:

    I've learned something new on this Forum again. I didn't know you had a milk man in the U.S. I thought it was a British thing. 


    Oh yes, very much so. We would get the classic glass bottles with a tinfoil cap.

    "About 30 percent of milk was still delivered to homes in the 1960s":


    And here's a funny satire about US milkmen:


  2. 1 hour ago, optimista said:

    Gaslighter extraordinaire. Been flummoxed for 3 decades. Now the police are involved. I actually see this as a good thing. Stay tuned, people. Shit. Fans.


    Wow. Hopefully, nobody was hurt anymore than they already were.


    Again, move out, find a lawyer, file for support.

    Take along any jewelry, as this seems to be an old school marriage where you had no money of your own. Be practical.



  3. 4 minutes ago, catjones said:


    Really?  So the giant corporations and giant university research departments around the world are being outsmarted by some "fringe" guys in a basement?


    You mean J2 "doing research and asking questions"? *innocently sips a glass of wine*


  4. On 2/2/2022, 2:53:47, CincyInDE said:


    I have to right-click them and open them in a new tab.  It's because they're hotlinked to bookface and I have privacy settings that make that not work.

    Same here!


  5. On 1/29/2022, 11:14:35, Krieg said:

    Guitar is a horrible instrument to learn, it takes you months to produce decent sounds, that's why 90% of the people who try to learn quit.  including J2.


    I actually taught myself to play basic chords on the guitar from a book, later took some lessons. Wasn't that hard to accompany songs and do some pickings, later play some folk stuff. The frets do all the work and make it easy - but then I played violin first. ;)


  6. 7 hours ago, robinson100 said:

    As for being financially dependent upon the breadwinner of the family, well, a divorce would help balance that out somewhat, plus taking on a job, of course.


    Just because things are however they are now, does not mean that they have to stay that way forever.


    Of course it's easier to stay with hubby and maintain a comfortable lifestyle. But then don't whinge about the price tag said lifestyle carries. It's a valid decision!
    There are many examples of successful lavender marriages (being a beard), see Gloria of Thurn und Taxis.

    But if personal freedom from the marriage is the goal, why that's valid, too. But then also stop complaining and start acting. Get a lawyer, get spousal/child support, get a job.



    25 minutes ago, HEM said:

    Severe gale in progress (second within the last few days).

    Making a lot of noise against the shutters (which is why I'm awake - my window faces North).

    Ohropax of limited help.

    Hamburg fish market reported to be under water.

    Be sure to fly John G out! We need the insurance! :D



  8. 3 hours ago, tor said:

    A 30+ year member of the orchestra was fired for presenting a fake vaccine card. They don't even have to be vaccinated, just tested regularly. 

    Good Lord. What stupidity. But then we terminated the probation of a singer for our band because she had lied to us about not being vaccinated - we can't go on stage with her, so what's the use of any tolerance?


  9. 2 hours ago, BethAnnBitt said:

    I just asked to exchange it for another bottle, not for money.  Sorry if that was unclear.  

    🙏  Happy for you!  Still waiting.  Just wanna know.  He is sick, but doc checked and no sign of pneumonia.  😊

    All the best! Stay safe, stay well!


  10. 9 minutes ago, LeonG said:

    I had Doc Martens some 30 yrs. ago.  I remember a long break in period before they got comfy :D


    That's very true - which is why I was flummoxed they were pretty good straight out of the box! :D


    Oh, now I know - the boots are lined because of all the studs... else the metal bits would be rubbing on the inside. Well, well, well... I'll take the comfort. I am an old punk, after all.


  11. 53 minutes ago, Sannerl said:


    I see several problems here...

    "typical" is a word that should be banned. Like "normal" in German.

    You financially being trapped - get help. I'm sure there are lawyers out there who can help.


    Or get a job. You know, like, "work".




    3 hours ago, optimista said:

    When you tell people your child is gay... and they say 'mine too'. The flood gates seem to have come unhinged.


    3 hours ago, AlexTr said:

    Care to elaborate? 


    2 hours ago, optimista said:

    Not really. Just surprised how fashionable it seems to be.  

    You are not going to get all defensive I hope.


    But *I am*.