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  1. Good evening.   I am seeking the best way to find a new home for a young dog, about 10 months old. Overall, she is a well bred and friendly animal, however she has lived up to her breed standard of food fussiness to a fault. Please consider I have taken steps as extreme as feeding her twice a day for months from the time I brought her home to make sure she grew up well, and recently she has begun acting in a manner detrimental to her health, i.e. fussiness to the point of losing weight, with the same level of care.    Needless to say, I am burnt out and would like to make plans to rehouse her with a family or a person familiar with the breed of Yorkie. Possibly this refresh might help her become a normal dog of eating food given to her.    What organization near Karlsruhe would you recommend to guide the rehousing process?   Thank you.