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  1. What are you cooking today?

    Home made hummous (chickpea spread) in normal and blazing hot for the block party!
  2. Ah, don't worry about that guy. He'll be out of the country soon.
  3.   P.P.S - And don't you dare call me out about which TTer I *really* am, or I will fly into a huge rage!! *rawr* *palpitations*  
  4.   IMHO, the TT admins are in agreement about this. (Meaning I think Ed Bob already knows about all of this.) There is no way this is the policy of a lone admin... so I don't see any hope here.  
  5. Got Fired in ah Underhand Way, How Do I Defend Myself?

      Of course you can go to the Job Center and notify them of the situation with whatever documentation you have (have done that myself). I would specifically tell them your boss is not giving you your papers!  
  6.     So very not true. I happen to know A.N.Other personally, and he was NOT attention seeking. He really wanted to talk about his addiction and he was dealing with it. He also gave me more details in PMs and email. It's been a hard change for him.   And no, he didn't get sulky because of lack of attention. He justifiably slowed down posting when the off topic arguments blew up the thread. He also did NOT ask the mods to shut down the thread, that's an outright lie. Also he's not sulking. Just defeated...    
  7. My business plan.

      No, it was STOLEN by telepathy! Muhahahaaa...
  8. My business plan.

      A very short skirt or dress also is a good idea, as it gives one something to talk about, especially when communicating with male TTers!
  9. I heard @Orla_inka has gotten much much better and sometimes still reads Toytown. Others would know much more than I do.
  10. Mr Metall and I miss Uncle Nick. What a gentle soul, always sharing when he had nothing himself. I would trade stuff with him (think a shirt for coffee ), he would take us to local baseball games, do sports video editing/voiceovers with Mr Metall, be his witty self at Curry Night...
  11. Barbecue at work -- Foods to bring

    Only Smurfie is merely a pretend vegetarian of convenience. Bacon is just fine for her.
  12. Switching National to Private Insurance

    Starshollow and John_G are both **independent** Versicherungsberater and are available via phone and Skype, respectively. I have been in contact with both and can recommend either.
  13. Life without alcohol

      *clap* *clap* Well said. All on wifey's dime, too.
  14. Life without alcohol

      I miss Schotte, too. And Mr G. And LeCheese. And a lot of other cool people.
  15. Barbecue at work -- Foods to bring

    Is this a BBQ at the Local, celebrating the success of their latest fake click bait account?