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  1. Previous owner feels he can enter my home

      I'm curious - did you intend to keep the pub going before discovering said rat infestation?   I'm just imagining the seller and the villagers were thinking they could continue frequenting their old hangout after the sale, and boom it goes away... they might be punishing you with every trick they have up their collective sleeve.  
  2. Verdi - terrorist union

    Germany already had that.
  3. Brexit dilemma, what to do?

    As in an honest effort instead of constant whinging?
  4. Previous owner feels he can enter my home

      I agree El Jeffo, they *really* should file a report with the police! I'm surprised nobody thought of suggesting that, or telling them what the German legal phrases are!!   
  5. Previous owner feels he can enter my home

      But you could add an electrical fence to that! Of course to keep *the dogs in*.
  6. Previous owner feels he can enter my home

    You need to file an official complaint about trespassing against the former owner with the police! The magic German phrase here is Anzeige wegen Hausfriedensbruch. Do it ASAP before he reports you or your dogs.
  7. Community of heirs vs. general power of attorney

    I don't see any why reason you DON'T want the Erbschein! Especially if there is no will, meaning you are only covered by German inheritance law, I would believe getting the Erbschein is of utmost importance to proceed against the person holding the Vollmacht. After all, (s)he is threatening to sell the the apartment. As far as I know, you only have a limited time after the death to get said Erbschein.   Please contact a lawyer, and let us know how it went. All the best.
  8.   I get it - I just was worried that Paul's entry was all by itself, so I felt I should tell him about absent regulars.  
  9. I can't make it tonight because of a deadline tomorrow. I just heard from Sannerl and fraufruit they can't make it either.
  10. Community of heirs vs. general power of attorney

    Just a thought - demand a copy of the power of attorney / Vollmacht immediately, and check what it says. In Germany, a Vollmacht specifically must include the phrase "über den Tod hinaus" (valid after death). Otherwise the Vollmacht so longer is valid (and I bet it isn't) since the giver of POA is deceased.   In any case, you must contact a lawyer specialized in inheritance law in the town where the apartment is!
  11. Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain - Two Tickets

    No, my migraine came back and I went home & to bed.
  12. I don't know details about this case, but German news today said that any IS terrorists with dual citizenship would be stripped of their German one.
  13.     I've had the same dialog multiple times about why I speak such good English or German!!  
  14. First World Problems

      Band practice - but I found space in the fridge. (Is the fridge too small? First World Problem! Actually, I'm blessed. )  
  15. Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain - Two Tickets

    How much are the tickets? Anybody want to go with me?