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  1. I'm an international student in Lüneburg. So sorry if I've posted in the wrong place. Let me know if it's so. I've got admitted to the university from the second semester, now I'm in the fourth. I think my studies will take one or two semester longer due to this matter. The university says students can extend their studies for another 6 semesters if needed. The problem is I heard from someone that the ausländerbehörde regulations are different than the university and the may not let me. I'm a bit worried, so I came to ask if anyone knows about the rules?
  2. Dermatologist recommendations in Hamburg?

    Thanks a lot I didn't know there is something like that! Yes unfortunately, I found them (not all, but anyway :) ) unsympathetic, I feel like some of them do not care enough to check up on my symptoms with proper attention. -.- 
  3. Hi all. I've been dealing with rosacea for a year now, and I've tried two or three dermatologists before but none of them really helped (and even one made my situation worse). I'm desperately in need of a good recommendation because this situation is really affecting my mental health as it's worsening my depression. I've tried to check Jameda but people say the reviews there are not really credible. Could you please recommend me some great dermatologists? I don't care at this point if they're private or not, I just want them to be really expert at what they're doing and help me with this situation.   P.s: sorry if I've posted this topic in the wrong place, I'm totally new here.