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  1. Herbstdeko - suggestions

    @Zhaitan : All the best to you and your child! All sorts of bushes are bearing nice looking berries to decorate with now - also go to Grunewald and the big lake in the Berlin area for interesting smooth stones and bits of wood. I've even made semi Ikebana arrangements with stuff like that.
  2. Coronavirus

      Well, the people hiding hiding behind the Fake Estonian account need to earn their salary!
  3. Random pointless comments

      Can these criteria also be applied to Toytown members?
  4. What made you laugh today?

    That was fun!
  5. Is that the chair you already sold, or a second one?
  6. Rennie needs to stop assuming when he doesn't have a damn clue.
  7. From my experience, if said American is an active Armed Forces member, she probably will be recalled from her post in Germany, and that'll be that. If she's a contractor working on base, she probably will be dropped like a hot potato and will be in reach of the German judiciary system.
  8. Conspiracy theorists

      "The Nazis worshiped Adolf Hitler as the Leader who would rescue the white race from this secret Jewish plot. Nazi “storm troopers” (“storm detachment” – Sturmabteilung) helped bring Hitler to power. "   Familiar key words... the new leader... the storm is coming... ...pedophiles, blood, secret cabal, high positions in government and banking ...   Why, it's almost as if TT members were posting stuff like that here on a regular basis.
  9. Who do you think will actually win?

    Ah @MikeMelga , you've just gotten sucked into a bad faith argument. It's not about the arguments at hand, but about getting your attention. #disengage
  10. What made you laugh today?

      Let me guess - you were trying to talk to certain "dear" relatives.  
  11. Funny or shocking job interview stories

    Did you ever find out why the interview went awry? Was there rivalry between the units, did they hate foreigners or what?
  12. Conspiracy theorists

      One guy did.
  13. helped me get into contact with my home county voter registration office in Florida, an important swing state. I successfully changed my address and registered.    Here comes the awesome part: Yesterday, I got my federal election ballot (and a digital identification document) BY EMAIL!! This is an absolute first!   It gets better: Yes, I can snail mail the ballot back. BUT: I can attach abovementioned voter identification document and FAX the ballot back!! \o/ No way the partial destruction of the US Postal Service will stop my ballot from getting back in time! All this came from a state so very well known for its craziness, Florida Man stories, bubbas (a local word for corrupt politicians), Mar-A-Lago, Trump... I am kinda proud of my home county right now.
  14. Don't panic! Test of national catastrophe alarm

      I was in town, and I agree, there was not a peep. Where did you hear the Munich alarms were dismantled?