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  1.   Actually, you get one (plus stamp) right at the doctor's office after any vaccination if you request one. Hopefully a Covid vaccination center would do that, too.
  2. Ah guys, this poll is technically flawed - I was able to vote multiple times, even the same question. #liesdamnliesstatistics
  3. Cyber Monday in Germany

      I have to say that the Black Friday/Cyber Monday offers on Amazon aren't really great. I actually got better prices for the exact same items in the Metro (a printer) or from the manufacturer (rice cooker with therír 20% coupon and free shipping). Printer toner prices are pretty good on Amazon, though. Amazon Germany lightning deals are mostly overpriced crap.
  4. Jokes

      Then please help me.  
  5.   My company simply refuses sick pay if employees travel to risk areas and fall sick afterwards. I'm hoping proof of vaccination will change that, else I won't be able to visit the US for a long time.  
  6. Am I missing something?

    Mr Metall's mother once accompanied me to shopping - for a pair of rather expensive multifocal glasses for me that were new at that time. She was quite poor (she and her husband were in debt and Mr Metall was going back to school), so after spending a hefty bit of cash on myself, I realized that she didn't even have decent reading glasses. That felt terrible.   After a quick conference with Mr Metall and the optician, we gently encouraged her to pick out a colorful frame she liked "just for fun". And suddenly she was in the chair getting an eyesight test and being fitted for glasses. She didn't believe it until a smiling optician handed her the little case - she hugged me and nearly cried. MIL still has those glasses to this day (even though her eyes by now have changed plus operation etc.) because of the joy they gave her. I'm glad I did it.
  7. Conspiracy theorists

    Cincy, have you been talking to J2 again?!?  Come along, you need to lie down a bit.
  8. Yay! *clap clap clap* All's well that ends well!! How are you feeling the effects of the upcoming hard Brexit? Are you all now living on the same side of a future Irish *shudder* border? (No I don't want one, still vividly remember the border guards armed with machine guns board the bus to check passports on the bus to Donegal - long ago and not fun.)
  9. Conspiracy theorists

      And 85 years old.
  10. Coronavirus      
  11. What are you cooking today?

    Miso soup and brown rice! I alwys slightly dry roast the brown rice in in the pot until it smells toasty, then prepare. A pressure cooker cuts cooking time to about 20 minutes.
  12. Coronavirus

  13. President Donald J. Trump

    Put that wine down. You are completely, utterly, messily out of control.