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  1. Hello again, I am happy to tell you all that I passed my B1, and with very good scores. Perhaps the testers were considerate enough even though I had sort of a difficult partner.   I was also pleasantly surprised with how quickly I got my results and dint have to wait 4-6 weeks entirely :) 
  2. Thank you all very much. I will try to keep my mind off it. 4-6 weeks is such a long time :0 
  3. I guess you're right, I just can't* seem to wash away the feeling of die Enttäuschung Thank you though :))   ETA: can't
  4. Hello all,  It's my first time using this forum, but I have actively read a lot of posts here. I just need some help in telling me that it's ok that my test went bad. I did my Telc B1 2 days back. While the listening, reading and writing sections went sort of okay-ish, the speaking section was bad. My exam-partner spoke a little too well, and she kept skipping questions from the prompt. I was caught off guard, and I ended up answering questions that weren't even asked. It wasn't like I had the answers by heart, but I was trying to follow structure.  I am a nervous person in general, and my nervousness was already over the roof during the test, I tried to keep calm and speak as much as I could. I ended up uttering stupid things, while she spoke so much, and what sounded like good Deutsch.  And I did something stupider during introduction, because again, I was caught off guard. We were meant to answer "how or where we learnt German", she never asked me that question. I ended up answering that question with another question anyway. I said, "I have to speak German at work, and I find that not so great that I have to speak German always". I don't know why I said that. I feel so ughhhh! I don't hate learning German, at all, but I can't deny how taxing it is to do your job WHILE speaking a new language. I caught myself when I said that and quickly moved on from it without really clearing up why I said "it's bad".  I'm so scared that it'll reflect on my results, on top of how little I spoke when compared to how much she spoke.    I'm just nervous about my result :((