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  1. GLS - too much to expect

    You, too, have a merry Christmas in spite of all this.   Then one thing I would recommend is to reverse charges on this if at all possible.    
  2. Random pointless comments

    *pukes* *greens hooperski*
  3. What made you smile today?

    *sad smile* Yes, so very true...  
  4. Landlord does not confirm the apartment

    I am not a lawyer.   However, there is no way a landlord can unilaterally terminate a rental contract (even just a day later!) if you have both signed  it. Just wanted to mention that.
  5. GLS - too much to expect

    Exactly. Bounce this back to the seller.   The seller arranged for the shipping, and it's his problem to find out if the package ever reached you, was insured etc. You just want your refund as you never signed for delivery, hence never got it. End of story.   (You might want to talk to your bank / credit card company / Paypal about reversing charges in a pinch.)
  6. Christmas Gift Ideas

      Don't remind me. My Mom worked in a military Thrift Shop for many years, and I was loaded down with hideous clothes in excruciating colors, outdated designs (horrendous ruffles etc. she loved so much but I didn't), and the wrong size (usually too small / too short). It didn't help she was a bit of a hoarder as well. Refusing anything caused endless drama, and I was subjected to cross questioning whether I was wearing the junk. I later learned to avoid answering and to empty out my bursting closets by giving stuff away, donating, or just desperately stacking boxes full on the street at night every time I moved.   But the selection of 1960s SciFi and popular science books at said shop was pretty good. (Of course triggering drama why I wasn't reading "real books" like Somerset Maugham novels or my Dad's right wing pseudo philosophy stuff *deep sigh*).   Having a strict Buy Nothing and No Presents rule at times like Black Friday and Christmas is such a relief. Simple visits are great.  
  7. GLS - too much to expect

    In other words, the package probably has been stolen and it's the lying delivery guy's fault.  
  8. I've just posted a silly photo

      Not enough tinfoil involved!  
  9. GLS - too much to expect

      But that means the delivery guy signed the delivery form instead of you which totally wrong. Also "Abgestellt" is not a name, it means "dropped off outside somewhere".
  10. Why are you unhappy today?

    I'm pretty sure that's right up his alley.  
  11. Brexit: The fallout

    Oh. Could you point me to a UK source on that, please? I really am planning to go there soon.
  12. Brexit: The fallout

      Hang on, does that mean if I as a US citizen fly to London (from Germany where I reside) for the day for a shopping visit and fly home the same evening, I have to get a visa to the tune of 93 pounds??   No way I will ever go there again!!  
  13. What made you smile today?

    Only John G would be driving a dog sled!!  
  14. Random pointless comments

      That's true! I hardly ever hear happy whistling in Germany. I'm a lady and frequently whistle tunes from my band practice, and attract a lot of (partly negative attention) - one colleague immediately started whistling much louder, trying to drown me out, another made strange remarks like "you can't do that, you sound like a DUDE!!".