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  1. Hello everyone. I know that there is already a topic like this but is old. I'm new in Germany, in Heidenheim am der Brenz. And I have struggled to find any doctor ( children doctor, family doctor and gynecologist ) It will be very helpfull if they know English because I just started to learn German. If someone know about some new doctors it will be helpfull. It can be also around Heidenheim some 10km I don't know 15-20min with car. p.s. Google is not helpful beacuse all the doctor he show me were full and not taking any new patients. also can anyone tell me if I need a doctoral examination, the have to be my personal doctor or I can go to anyone and pay? And also if they aren't my main doctor can they send me to the hospital if it's needed? I have AOK insurence. Sorry for long post but I'm just learning the health system here and Heidenheim is very small town. Thank you all and have a  nice day