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  1. Apartment contract cancelled

    @TP: Wonderful! Glad it's sorted. A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you, too! And the best of health - a priceless thing to have.  
  2. Cowboy plumber

    I can recommend the Huntcrest guys, they have done plumbing for me:
  3. You're from Austria, so why don't you speak German? Why are you asking on an English language expat forum??
  4. President Donald J. Trump

      On a side note, US embassies around the globe use voice stress analysis software when conducting interviews (for example for certains visas) to determine, ah, veracity of the interviewee's statements. Voice changes when lying are a thing! etc.
  5.   @Cunha: Yes, you were very lucky the prosecutor decided to drop proceedings. Don't count on it! Please be kind to other people in need.   Also, if you want to save money on food, *and* prevent waste at the same time, look at the Germany-wide Foodsharing project. They save (perfectly good) food that stores and catering may not sell and give it away! No strings attached. Many students go there.  
  6. Electric Oven

  7. You're OK! Case was closed!   In the above mentioned proceedings I made the following decision by order of 06.12.2019: The proceedings will be discontinued according to 153 para.1 StPO    Let that be a lesson to you.
  8. Apartment contract cancelled

    All the best. I know how stressful this is.
  9. Non payment from house sale

      This makes sense. I've negotiated with banks myself, they can do quite a bit to bridge a bad situation. Approaching them before defaulting on payments is key here!
  10. Apartment contract cancelled

    But please let us know how it went! I still think it's important to let the Mieterverein carefully read your contract and advise you if they even can kick you out. This can improve your position when negotiating with the manager.
  11. What are you cooking today?

    Not necessarily cooking, but rather managing the leftovers from my belated Thanksgiving dinner. Separating the turkey carcass into bones for broth and meat to freeze... leftover pie goes to my company tomorrow (developers tend to have a sweet tooth), eating the salad tonight. Sorting and packaging mashed and sweet potatoes, corn, and veggies - the lot should make some mean shepherd's pie with part of the meat.   Turkey sandwiches until Christmas!!
  12. The "why it is difficult to leave" thread

    John, you look just like the weirdos I grew up with!!  
  13.   Prove it or it didn't happen!!   *crickets* *much louder crickets*   Nah, didn't happen. More Russian troll farm BS and fake news.  
  14. Apartment contract cancelled

    Thr Mieterverein will also advise you in *this* case (i.e. if it's legal, help you write letters etc.). They just  want cover the cost of a court case here because the case is current when you join. Still, Mieterverein is cheap and very much recommended!!
  15. What made you laugh today?

      Ah, is he away? Why?