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  1. On 06.11.2017, 10:24:43, Tobe said:

    Hi, did you complete all USMLE Steps? Did you start /finish your residency in the US? If not, do you have an  ECFMG certificate?  From my experience (in Bayern), the decision on whether you have to do the Kenntnisprüfung or not will depend on the scope of your undergraduate (medical school) studies- you will have to furnish them with your transit, amongst other documents. 



    Hi, did they gave you Approbation in Bayern, considering that you have a ECFMG certificate? I have a ECFMG and wondering if it may help with Approbation without Kenntnissprüfung in Bayern.


  2. On 10.08.2018, 15:06:30, BadenBaden said:

    Hii everyone,


    I am an Indian graduate residing in Baden Württenberg working in a hospital. I have been advised by my Ärztkämmer that for Approbation I can if I wish to choose for Gleichwirtigkeit. The process apparently will not take long if I choose an external Gutachten for which I have to pay 1500 euros which is fine for me. I am also ECFMG certified with a bit of hands-on US clinical experience. Does anyone know of being exempted from the Kenntnisprüfung if you have the ECFMG certificate? I have heard stories before but not come across anyone who has had the actual experience. Would appreciate an honest feedback. Thank you in advance.

    Hi! I'm in the situation, can you share what did they say? Did they gave you Approbation without Kenntnissprüfung?