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  1. Why are you unhappy today?

      That's exactly what a panic room is for - a safe place against robbers that can be reached quickly. The rooms against hurricanes or nuclear fallout are called storm shelters or bunkers.  
  2. Bullshit. Putting you on ignore now.
  3. Indeed. As a medical person, I have spoken to and treated a number of persons after car accidents where they didn't buckle up. Not a SINGLE one of them was "safely flung from the car". Locked doors, remember? I have, however, taken X-rays of their fractured and monstrously swollen skulls and smashed faces, or helped sew their destroyed eyes shut (from going through the windshield or hitting a support inside the car they were supposed to be "flung from"). Took some of them to the morgue, too, which was the better deal for them.       I don't usually talk about stuff like this, because the snowflakes get all horrified at me being "too graphic". Oh well.
  4. This makes me happy:      
  5. Coronavirus

  6. Untermieter rights with guests with covid related twist

    It's bullshit. Give notice and get other tenants, as the trouble will not stop here.
  7. Coronavirus

      Şeker Bayramı (sugar festival) is what my Turkish relatives would celebrate these days, and yes, I've been worried, too. From what I hear, festivities will be rather muted in Germany this year.  
  8. *slow clap*     And oh: #disengage
  9. Coronavirus

      And shots afterwards?   I'll get my coat...
  10. What are you cooking today?

    Sounds very British but oh so good...
  11. Coronavirus

    I didn't call around and ask a bunch of doctors, either. Instead, I occasionally refreshed my data at the Bavarian vaccination registry portal (because the risk factor lists changed), was in group 3, and got my text message yesterday. Went on the appointment page and picked the first one with only six weeks between jabs. Simple, but required patience.
  12. What are you cooking today?

    But if you make it well, that can be super tasty, too! Just adding a few spices, a splash of olive oil and a drop of wine/juice, cooking the sauce down a bit, making the spaghetti nicely al dente (and don't rinse it so the sauce sticks!) can create a really good comfort dish.
  13. Coronavirus

      I feel ya. I get it, was suffering from similar feelings that were dragging me down. A few things: - Unless you have specific medical reasons to fear AZ (which has been released from prioritization), start calling every GP in town. Get on their wait lists! - You can also contact the Bayerische Impfkommission and apply for an individual case decision (Antrag auf Einzelfallentscheidung). This is mostly for non standard medical reasons - my colleague for example is 100% handicapped but didn't fit the risk factor checklist, so he applied and was recently accepted for vaccination. - Get written proof from your employer if you are working in a system relevant/system critical area, especially if you have a supervisor position ("leitende Funktion"). - Does your employer have a Betriebsarzt (company doctor)? Contact them, vaccination by company doctors is about to start, push for it.   All failing, I can only tell you to keep your head up. Vaccination speed is picking up big time in Germany.   Just my two Eurocents from experience and talking to many people and my company.  
  14. Coronavirus

        The link above states Seehofer only had ONE Biontech jab (in April), he caught Covid before his second appointment. But that's a risk we already know about - the first jab produces a short lived weaker immunity.