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  1. What's got you flummoxed today?

      Greece and the islands were hit with the amount of rain that usually falls in Germany - IN A YEAR.
  2. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Greece and the islands were hit the amount of rain that usually falls in Germany - IN A YEAR.
  3. Jokes

      A classic joke for @tor ! Both for the drinks AND the music.
  4.   Take the later train!     Edit: I'll turn up early, too, for pre-drinks.  
  5. What's got you flummoxed today?

    It's a sign! /joking
  6. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Time to leave, John!!
  7. What made you smile today?

      I actually first smiled, then cried - I hope this stuff comes back!!  
  8. 3 people refused boarding with Easyjet

    Learning through pain!!
  9.   I would argue the heir could have stopped the OP from burying the deceased, and done it his own (cheap ass) way. In other words, just present the heir with the bill - he is bound by German law to handle funeral costs. Don't even discuss the price difference, and don't give the heir any ideas.
  10. This week we have a Toytown reservation for 7:30 pm at Ganesha, Rosenheimerstr 113a (corner Pariserstr) 81667  München. Nearest station: Rosenheimerplatz - all S-Bahn´s and 15,25 tram.   Only sign up if you can supply proof you are fully vaccinated OR recovered from Corona OR have an up-to-date negative test.   1. ex-essex (Paul) 2. MAM 3. Metall 4.    Please copy/paste the last list into the reply and add your name As Soon As Possible, at the latest 5 pm Wednesday. 
  11.   BURN! Hahaha!! Time for some humble pie for Jonny.
  12. It's true. I know several Jäger (licensed hunters), and they can hardly ever eat the wild pigs they shoot. It's come to the point where the boars are merely culled to protect the vegetation. Deer, however, have a different diet and are always fit for human consumption.
  13. started a new job and have not much to do

    Looks like boss wants you to stay! That's good!
  14. Never mind the moles!   #disengage