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  1. Why are you unhappy today?

    @dstanners: You are A Good Person in my book for helping all these people. Thank you.
  2. Why are you unhappy today?

      Playing your Dad's song right now!  Great taste in music!   Celebrate life, everybody. It's very fragile.   And please accept my condolences, Alex.
  3. Coronavirus

      "Close your eyes and think of England".
  4.     From the comments to this cartoon: "And some of them have the nerve to say, on their death bed, if only I’d known…" "And others of them have the density to say, on their death beds, “This isn’t covid!” " "Or to claim Covid is a hoax with their dying breath."
  5. Why are you happy today?

      Echa pa'lante!!
  6. US Presidential Election Fallout

      I... I never did, and never will agree with any of Pence's political positions, most notably when it comes to the rights of women, as well as just about any minority. He simply sucks. No question about it. BUT - he stood up against the Orange Guy and start certifying the electoral college votes. And stayed during the riots, and finished the job afterwards, in spite of knowing he probably was destroying his future in a Republican Party run by the Trumpanzee. To me, that shows this right winger and religious fundamentalist (I won't grace him with the adjective Christian because he ain't in my book) still had the political decency, and yes, the courage to adhere to the democratic process. To maybe even - at that moment - save democracy in America itself.   I'll give him my respect for that.
  7. Can't see the picture...
  8. Coronavirus

    Get a room!
  9. What made you laugh today?

    But he didn't take it to the river... or drop it in the water!!
  10. Problems Installing COVpass app

    That's pretty much what I did, too. I then was able to scan the QR codes and create a digital vaccination certificate.
  11. Travel to the US and back.

      Oh!! *That* is interesting! However, that was Lufthansa, a German carrier - I'm talking about Delta, United, American.
  12. Travel to the US and back.

    I understand that, I'm just wondering where to get the test flying back, as it will be a very small town area in the US.
  13. Travel to the US and back.

    I am fully vaccinated by now and have the proof on paper (the yellow International Certificate of Vaccination) as well as the EU CovPass app showing my status. Need to travel to the US soon.   I am worried about US airlines stating on their booking sites they only accept a current Covid test or proof of recovery. Nothing about vaccination. Has anybody recently traveled to the US and gotten on the plane with proof of vaccination in Germany?
  14. Last time I checked, most Romani (and Sinti etc.) living in the EU *were* citizens of an EU country. So much for their alleged illegal status. Carry on.
  15. What's got you flummoxed today?

      IMHO, this is rapidly becoming a new polite social fiction, just like ignoring farts in a (physical) meeting.