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  1. BREXIT positives and negatives

    Nobody said it was healthier. The corn industry benefits which is all they care about.
  2. BREXIT positives and negatives

    Corn syrup. The corn industry have spent much time and money lobbying against sugar to ensure their product is used to sweeten foods instead. It's the reason so many people now think sugar is bad.
  3. Is Prince Harry revolting?

      It's the fastest selling not-fiction book of all time (usurping Obama's memoir). I suspect everyone who wanted to read it has already bought a copy.
  4. You don't need a bank card to use online or telephone banking, or to visit the branch and get a statement.
  5.   How unhelpful. If you think this post is bait or trolling, just report it and ignore. No need to call on the TT police for backup.   People order new cards when they are lost or stolen.
  6. Damages found in a bought apartment

      I got the impression that they painted over the mould to try and hide it, and now the mould is re-appearing over the painted area.
  7. Damages found in a bought apartment

    There is some information in the following link under the title 6. Due Diligence – What investigations does the buyer normally make?   If the seller has intentionally covered up faults to hide them from you, then they are liable.
  8. Ah because the employed doesn't pay half towards it. Gocha. My wife is Beamte and when she started teaching she had to do a physical to show her hip which she previously had surgery on was no longer causing her difficulty. This knocked around 80 € of her monthly payment.
  9. Can Beamter remain on public health care if they want?
  10.   I am considering having it. But I think we would actually use more gas if we had 300 litres + solar thermal than we would if we had 120 litres without solar thermal.
  11. Companies sold the cavity fill insulation solution on the promise it would improve the house's energy usage. They didn't care if it caused damp issues after they made the sale.
  12.   We are only a 2 person household. The solar thermal only seem to be an option with larger tanks.  Is it better to have a 120 litre tank heated with only has, or a 300 litre tank with gas + solar thermal...
  13.   My concern is always, paying tens of thousands for something that either doesn't work as expected, or is installed by substandard cowboy installers. Perhaps this isn't as much a problem in Germany as the UK.
  14.   Am I right to say we also won't have much hot water generated from the solar thermal in winter?
  15.   The other option is using excess electricity from the PV to heat the water. You just need a hot water cylinder that accepts an extra immersion heater. This way you have a solution that provides electricity and a way to store excess electricity as hot water instead of selling it back to the grid. You also don't need a complicated solar thermal solution that requires more maintenance than a PV system.   I see the flat collectors are getting more popular than the tubes recently. Is that just because they look nicer than the tubes systems?